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"Mother Earth Calls"
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Estrology: Aquarius/Pisces 2014
March 12, 2014

Estrology: Aquarius/Pisces 2014  

As per typical retrograde, my communication has a little lag to it!  I do love Mercury retrograde despite it not being a great time for communications, transportation, or plans to go as expected or as planned!  

Last week I was honored to be a part of a very important Mother/Daughter Summit, created by Robin LaCross to empower mothers to be able to talk to their daughters about sex and reproduction.  A stuck button prevented the initial program from recording, while we, the presenters, thought we were talking to a planetary classroom!  Mercury Retrograde!  

Just as sunshine and rainy days are better suited for different activities, so is Mercury in its direct and retrograde phases.  Neither is bad or good, yet both are bad or good for certain purposes! The retrograde phases are great for retrospectives of any kind including catching up with what was previously intended but never actualized. Return again, and re do.  Retrograde is a great time for renewal, revival, re-connect, review and just about anything that has a re prefix.

The good news is we all are so committed to Robin’s work that we re-did the entire program! It was repeated Thursday night and is on her website to listen or download.
I view this summit as a significant event in the return of “The Divine Feminine.”  For further information about it please go to http://raisingempowereddaughters.com.  It goes through March 11th. I posted the intentions that I wrote as proclamations for the program on my website, EstherFrances.com under news.  

By looking at our conditioning of shame and refusing to pass along this toxic legacy, we take back our power from disfunctional systems. We begin to heal the wounds, some originating many centuries ago when the wisest, most powerful and capable women were persecuted and killed for being wise, sufficient, capable human beings.

I am celebrating women like Robin, who are willing to look the taboos in the face. By healing the gap separating generations that has made females to feel “less than,” a restoration of human dignity occurs. This benefit extends beyond females to the whole human species. We all come into this life through a Mother!  By re-connecting with the sacred essence of the Divine Feminine, we take back our power and dignity.

Empowered communication translates to an ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and humiliating sexual encounters. With renewed self-respect and knowledge our young women can make intelligent choices from a place of grounded knowing, unlike many of us older women who never received any real education or empowerment as we transitioned into womenhood.

Within an astrological context I see this as a manifestation of Jupiter in Cancer, the archetype of mother, child and the family in opposition to  Pluto in Capricorn, the father archetype, often associated with control,  authority over and domination in its less conscious expressions.  Pluto is breaking down and breaking through what is obsolete, while Jupiter expands the urge to care and nourish.

Mercury goes direct on February 28th.  I’m planning to wait until then to have some auto and dental maintenance done.  I’m not a fanatic or astro-fundamentalist, so if you have to attend to some things involving communications, cars, or siblings before the direct Mercury, go for it with some extra awareness and make sure to review terms and agreements.

A teeny weenie about Aquarius, where Mercury is residing now until the 18th degree Aquarius, on the 18th when it turns direct and remains in the sign until March 17th.  Venus --- love, relationships, money, social justice issues --- enters Aquarius on March 6th and stays in the sign until April 5th.

The Aquarian archetype has two planets associated with it---Saturn and Uranus.
Snowflakes are a perfect example of how Saturn, the principle of structure and form and Uranus, the energy that celebrates uniqueness, diversity and individual expression coexist beautifully.  Each snowflake is distinct in its mandala of form, yet each display a  cohesive and compelling sructure.  Aquarius is also associated with friendship, group activities and “the tribe.”   The collectivity of snowflakes creating a blanket of snow illustrates the collective power of the individual snowflakes when they express themselves together.

Aquarians are the elders of the air signs. They are coded to see the need for community in both its collective and individual expressions.  I see Aquarius as the principle of circulation and right now there is a growing recognition that we have a planetary problem of circulation.  Our challenge is to share love and leadership (heart/ Leo) to make sure that all the voices are heard and all the needs are met rather than an elite monopolizing policy and goods.  The needs of the greater whole Earth community are crying out and insisting that the heart no longer try to keep the blood to itself!!!!!

As the Sun in Pisces journeys in conjunction with Neptune and then with Chiron, now is the time to cut through confusion and bring forth compassion, connect with Divinity, and heal through inspiration, imagination, and the recognition that we are one interdependent whole.  No more escapism, illusions and addictions!  Time to substitute authentic spiritual connection and sacred activism so all needs can be divinely met!

