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The Keys of the 4 "L's" plus The 5 "L-ements"
February 14, 2014

    How the Keys of the 4 “L’s”
                     Language, Listening, Laughter & Love
                            The 5 “L-ements”
                          Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth
           Can Unlock the Doors to Personal & Planetary Transformation
                  for “U, HUmanity, & the U-ni-verse!”

Start to see how the English language houses a secret code for awakening.
Discover how listening is a key to open to guidance and wisdom.
The cosmic joker is in us. I’m not kidding! Humor is a healer.
Love is the answer and love is the way.
Dancing with the elements for navigation and awareness.

 Since the early Seventies, I’ve been shown, through the process of writing, that our often considered mundane, English language, is embedded with a code that pops into awareness, once we begin to listen to the sounds of the words and see the letters and formations of the words with our “inner ears and inner eyes” open.  

The letter “U” sounds exactly the same as the word you, which is the word symbol we use to refer to an individual identity.  Let’s take the word Universe, defined as “All matter and energy, including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.”  We are accustomed to using this word to refer to the huge world that telescopes have revealed to us to be vast beyond anything those of us born before December 7th, 1972, when we first saw the image of the whole Earth from space, could even begin to imagine.

Also in 1972, I received a short visual statement from the Universe that looked like this:

                U   inverse (it was written upside down, something my keyboard can’t do)
With this written message came the transmission that U, (that is me,  that is every ONE of us), are the Universe, which is UNI-fied and ONE!  I “got” that the UNI - verse was just that!----one poem, one extraordinary expression of the ONE Divine “Being-ness,” by whatever name we call it or don’t!

The inverse piece pointed me to grasp that looking at the Uni-verse was like seeing “through the looking glass,” a way to contemplate, and see ourselves, The Great ONE that we are, in limitless expressions of beauty and creativity.

 It said that I, that is U, is the One to know this.  This revelation comes through “U!”  We are given the opportunity and direct experience to realize this within our own awareness!  Further more, this knowing is not owned by anybody.  (Sorry Monsanto, your attempts to own the rights and copyright to Life will not prevail!)  

This terse, little grouping of words rocked my world and opened the door to the magic hidden right in front of our eyes within the language we speak and write each and everyday.  My “s-ELF consciousness is prompting me to say it was indeed a significant “rite of passage!”  Thank you Josh, my inner elf who invited me to call him by that name since he is so fond of joshing!

Many years later, in 1996, I was walking along the Ashokan Reservoir near Woodstock, New York, when I inwardly heard the title to a song, and then received the entire song as a cosmic download.  It is called “Plan-it.”  One verse says, “We are here to learn to listen, here to learn to hear, hear to learn to plan it, a planet without fear.”  

How do you listen?  How is listening different from hearing? How can we plan a planet without fear?  

Questions are often the keys to our quest.  Often the process of answering them becomes the journey, every bit as vital and important as the answer or destination.

Laughter has been the saving grace in my Life.  When I was about seventeen years old I recognized that I had forgotten how to laugh. Caught in the drama of an alcoholic family life I had lost all connection with the joy and fun I had once known.  I remember asking Spirit to please restore my laughter.  I didn’t know how to and the heaviness had already imprinted three deep furrows across my brow.  (They all disappeared without a trace, a testimony to our body’s ability for regeneration.) Fortunately, my sense of humor returned and laughter has been and continues to be one of the greatest joys in my life.  

For those of you able to attend this Monday evening gathering, I will share a song that will most likely perk up your funny bone.  The research even shows that laughter helps us to learn easier and quicker.  Hmmmm......something, contemporary education would do well to listen to.....

Love, love, love...It may not be all you need but it sure is the leavening in the bread, the light in the Sun, the music in the dance and the shadows in the shade. Love is multidimensional, personal, transpersonal. It brings you out and it takes you in. It also takes you out and brings you in.

Perhaps the myriad of songs written about love and all its trials and triumphs are, like the eskimos twenty-seven to four hundred words for snow, our many attempts to speak of what this one mysterious word love attempts to represent may be the way we attempt to give all the variations a tribute.

