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"Mother Earth Calls"
News and Specials from Esther Frances

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Upcoming workshops, classes and counseling opportunities
January 2, 2015

Esther’s Upcoming Events & Offerings

Sunday, February 1st, 1-5pm: Awakening the Heart: Imbolc / Candlemas Workshop / Celebration: Within the greenhouse of community we will fertilize the energetic seedlings birthed at Winter Solstice, take in the astrological significance of Uranus and Aquarius; celebrate the lengthening days; experience a Bridget / Vesta process to deepen our commitment and enjoy through songs, spoken word and ritual our connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and each other! $55-$30 sliding scale

Sunday, March 21st, 1-5pm: Mother Earth Calls Vernal Equinox Workshop & Celebration We will celebrate rebirth and renewal with ritual, Nature (weather permitting) journeying, songs, poems and more of what Mama Nature has in store for us that she hasn’t yet revealed! $55-$30 sliding scale

Astrology, Archetypes & Awareness: Tuesdays, beginning January 20th,1-2:30pm: This class will reveal the multi-dimensional mapping of the astrological matrix. You will learn the basics of the elements, planets, signs, houses and aspects while getting new appreciation of the unique combination of energies that constitute you as an embodied expression of the Universe. We will meet in a joyful, private home in Aptos for 6 sessions, same day, time and place. $150 for series; $30 indiv. class space.

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography: Thursday January 22nd, 12-2pm. Consider “The Book of _____: How I Awakened and am Evolving?” Written by you! This class will be open to only five participants. After watching Paramahansa Yogananda’s story in the film “Awake,” I woke up one morning inspired to write about my own spiritual awakening. I realized I didn’t want to do this in isolation and got the idea journey with others who also shared this desire. There is no requirement; only the desire to explore and share your spiritual experience in the modality of words. I will provide something to stir our inspiration each time we meet and provide an itinerary that we can follow or not as divinely directed. We will write and then share what we have written. We will meet at my cottage in Pleasure Point for six meetings. $175 for the series, same day, time and place. Soul Sanctuary Spiritual Counseling: Special for Solstice Participant’s Only: My prices are going up with the new year: 2015 individual session will be $165. 3 session package: $395. I always provide a couple of sliding scale opportunities so be sure to check with me if the cost is an obstacle for you.

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