Pisces gives us the opportunity to vision, imagine, and feel what it would be like if our dreams were realized. One of my dreams is to be a catalyst and change agent toward a planetary consciousness that realizes and celebrates the sacredness of Nature and of Life.  I created the Earth Is My Cathedral Ministry as a way of sharing the inspiration I have received, especially through songs and poetry, that convey hope and context to the breakdown and breakthrough of our times.

Saturday, March 1st, the day after Mercury turns direct, Mars goes Retrograde at 27 and change Libra, until May 20th when Mars goes direct at 9 degrees and change Libra.  Libra is concerned with fairness, equality, justice, beauty, the arts, the art of dynamic balance and most primarily, relationships of all shapes and stripes, especially the more committed partnerships.  Traditionally, Libra was the sign associated with marriage, committed business partnerships or any relationships with the intention to endure over time and to serve a purpose of function beyond the attraction and happiness associated with love that the 5th house of romance.

Mars is the archetype that speaks to action, desire, motivation, and movement.  In the retrograde, you might feel that your plans are not proceeding as rapidly as planned!  It is a great time for patience, review and re-evaluation of how you intend to go about implementing your desired direction.  It’s also a great time for activities that have an inward, introspective focus.  Rather than just seeking external peace, you could see what you can do within yourself to make peace with what is.

Soul Sanctuary Counseling: Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring, Elder Guidance and Muse Evocation. You can mix and match Eco-Astrology / Human Capacities Cultivation/ Journey Work / Trance work / Creativity Cultivation  
Special:  Single session $100/ instead of $150

Free 1/2 sessions are available to anyone interested in a  5-session or 3-month package.  Call Esther to schedule.
EARTHEARTistry Storytelling & Song Circle
Children’s Birthday Party                        Sliding Scale      $100- 75
Home-schooling                        Fee determined by times and place

Joanna Macy said of Esther’s CD Mother Earth Calls “The music is terrific and the lyrics, so clear and catchy, send spirits soaring for love of life.  Your gifted work is a blessing for our living Earth and all her beings.”

Astrology Class:  I have a couple folks who have requested a class.  We will begin with five weekly 1.5 hour sessions for $125.  We will cover the basics.  A copy of your natal chart will be included as part of the tuition. Are you interested?  If so, days or nights?  Let me know and we’ll see what we can cook up.

Esther Frances is an omnifaith minister and creator of Earth Is My Cathedral ministry.  She is certified by Dr. Jean Houston to teach “Cultivating Human Capacities,” a format to expand human consciousness, creativity and capability.

Mothers & Daughter Summit: Newsletter
February 19, 2014

If you would like to receive my monthly "Estrology" newsletter please enter your email information by clicking the contact button.  Thank you!


Mothers & Daughters Summit Proclamation 2/13/2014
February 15, 2014

We reclaim the sacred, sanctity of our sensual, sexual, magnificance, knowing that the Divine as Mother Nature has designed us perfectly.

We know that in taking back the power to respect, revere, and communicate about our sexuality, we are consciously healing ourselves and our daughters.  Our Mother ancestors are healed from the repression and suppression they experienced as simultaneously we heal the generations to come.  As we heal now, we heal the present, we heal the past and we heal the future.

We are aware that as we speak freely, and openly, with informed communication about our sexuality and reproductive nature, we are helping our daughters break through the conditioning of shame and ignorance that we have inherited. By taking their education in our own hands, we are empowering them to be able to intelligently and lovingly care for and protect themselves.  

Knowing our sexuality is a potent expression of the life force, we embrace our creative power. We learn to care for our selves and our daughters with awareness. We accept the gift of being whole, intelligent, capable, loving, women.

We affirm the wholiness of our bodies, of the MAterial world, and realize that the sacred is here and now, in matter, and in the physical world of the senses. We recognize that matter is sacred, miraculous and marvelous.

We step into our power as conscious co-creators, creating a world where women respect themselves and see that we are perfect as we are, in all our sizes and shapes. Our worth is inherent and not dependent on the approval of anyone else.