I don’t remember the author or title or this phrase, “Without love, where would you be right now?” However, I know, without a doubt, it is the medicine for all our ills, even the pains and heartbreak that appear to be caused by love or lack or it.  

A lyric in one of my songs says, “Love is who we are, Love is what we be; Be a light, Be a star,
Set your deep love free.”  We will be sure to honor and celebrate love in our gathering, welcoming love voice and giving love a voice.

The five elements are woven into all of our internal, and what we perceive as external, worlds.  Tremendous awareness comes from realizing the elemental lenses we use to interpret our world and experience.  The greater our awareness the greater our capacity to come into peace and harmony within our self and within our greater Self, Including our relationships.

When we realize we truly are not separate from each other, the world that appears to surround us and  The Divine, this realization has the power to transform us at all levels.  We discover that our awakening contributes to the awakening of the entire planetary community and even reverberates throughout the U-ni-verse.   

I’ll conclude with another lyric from my song, “Blessed Be,”  “Bless your eyes, Bless your nose,
Bless the trees and all that grows.  Bless your tummy, bless your chest, You are a treasure, you are blessed.”
© Esther Frances, November 8, 2013


Estrology: Sagittarius Newsletter 2013 As I write, we are nearing the full moon in Taurus, coming this Sunday, November 17th. I would like to urge us to all to speak out and insist that the Fukushima crisis be treated as the planetary crisis that i
February 14, 2014

As I write, we are nearing the full moon in Taurus, coming this Sunday, November 17th. I would like to urge us to all to speak out and insist that the Fukushima crisis be treated as the planetary crisis that it is. We need the handling of the removal of the fuel rods to be under the direction of the most capable persons on our planet, not in the hands of the private company, Tepco or the nation of Japan.  In the aftermath of the typhoon Haiyon, and with the nuclear peril facing us, we cannot afford to pretend that these problems will just resolve themselves.  
    I’d love to see this Taurus full Moon Sunday as a day dedicated to planetary prayer for the healing of Mother Earth and the awakening of humans to the realization that we are interdependent with this Earth and all beings. Let’s take some time, from this Sunday on, each day, to direct our love of Life to prayers for the healing of the planet and her children. Let’s pray for guidance for those involved in the Fukushima cleanup, for the oceans, for the air, and for all creatures. Please spread the word.  Please invite your friends to join an ongoing “prayerathon” for the healing of this precious and beautiful Earth home that we share. We have nothing to lose.  Please let’s send our love like a laser beam, and open to the possibility consciousness that allows for miracles to happen.  
    On a more philosophical note, Jupiter’s specialty, let’s take a look at what’s unique to this upcoming time. This year, Jupiter, the planet associated with Sag, is in Retrograde for the Holiday season. Retrograde implies that the emphasis is not so much on moving forward as it is an opportunity to go within, contemplate and re-evaluate, re-view and re-wind, before continuing to expand and grow.
    I just got the idea to ask Jupiter, “What wisdom would you like to convey to us at this time” and will now transcribe the response I receive for you.

    Jupiter:  You have been conditioned to think more is greater.  I’d like to have you consider that the word “more” is also the phonetic root of the word moron!  The “lesson” is that too much of anything can make us all “more-ons!”
    Which introduces the idea of gifts, presents and shopping.  What is with an economy based on consumption????  Especially, when excess intake threatens the eco-systems that actually sustain us?  
    William Blake, a famous Sagittarius, poet and artist of the Romantic Era said, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”   Are you learning that quantity doesn’t equal quality?  Are you realizing that enough can be enough? When have you found less to be more?
    You could say that I, Jupiter, am like the out breath, whereas Saturn, my complement, is like the in breath. Humans have been enthralled with me, equating the outer realm with success and happiness while failing to appreciate the value of the internal world, or the need for limitations or containment.
    Yet, could we have any sports without boundaries, time limits, out of bounds and in bounds???  When we elevate the importance of any polarity and diminish the other we set ourselves up for imbalance.  Now don’t get me wrong....balance is not some static situation where “even steven” mentality prevails. A healthy balance is inclusive of movement, is dynamic, but has parameters that keep the system in a sustainable motion.  Otherwise we tend to go round and round in circles rather than spirals, limping with either the left or right foot in dominance rather than in partnership.
    But I digress......I’m thinking it is time to move on to a bit of writing that Esther recently wrote that is pertinent to this topic.  This was most enjoyable and I look forward to being called on again in this way.  
    Esther, I’m acting as spokesperson for the planetary team that you work with regularly, requesting that you continue to communicate with us in this mode, asking us directly what we’d like to say. This is our invitation to you, that you expand your relationship with us by your willingness to continue to follow your intuition as you did today and begin a new chapter in your Estrology explorations.  
    Thank you all for listening and please proceed to share your insights on commerce as it could be.  Happy Holidays and please remember when you are partaking of your Thanksgiving feast, gratitude is one of the greatest attitudes and occasional over-indulgence, as in festivals, is quite healthy, and right up my Jupiterian alley, so please enjoy!  

