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"Mother Earth Calls"
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Spring Equinox 2021 UPDATE
March 17, 2021

I am astounded to discover it has actually been four years since I have posted here! Facebook and other media came on board and I forgot that I still had this wonderful resource to communicate in a one-post format when I wanted to say more than fits with social media .

Happy Spring for those of us of on one half of the planet and Happy Fall to those on the opposite! My brief update is that I am happy living in Santa Cruz CA. I'm now available for private reading via FB, Zoom or phone and will be starting a zoom astrology class at some point.  if you are interested please let me know. During continuing covid challenges I have a donation system so contact me if you are interested or if you would like to know when classes start.

I now have a UTube page "Esther Frances"  where I am posting recent Facebook "A-Muse-in'-Express" live Facebook programs that I am sharing from my home.  Each presentation is a mix of my musings:  songs, poems, word art, inspirations, wisdom from my teachers, astrological weather reports, laughter and love.

The next one is this Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 11am PDT.  We will be live on Facebook and later I'll transfer to UTube. 

I'm also happy to announce my song "Mother Earth Calls" was a winner in a Women of Substance Radio & Podcast. It will be playing the week of April 19th on Itunes and other podcast venues. I will update as I learn. 

This site is primarily an archive library.  I am still writing songs and have had the joy in being in the authentic and wonderful Innerlight Ministries gospel choir for two years.

I'm also in the middle of a transformative 100 Day Training in Ancient Healing Secrets based on the Siddha-Veda Ayurvedic lineage that goies back 2500 years to Jivaca, the personal physician of the Buddha. I recommend the book "Ancient Secrets of a Healing Master" by Dr. Clint G. Rogers to learn about it and how Dr. Naram, Dr. Clint's mentor, passed this on for our time to also benefit from these techniques and principles. 

I continue to advocate for love for as Dr. Naram said, "I have not come to teach you. I have come to love you. Love witll teach you."  Love and Many Blessings,  Esther



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