We proclaim our dignity and our divinity, here and now, in each and every body, knowing that we are inherently wonderful just as we are!     And so it is!

©  Esther Frances
February 11, 2014


Mothers & Daughters Summit Special Offer
February 15, 2014

Dear Moms,

I want to thank you for your courage and the great love that you have for your daughter that enables you to break through the walls of conditioning and shame that have made us feel awkward and unqualified to speak honestly with our very own daughters! 

In gratitude to your commitment to courage I am offering ten free 30 minute sessions to see if you would like to learn more about the astrological territory that connects you and your daughter.

The astrological map gives knowledge and insight that helps us to see each persons'  coding and life path.

I am offering you a three session Astro-Dynamic Family package, consisting of three one-hour sessions, which emphasis a relationship chart comparison and a composite chart that shows you what the two of you are learning through your relationship for the reduced price $450 instead of the full cost of $600.

These sessions are powerful ways of seeing where you are alike and where you are different. They show you how you can best respect and support your daughter to find her strengths, gifts and talents and to be her own authentic self. The sessions are recorded and sent to you as an mp3 to listen to as many times as your desire.

I'm offering these sessions at a reduced rate, because I know from my experience as a Mother, just how helpful it is to have insight into your child's dynamics so that you can support her in her unfoldment through the teenage years. 

Please call me at 831-234-9795 to set up your free session to see if Astro Family Dynamics is something you'd like to invest in for improved communication, understanding, and harmony between you and your daughter.

If this is all brand new territory for you, I offer you one other special:  You can have a session that will focus solely on your daughter's astrological natal chart.  This hour long session will illuminate for you some of the most outstanding characteristics, gifts and challenges that describe your daughter's life path.  As with modern physics, we look with "possibility consciousness" not through the eyes of rigid, fixed interpretations that would curtail or pigeon hole her infinite potentialities. The investment for this session is $125 instead of $150.  The session is recorded.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you if it is to our mutual benefit to do so.  Blessings,  Esther


Eartheartistry Newsletter Part I, Esther Frances, June 9th, 2013, Santa Cruz, CA
February 14, 2014

Dear Friends,

Where to begin?  It has been about two years since I have sent out a regular newsletter.  To make a very long story short, when I moved west and got a new computer, I lost my email lists.  In the intensity of the transition, I did not feel up to the task of attempting to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Months turned into years and, here and there, I reassembled most of the disassembled addresses. And alas, I am resurrecting our correspondence and am glad to be reconnecting with you all, old and new....that is, recently acquainted or long time compadres. Those of you that are new to this list may want to just skip this part of the newsletter.  Part 2 will have information about my services and Part 3 a recent blog.

Sometimes grace takes our train off of the track so that we can be given a new route, a new mode of “trance-port-ation”, and a new destination.  The person that left the Hudson Valley is not the one that is typing this note.  It has been an amazing journey, one I will not even attempt to recapitulate at this point, but I will say like the song way back in the sixties that says “so glad you made it”  expresses how I feel. Yes, I am so glad to be here.

As much as I loved my Woodstock / Hudson Valley community, I always felt like a sunflower in the middle of a shaded forest.  Since, landing in Santa Cruz I wake up with gratitude every morning and even the occasional fog doesn’t chill me as the Catskill cold did. I grew up near the Jersey shore and now live five minutes from the magnificent Monterrey Bay so I am a happy camper, in the environs I love.

My soul never got used to having a continent between me and my son, for about eighteen years, and the joy of knowing we live about ten minutes away from each other is real each day.  Even better, we get to have meals together and I even have the thrill of seeing him unexpectedly on the road or at an event.

The icing on the cake is that I’ve discovered a spiritual oasis called Inner Light Ministries, with Rev. Deborah Johnson, that is situated less about a half mile from my son’s home!  As many of you know, I am an inter/OMni/ faith minister, and it is a joy to have so many of my paths honored under one roof.  Their declared mission statement, in a nutshell, is to live in Oneness and celebrate/ honor diversity, is so similar to my “Earth Is My Cathedral” ministry without walls mission of “celebrating the paradox of Oneness and diversity.”