Wow!  That was fun and a surprise.  And I will explore this modality more as Jupiter suggested. Now, however, I would like to share with you some insights that came through me me as I was journaling on October the 19th regarding our economic system and policies.  Here it is:

We need com-mercy, that is commerce with mercy.
    Commerce without mercy is like a brain without consciousness.
        When disconnected from the heart,
            the brain becomes like a machine serving its own ends.

The missing “y,” (at the end of commerce, making it com-mercey) is the key to restoring commerce to a beneficent rather than a mercenary activity. We are led to ask the deep questions. “Y” is a question that begs for a response. Does commerce as it presently exists reflect, serve and benefit us as we really are and desire to be?

Commercy  allows exchange to occur with kindness, flexibility, and compassion.  The kid who steals a loaf of bread because he has no food is not treated the same as a crook that swindles billions.
    We also need to look at what motivates greed. Doesn’t it occur because of a disconnect  from the whole? The greedy finger doesn’t realize it is a part of the hand and can even see the other fingers as foes to compete with. The false sense of separation is a disease that harms all in the equation.  
    Therefore, mercy is also required toward the larger “trespassers” who don’t know who and what they are and therefore act in ways that create harm to the whole. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be restrained or retrained, but that we can see them in a larger, expanded (Jupiter keynote) framework, that is conducive to compassion.
COM = with........COM-Passion / COM-Unity / COM /mercy / COM / UNI-cation..........

    Justice requires the ability to listen with the wisdom of the heart as well as the knowledge of the brain.  The objective would not be to punish bur to heal, restore, protect and create the CON-ditions that will benefit everyONE CONcerned knowing we are all CONnected.
    Compassion would be the core of the awakened and aware system of justice, and commerce defined as the distribution of goods, services and products. In this upcoming season of celebration let us have the courage to in-vision another way of exchange that will respect the whole....Mother Earth and all her many children....and rediscover the joy in our hearts that is the real gift that only presence can give.  
    May your inner Jupiter gift you with joviality, generosity and “great enough-ness” as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday and winter holidays.  

© Esther Frances, 11/15/2013


EARTHEARTISTRY’s Estrology-January 2014-Esther Frances
February 14, 2014

Message from Saturn:

Time is of the essence, but not just the calendar or clock time you usually associate with me.  There are other ways to experience time: the timing of Nature’s cycles, and the “time-out-of-time” that has been called Chironic time.  

At this chronological time, (the word, a take-off of my earlier name as Chronos), there is a convergence of these three times, emphasizing how potent and powerful a time of transformation this time is.

I encourage you all to take an “IN-vent-ory,” in both the left-brain method, Capricornian, process of organization, by which you take stock by writing down a list of the priorities you wish to focus on. You can make a mandala with what is primary at the center and each succeeding ring representing the next layers of priority.

I also request that you honor my Aquarian dimension by inventing a novel and unprecedented way to use the time that you have right now ---to interact with your mandala of priorities. I invite you to bring in a new “reign” of Saturn onto the landing strip of your consciousness.

It is time to redefine me, your “PA---triotic,” inheiritance of what a Father is.  I call on you to reinvent me, because the old ways I’ve shown up are no longer of benefit and I can’t do it myself.
As the teacher, Jean Houston has pointed out before, humans and archetypes are mutually co-creative.  The hierarchical idea that archetypes are fixed and immutable is a fallacy.

