Why Astrology

We are living in a time of great change and transformation. We can't stem the swelling of the tide, although many are trying, as we see in the rise of fundamentalist movements -- across the planet -- but we can begin to understand the process that is emerging and align our energies with the new paradigms. We are learning how to be surfers in this time of transition! We can be carried by the waves and even enjoy the choppy surf, or be continually thrown to the sea bottom gulping salty water again and again....the choice is ours!

I'd like to introduce some basic astrological principles because they make great surfboards. A map goes a long way to take anxiety out of a journey. We derive a sense of security from having a notion of where we are heading. This doesn't guarantee that we will arrive but it does provide us with a direction.

Astrology is probably the most ancient ecological systems theory we have on Earth. It is embedded and grounded upon a knowledge and philosophy of Nature. It functions as a fantastic "Glass-Bead Game" allowing participants to travel in symbolic crafts within multi space/time continuums. Its design facilitates the discovery of significance and meaning. This system is so all-embracing it can simultaneously provide and reveal both practical and esoteric guidance. It functions as a sign, giving us specific indications and instructions for optimum timing for the critical phases of our life cycles. It shows us when to plant, hoe and reap the harvests of our lives. We live in a series of overlapping circles of cyclical rhythms and patternings. The study of astrology magnifies these patterns so that we can consciously attune and align ourselves with them for maximum "bene-fit." Astrology also gifts us with symbolic strobings that reverberate within the deeper recesses of soul, awakening dormant knowing, leading us to re-member forgotten connections and purpose for our journeys.

Astrology describes the intricate eco-system that supports the synergistic notion that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts." It is both an art and a science. It affirms the synchronistic idea that events can be linked by acausal but meaningful coincidence, each sharing the properties or qualities of the time from which they originate. Each planet represents a universal, archetypal energy, a particular aspect of the psyche. Signs are like particularized lenses shading the primary energy of the planets with traits, characteristics and flavors that in many ways correlate with the seasons. An analogy that may clarify the relationship of planet to sign is this -- The planet is like a vat of dyed water. A sign is like a piece of cloth is exposed to the water which picks up the coloration and characteristics of the dyed water. Thus Aries signs carry the tendencies concentrated in the planet Mars. Each "house" delineates particular areas of life. For example, the 3rd house is the territory of communications, neighborhood, siblings, and transportation. Every house has a particular affiliation with a planet and a sign. A vocabulary of symbols having similar connotations yet retaining distinct nuances is created. This "natural thesaurus" enables the reader of the astrological language to recognize subtle shadings which describe the nature of the particular energy under consideration. The "aspects" indicate how these different components interact with each other, clarifying the nature of our challenges, obstacles, talents and strengths.

The birthchart is a magical mirror or alchemical coding which serves as an x-ray of the psyche. It accesses enhanced awareness, which reveals, unlocks and releases the creative possibilities of a being (person, business, city, country) or event.

Astrology is inter-active. Our creative input effects the quality of the "output" that we receive from the archetypal realms. We are living in very exciting times. Astrology urges us to cast off the illusion that we are passive victims of the energies and patterns in our lives. It provides a vehicle that we can use to understand and transform our attitudes and activities. We can awaken our latent powers of co-creativity and ride the cosmic currents with the agility and joy of a surfer.

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