I love this community of all ages, ethnicities, gender preferences, and backgrounds.  It is diversity to the max and the love is a tangible, ecstatic presence.  There is celebration and the invitation to step up to our edges and be leaders in love, justice, and transformation. (www.innerlightministries.com  livestreams of the services on line)

Many of my other spiritual loves have hitching posts here:  The Land of The Medicine Buddha and The Center for World Networking featuring channeling from Sri Yukteswar, Sri Yogananda’s guru, through Teresa Stolaroff.  Some of my poems have been featured in their magazine which is available on line in the archives. (www.centerforworldnetworking.org newsletter on line) I love the active Sufi community and Rumi readings as well as “dance church” and a love being a part of a small, women’s, spiritual group that meets once a month.

It has been my delight to become a member of the staff of the business of a dynamic, young, wise woman whose name is Sage Lavine.  She is a master teacher and has a huge internet following all over the planet.  She created “Women On Purpose: Turning Women with BIG dreams into Goddess-preneurs.” Her workshops are filled with love, joy and an innovative, creative, effective curriculum to show women how to succeed and thrive in their professional calling.  I love Sage and feel blessed to be able to nurture and be a part of this awakening to a new way of navigating business that includes passion, care and  compassion.

Equally exciting is the opportunity to contribute as a mentor to programs with the 8 Shields Foundation, created by Nicole and Jon Young.  My dreams of intergenerational and nature-based education are being fulfilled by the opportunity to contribute to their programs. Check out

I’ve been continuing to nurture my singing development with classes with Valerie Joi Fiddmont, director of the Innerlight Choir and master teacher Kath Robinson. Recently I was given the opportunity to share songs from my CD “Mother Earth Calls,” accompanied by the talented and beautiful Kinsha on drums, at the children’s stage of the Santa Cruz Rejuvenation Festival in the beautiful park at the center of Santa Cruz.  We had a great time and it feels so good for to me to share these songs.

A new endeavor is coming up in August the 24th and 25th at the annual Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival, where I will be sharing my original story “Granny Green: We Are The Spirit Within It All.”  It is exciting to transport the story off the written page into and through my body, voice and energy, into a live experience, interacting with actual people in person!  There is an edge to it that is challenging yet very alive and satisfying.

The primary challenge has been that my husband Michael hasn’t been able to join me yet, but I feel confident that this too has been a blessing, in that it is healthy to be able to dive deeply within one’s own Self periodically, especially if it is a time of transformation with the shedding of old skin and it is a time of rebirth and resurrection!

I never dreamt I’d have a business taking care of pets, yet due to the kindness of two of my beloved friends here, Marty and Mira, I became an active petsitter.  This week I am Auntie Essie to Foxy and Sophie, two Papillons that are pure love and absolutely adorable.

Astrology is alive and well in my life, although my counseling has also gone to a new level.  I am still available for astrology sessions but realize it is but one dimension of the spiritual counseling I offer, as I’ve come to recognize my roles as guide and mentor.  When I complete this letter I will also send out another with some June astrological commentary and some updates about my offerings as a counselor.

My services are also available through the Between the Worlds website, featuring the amazing medium Adam Bernstein. If you’d like to partake of my services, I’d appreciate it if you just contacted me directly. However if you would like to contact a loved one on the other side, I recommend Adam from my own experience with him.  He described my Dad so accurately there would be no way he could be making it up and the messages always ring true!

Time is going by so quickly these days that I don’t know that I will attempt a monthly newsletter again.  I am committed to at least a quarterly, and now that I started in again, maybe I’ll surprise myself and communicate more frequently.  

I will also be posting on Facebook, probably from my Eco-Astrology page.  If I get it together I’d love if you’d like my page.

On the heels of this note, I hope to post Part 2 with more info on my services and offerings.

I welcome hearing from you and send you my blessings for a beautiful, blessed summer with much joy and laughter in the sun or the shade!

Love & Blessings,


If you’d like to be removed from the email list, please let me know.

To Bee or Not to Bee: That is the Question
February 14, 2014

You may ask what does this question have to do with astrology?  
We come out of the womb of Mother Earth, through the form of our human Mother.  Earth is impregnated with starlight.  The minerals that nourish our food are made from the belly of the stars.  Our Sun and Moon, feed and sustain the growth and development of the entire Earth’s eco-community.  It is important that we recognize our interdependence with the Earth.  