Just like your human biologist Bruce Lipton has discovered that the environment effects the DNA, likewise human consciousness effects the interpretation and therefore effect of archetypes.

My invitation to you, for the month, is to take an inventory of your priorities asking yourself “What is really of greatest importance to me?”  

Let go of the shoulds and the voices of the old Saturnian super-ego that has been my heritage, and let yourself go and discover for yourself what you really want to focus on, not based on anyone else’s assessment of what that should be.

Next, let your heart lead the way in a dance with your head and belly.  Dance a dance that is joyous, includes novelty, is imaginative, creative and innovative. Make a manifestation scenario that addresses your list in a manner that includes enjoyment and optimism.  (Yes, my brother Jupiter has rubbed shoulders with me and I get the need for learning to be fun as well as serious!)

Thirdly, invite Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, shaman, shape-shifter and transformer to come alive within you, feel your wounds, fears and pain but then allow Chiron to heal and guide you into the realm of well-being.  Imagine the feeling and experience as if your priorities have already come into being and are your reality now.  

Be a hummingbird and sip the nectar from this Chironic time and transport it back into the chronological now, and allow the Tantric process of the result already realized to sow the desired seeds, and see them flourishing in the garden of your life.

Watch what happens.  Water frequently with gratitude...a very effective discipline.....and help me to create a world without the dominance of a stuffy, rigid, scared, old Father.

See me embracing the wisdom of the Goddess in her fullness. See me flexible, caring, capable and providing what is really wanted and needed, instead of my old out-worn versions of what my role is.

See me celebrating the child, not just for the utility of replacing the old generation, but for the joy and basic celebration that the child brings as an expression of Life when it is not suppressed by my old need to control and dominate!

That’s it for now.  Love to know what you discover!  Let me know.  I can hear you and I am listening!

©  Esther Frances, January 7, 2014

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How the Keys of the Four “L’s”   
(Language, Listening, Laughter & Love)
Plus the Five  “L-ements”  
(Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth)
Can unlock the Doors to Personal and Planetary Transformation for
“U, HUmanity, & the U-ni-verse!”

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The Shambhala Meditation Center, 920 41st Street, Suite F, Santa Cruz

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Saturday, January 18th, at The Satelitte in Felton, 6-9.

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Storytelling & Song-Circle for Children:

I am available!  Contact me for parties, home-schooling, or gatherings.

Interfaith Ministry:

I’m available for marriages or other rites of passage or celebration.  

May our New Year bring us renewal, rebirth and rejoicing even if for some of us it feels that we are in the “dark night of the Soul.”  Blessings to all.

Contact me if you’d like to be taken off of this elist.  Thank you.

EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter Blog, March 2011
March 21, 2011


Uranus moves into Aries on the12th of March.  This years’ “Ides” may be ideas and ideologies rising to challenge the status quo.  We’ve already seen the rumblings of revolution in Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin.  The upheaval that often comes with breaking up or out of old structures, paradigms or ideologies is resonant with these astrological weather patterns.  With Uranus, whose keynote is freedom, and whose totem is coyote, anything is possible.

Unpredictable and contrary, Uranus wants freedom from the tired, old, forms that control and stifle creativity and community.  Breakdowns and breakthroughs come with the territory.  Throw in Mercury in Aries, communication in the key of independence, from the 10th to the 30th and you have lot of fiery tinder.  The Sun enters Aries on the 21st, on the Vernal Equinox, bringing another conjunction with Uranus, adding more combustibles to the mix. When Uranus enters Aries it will remain in the sign until May 15, 2018. 

The last week of March sees the Aries Sun coming into opposition to Saturn in Libra, archetype of the desire for equality and laws that are fair.  The drastic gap between those who have excessive money and those that have not enough gets more visible. Divine discontent desires a genuine democracy that isn’t a mockery of corporate and government alliances buying out and literally controlling many of “the goods.”

