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"Mother Earth Calls"
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Sage Lavine Spiritual Wealth Summit, June 6-8 2014
June 8, 2014

Archetype: Demeter/Ceres---Practical Nurturer / The Server:  Moon & Pallas Athena in Virgo, conjunct the Midheaven:  
You contribute by bringing your creativy, wisdom and skills, motivated by service and
rooted in the ability to discriminate “the wheat from the chaff” to your vocation.  

Key message: You are perfect as you are, right here, right now, nothing left out!  You don’t have to “be perfect” in order to be successful, beneficial and valuable in your work in the world.
Awareness is the key, discrimination the guide.  The middle ground lies between the extremes of getting bogged down in the particulars and glossing over what is really important.  We are receiving and learning how to give practical nurturance.                         

Archetype: Divine Mother/ Emotional Nurturer / The Giver: Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house:  
As women Goddesspreneurs we honor and communicate our feelings.  We are sensitive to the needs of our clients, and realize we can authentically fulfill our needs most effectively by supporting the transformations and  journeys of each other.  We succeed by pooling our wisdom and in knowing that each person’s progress is also our own. We create an environment of care and transformation.

Archetypes: Goddess Kali/ Innanna/Persephine /:Death and Rebirth:  Scorpio Rising at 29 degrees +, Change, Power & Transformation:
The 29th degree is very special.  I think of it as the “elder” of the sign, symbolizing the opportunity to express the greatest integrity of the sign.
The planet associated with Scorpio is Pluto, the archetype of death and rebirth. It is now retrograde in the 2nd house, symbolizing our personal relationship to money, what we have, and what we value. 

We are here to release our old attitudes and die to the beliefs that have held us back from realizing our full potential and financial well-being.  

We are here to transform and take back our power from the patriachical Pluto in Capricorn and the Saturn in Scorpio Father archetype in the 12th house, to integrate our own “shadows” and to generate a new way of “doing business” based on Being and what is truely valuable to us in an ecological and sustainable manner.

4. Archetype: Minnie, the mermaid, fish-tailed, Aphrodite /Alchemist-Universalist / Mystic/ Compassion:  Neptune in Pisces, Part of Fortune, I.C. and Chiron in Pisces, with Chiron in Pisces in opposition to Moon in Virgo
The key here is rooting in the ground of compassion and Great Spirit/Source/The Universe. Compassion is the compass, and the trick is to be open and receptive to receiving direction from the cosmic sea, the universal waters and Grandmother Ocean where you can go to recharge and replenish. We are healed and are healing by realizing our relationship to the universal ocean of imagination, compassion, inspiration and spiritual guidance as the foundation for navigating the waters of our lives.

 5. Archetypes: Bast, an aspect of the Egyptian lioness goddess Hathor and the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena / S-hero / Maverick /  Artist / Humanitarian: The invitation is to engage in new, collaborative ways of being :  Uranus and South Node in Aries in the 5th House; Mars in Libra plus N.Node, Ceres, and Vesta in the 11th house of friendship and aspirations:  We live in a society that equates doing with having.  Actually it is the balance between being and doing that gives the deep rhythm of breath that brings the greatest rewards.  The idea that you have to “earn” your keep is very different than the idea that when you give authentically, in alignment with your original inspirations, you will receive the fruits from the seeds and deeds that you plant and cultivate.

Working together for the mutual benefit of all, improvising and hatching new ideas co-creatively, in cooperation with each other, yields peace, prosperity and groundedness in manifesting your work into the world, as signified by Venus in Taurus in the 6th house of work, health and integration.

6.  Archetypes: Demeter in co-creation with the Tightrope Walker!  Nurturer / Peacemaker / Pactifist (peaceful activist). North Node, Vesta and Mars in Libra in the 10th House.
There is a need for alone time, for assimilation and digestion of experience, and a need to be in the activity of co-creating, with partners and peers, to create a greater excellence and quality of offerings.  Shadow: overwork and perfectionism. The key here is a dynamic balancing of personal needs and the need to serve others.

7.Archetype:  Iris the Greek rainbow Goddess, Teacher / Jestor:  The One in the Many and the many in The One, symbolizing a Gemini, 7th house Sun, with a Sagittarius Earth in the 1st house.  By honoring the many colors and flavors of Being, present in us and around us,  we weave a beautiful tapestry of relationships and together realize the creative breakthroughs, (Sun sextile Uranus) we’ve been longing for.  As expressed in my poem “A Vision of Peace,”

Our task is to collaborate
Bring all our talents to the fore
So we can build a playground
Like we’ve never seen before!
©  Esther Frances,  June 4, 2014

© Esther Frances
June 5, 2012

Dear ELA Goddesspreneurs,

I om offering a limited amount of free Soul Sancturary Samplers, 30 minute sessions, to see if we’d be a fit to further your dreams, deepen your self awareness and expand your sense of possibility.  Soul Sanctuary includes transformative astrological work, journeying, muse evocation, and the nurturing of your creative capacities. 

In the sample session, we can take a look at one of the ways this weekends energies show up in your chart, and how you can make greatest use of it for your greatest benefit.

Honoring, celebrating, and loving the Goddessence* in you all,


a term I learned from Claire Dennis

You might also want to take a look at my Gemini Estrology Newsletter and please let me know if you’d like to be on my email list and receive this monthly.

© Esther Frances