I am writing this blog on May 28th, 2013.  This past Saturday, May 25th, people came out in droves, all over the planet, to protest against Monsanto and to stand up for our right to have access to food supplies that are not contaminated GMO’s and to have access to seeds that are controlled by a handful of companies.  Peru, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Poland, are a few, who have already banned some GMO seeds and crops. This happening coincided ( a word whose root is sidereal, meaning of the stars) with a lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius, offering an opportunity for a huge shift in belief, and for wisdom to emerge.

We have just begun the Aquarian Age.  My mentor, the late Thomas Berry, said we are entering a new epic that he called The Ecozoic Era, a time when humans can live in a beneficial relationship with each other and the Earth community. In his book The Dream of the Earth he puts forth the ideas that we must realize the ecological age is the only viable choice we have and that any sense of progress must include the well-being of the natural as well as the human world.

We now live in the time when world views are colliding. The industrial world view is still locked in the illusions of separation and insists on human dominance.  Counter to this is the swell of awakened consciousness, recognizing our Oneness and interdependence, and with it comes an insistence, all over the planet, that we can no longer tolerate the poisoning and manipulation of the natural world by a handful of corporations.

In 2008, Michael Schacker from Woodstock, New York, published a book, A Spring Without Bees--How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply  in which he already pointed to the neonicotinoid, produced by Bayer, as the prime culprit in the death of the bees. On May 26th, the Bay Area radio show “Your Call” devoted an hour to discussing how severely the USA honey bee population has declined this winter. The growing awareness and action regarding this issue is mirrored in the following astrological aspects by the eclipse and an exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, that occurred on Monday May 20th, which will continue to influence us throughout June.  

What is the relevance of this aspects?  We are looking straight into the inescapable confrontation between the industrial models of exploitation of Mother Earth and Her peoples and the rising tide of awareness calling for the need to live in respect and harmony with the Earth and Nature.  The issues cannot be hidden or glossed over anymore.  

Pluto is about power, death and rebirth, degeneration and regeneration.  Squares insist on action and change.  We no longer can ignore the peril if we continue in the direction we’ve been going.  Uranus is the awakener, the insistence that patterns and practices that no longer serve us be abandoned.

A new moon on Saturday, June 8th is at 19 degrees Gemini. Gemini corresponds with the season of pollination.  The issue of freedom of the seeds (Uranus in Aries) is threatened by the laws passed that grant ownership and control of seeds to a few corporations. Our ability to feed ourselves healthy foods that are not poisoned, polluted and manipulated is at stake. The choice is life or destruction, respect or ruin, self-determination or dictatorship.  Mars and Jupiter in Gemini, for all of June, support us as we find our voices and speak out for what we care about.

 On the 20th we welcome the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into Cancer and the Moon is in Scorpio. A full moon on June 23rd in Capricorn will bring extra emphasis to the Pluto /Uranus square.There is an urgency for us all to tap into the Cancer energy of nurturing and its primary expression as nutrition.  

The Aquarian Age nudges us to hatch from the illusion of separation and to recognize we are all part of an interdependent web of Life.  The time of complacency is over.  Transformation is calling us to own our own power and take back the responsibility to care for our Earth with love.  

To do this we have to stop telling ourselves the story that we are powerless and once again claim the knowing that everything begins within, with our consciousness, with intention, with the willingness to align with “The Great Greatness” living inside of you as you.

As a lyric in my song, The Dream of Earth Is Waking says,
“We each have a purpose, a place, a destiny, to work and play together in Divine Harmony.  Our dictators cannot function, if we all unite. Our power will provide us with a shielding of Light.  We can create miracles.  We can change the tune.  Bring care and compassion back into the loom.”

I invite you to look into how these energies are calling you, where they live in relationship with your birth chart.  It would be be my honor to serve you in discovering how you can best bring forth the greatness inside of you, as indicated by your astrological signature.  

It is an exciting time to be part of the Earth community.  I’m optimistic and confident that we are in the midst of a great evolutionary moment. Let us rise to the occasion for the benefit of us all.

©  Esther Frances
May 28, 2013


© Esther Frances