As all this is emerging, a square to Pluto in Capricorn is in play. Pluto symbolizes the underworld, the hidden sector, the realm of the shadow, the betrayals, the terror and pain that we’d rather not face.  Our culture hides death, yet uses its rattle to frighten and manipulate.  Pluto and Uranus will be in dialogue with each other for the next seven years, a quarter of the Saturn cycle.

Since Pluto has an orbit of approximately 248 years, it is safe to say it is a slow-mover and will only move through each sign once in a lifetime. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until March 23, 2023.

Capricorn is the sign associated with order, structure, time and the “father principle.” Its shadow is control, domination and the inability to feel and empathize.  Winter water can be walked upon--- it no longer flows--- and yet each wintry snowflake contains a unique pattern.

Capricorn also embodies the organizing principle as applied to the whole of a system, be it a body, organization, planet or solar system.  Pluto here is announcing that all systems are due for breakdown and breakthrough to another more functional way of organization.  In the process we are witnessing the emergence of much of the hidden maneuvering and power plays that were skillfully kept away from public scrutiny.  The “white-collar” criminal element is losing its cover.  In its arrogance it is trying to dismantle all of the structures that provide the general populace with a basic quality life.

I think we are seeing the demise of the old order, the patriarchy, all the structures built on the belief in separation that can so longer sustain us as a world entering planetary consciousness.  Within us and without us the out-grown modalities are coming down, but not without a struggle.  I still cast my vote to the birth of the butterfly while realizing how difficult it is to be within the caterpillar melt-down that is also part of the process.

Which brings us to two more interesting placements:

Until the 12th, when Uranus enters Aries, it remains at the 29th degree of Pisces.  The late, great Isabel Hickey, called the 29th degree the “degree of expiation,” meaning it had the capacity to reflect and express the greatest qualities of the entire sign.  Uranus has an eighty-four year orbit and lives in each sign for about seven years.

I view the 29th degree as a culmination of the journey through the entire sign, and as such, an elder of the sign.  Just as elders make the transition from the known embodiment to another dimension, likewise, there is a release of the sign just experienced and a time on the cusp or threshold where one is no longer the old and not quite the new or next incarnation.  Many wisdom traditions talk of such times as “’tween times,” times of mystery, power, intuition, revelation and inspiration.

Pisces is about the process of dissolving, letting go, empathy and compassion, qualities we need in abundance as we are in this confusing and sometimes frightening birthing process.  Its shadow is illusion and escapism, fed by the projection of ideals or demons onto another that distort and filter the experience of the person.

Pisces is also the last sign or culmination of the journey through the twelve signs until the rebirth and new beginnings of the Vernal Equinox, the official marker of spring. The zero degree Aries Point is considered to be one of the most potent positions in the entire 360-degree spectrum of possibility. Thus, having Uranus conjunct the Aries point indicates a greater potential for genuine breakthrough and new birth.

And, in conclusion, we also have one more 29 degree placement, and that is Neptune, who from the new moon on the 5th until the new moon on April 3,rd is at this final degree of the sign of Aquarius, literally in the homestretch of its journey as it goes into its home territory of Pisces on April 4th.  Neptune takes approximately 164 years to complete its orbit and stays in each sign for about fourteen years.

I believe the Neptune in Aquarius has given us the awareness that the internet is a planetary nervous system giving us greater opportunities of uniting and appreciating our unique differences.

Neptune is the dreamer and we are also seeing many dreams morph into nightmares.  There is an opportunity to realize that we can change the world by changing the dream as we can change ourselves by changing our dreams.  Yet, there are also the real threats from corporate collaborators that are attempting to dissolve the power of the unions and the working people as symbolized by Aquarius.  As it shifts into Neptune it will be interesting to see if we are capable of awakening within and shape-shifting the dream.

I suggest you buckle your seat belts as Uranus is Aries, the sign of the individual, the brave, and the pioneer, takes off.  Aries has traditionally been the archetype of the warrior and we are seeing a resurgence of folks fed up with being trampled upon.  Jupiter is already in Aries turf, and as spring always reminds us, life has a way of resurrecting itself.

©  Esther Frances, March 2011

EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter, March, 2011, Pt. 1
March 21, 2011

Please go to my website www.EstherFrances.com for more information on my Eco-Astrology and spiritual counseling, Earth Is My Cathedral inter/OMnifaith Ministry, EARTHEARTISTRY Arts & Education for the Ecozoic Era and Mother Earth Calls CD.

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 Friday, March 11th, 7 pm, Barnes & Noble Kingston Café:
 The featured book is “The Order Of Melchizedek: Love, Willing Service, Fulfillment” by Daniel Chesbro.
I was ordained into the order of Melchizedek by Daniel Chesbro in 2000.  I just discovered this book and love the profound simplicity it delivers on the powerful transformative capacity of unconditional love.
       “Daniel Chesbro has written a blueprint of where we are today while
        providing a road map for the future… The book is recommended reading
        for those seeking hope, direction, and spiritual insight”

Glenn Sanderfur, Director of Development Edgar Cayce organizations,
–                 and author of Lives of the Masters

April EARTHEARTISTRY Book circle: Friday, April 8th, 7pm, Kingston Barnes and Noble:

Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega.

   I also recommend a beautiful and moving new book by local singer/songwriter Bar Scott called "The Present Giver."
There’s a lot of talk about “ascension” and very little acknowledgment of the role of “descension,” a term I may have just coined to describe the process of “deepening down” into the dark as the necessary companion of "lightening up."  These books are a testimony to the courage it takes to track through our tears and find our way through the challenges of pain, loss, despair and disillusion.  I recommend them both and will let you know which one we will be discussing soon.

Workshop: The Diamond of Love:  The Twelve Sacred Facets of Astro-Cosmology -- The Power of the W-hole-ly Prism of Love!
To follow up on my guest ministry on this topic last month, this workshop has the intention of deepening and expanding out experience and understanding of love.  It will  include a special guided meditation, astrological perspectives on Venus in the chart, and an opportunity to clear obstacles and charge intentions for a more in-depth experience of divine love in our lives.

Saturday March 19th, 2-4 PM, The Sanctuary, Academy Street in New Paltz.
Cost: $25-15 sliding scale.  Space is limited.  Please reserve right away if you are interested.  I’d like a minimum of eight people to make it a go. 845-626-7116.  You can bring your astrological chart or contact me to get one.

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www.EstherFrances.com                                            845-626-7116


EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter, Feb. 2011, Pt. 2: Blog, Palace of Peace Poem
March 21, 2011

Palace of Peace


Today I am kicking out the landlord of separation

            and coming home to my palace of peace.



No more divided,

            I breathe in ecstacy and exhale the bad breath of exile.


My body is a dancing “cell-ebration” of radiant awakening.

            This multitude knows it is ONE,

                        feels it is ONE,

                                    and basks in the sun of realization,

                                                knowing it is the whole, w-hole-ly constellation.

                                                            I am a galaxy of gladness!

 Doubt’s dandruff is brushed away by the anointing oil of grace.

            My hair shines and shimmers with light from within.


Free from the heresy of happiness I leave behind the hopes born of destitution.

            I’m at home in the heart of joy.


I awake in the certainty that poverty is a thing of the past!

            I awake with a smiling heart.


                        A graceful grin lifts my mouth as I reach for the pen

                                                to testify and transcribe this testimony of truth:

                        The separate “self” surrendered, dissolved and re-absorbed

                                    into the great and glorious Goddessence* is the only way to get out of “Dodge”

                                                and not be pursued by the sheriffs of shame

                                                            with their posses of sadness.


More is not the answer my friends,

            For in the cosmic game board less is the lesson.

                        Let your soap bubble pop!  The sky is yours!

 Deflected from the army of want there is no more fright and no more fear.

            The frozen drop of despair that you thought you were

                        flows back into the majestic “mist-ery” that you are!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

            The nightmare is over.

                        Our Great Dawn has arrived and we dwell in the home of the heart forever and ever.


*Goddessence: a term I believe to be coined by Claire Dennis

©  Esther Frances, December 11, 2010,

Written the morning after the “Ecstatic Rumi” celebration in Santa Cruz, CA

Published in the February 2011 edition of "The Network, Your Guide to Inspiration and Well-Being" www.centerforworldnetworking.org


© Esther Frances