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Estrology: Aquarius/Pisces 2014
March 12, 2014

Estrology: Aquarius/Pisces 2014  

As per typical retrograde, my communication has a little lag to it!  I do love Mercury retrograde despite it not being a great time for communications, transportation, or plans to go as expected or as planned!  

Last week I was honored to be a part of a very important Mother/Daughter Summit, created by Robin LaCross to empower mothers to be able to talk to their daughters about sex and reproduction.  A stuck button prevented the initial program from recording, while we, the presenters, thought we were talking to a planetary classroom!  Mercury Retrograde!  

Just as sunshine and rainy days are better suited for different activities, so is Mercury in its direct and retrograde phases.  Neither is bad or good, yet both are bad or good for certain purposes! The retrograde phases are great for retrospectives of any kind including catching up with what was previously intended but never actualized. Return again, and re do.  Retrograde is a great time for renewal, revival, re-connect, review and just about anything that has a re prefix.

The good news is we all are so committed to Robin’s work that we re-did the entire program! It was repeated Thursday night and is on her website to listen or download.
I view this summit as a significant event in the return of “The Divine Feminine.”  For further information about it please go to http://raisingempowereddaughters.com.  It goes through March 11th. I posted the intentions that I wrote as proclamations for the program on my website, EstherFrances.com under news.  

By looking at our conditioning of shame and refusing to pass along this toxic legacy, we take back our power from disfunctional systems. We begin to heal the wounds, some originating many centuries ago when the wisest, most powerful and capable women were persecuted and killed for being wise, sufficient, capable human beings.

I am celebrating women like Robin, who are willing to look the taboos in the face. By healing the gap separating generations that has made females to feel “less than,” a restoration of human dignity occurs. This benefit extends beyond females to the whole human species. We all come into this life through a Mother!  By re-connecting with the sacred essence of the Divine Feminine, we take back our power and dignity.

Empowered communication translates to an ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and humiliating sexual encounters. With renewed self-respect and knowledge our young women can make intelligent choices from a place of grounded knowing, unlike many of us older women who never received any real education or empowerment as we transitioned into womenhood.

Within an astrological context I see this as a manifestation of Jupiter in Cancer, the archetype of mother, child and the family in opposition to  Pluto in Capricorn, the father archetype, often associated with control,  authority over and domination in its less conscious expressions.  Pluto is breaking down and breaking through what is obsolete, while Jupiter expands the urge to care and nourish.

Mercury goes direct on February 28th.  I’m planning to wait until then to have some auto and dental maintenance done.  I’m not a fanatic or astro-fundamentalist, so if you have to attend to some things involving communications, cars, or siblings before the direct Mercury, go for it with some extra awareness and make sure to review terms and agreements.

A teeny weenie about Aquarius, where Mercury is residing now until the 18th degree Aquarius, on the 18th when it turns direct and remains in the sign until March 17th.  Venus --- love, relationships, money, social justice issues --- enters Aquarius on March 6th and stays in the sign until April 5th.

The Aquarian archetype has two planets associated with it---Saturn and Uranus.
Snowflakes are a perfect example of how Saturn, the principle of structure and form and Uranus, the energy that celebrates uniqueness, diversity and individual expression coexist beautifully.  Each snowflake is distinct in its mandala of form, yet each display a  cohesive and compelling sructure.  Aquarius is also associated with friendship, group activities and “the tribe.”   The collectivity of snowflakes creating a blanket of snow illustrates the collective power of the individual snowflakes when they express themselves together.

Aquarians are the elders of the air signs. They are coded to see the need for community in both its collective and individual expressions.  I see Aquarius as the principle of circulation and right now there is a growing recognition that we have a planetary problem of circulation.  Our challenge is to share love and leadership (heart/ Leo) to make sure that all the voices are heard and all the needs are met rather than an elite monopolizing policy and goods.  The needs of the greater whole Earth community are crying out and insisting that the heart no longer try to keep the blood to itself!!!!!

As the Sun in Pisces journeys in conjunction with Neptune and then with Chiron, now is the time to cut through confusion and bring forth compassion, connect with Divinity, and heal through inspiration, imagination, and the recognition that we are one interdependent whole.  No more escapism, illusions and addictions!  Time to substitute authentic spiritual connection and sacred activism so all needs can be divinely met!

Pisces gives us the opportunity to vision, imagine, and feel what it would be like if our dreams were realized. One of my dreams is to be a catalyst and change agent toward a planetary consciousness that realizes and celebrates the sacredness of Nature and of Life.  I created the Earth Is My Cathedral Ministry as a way of sharing the inspiration I have received, especially through songs and poetry, that convey hope and context to the breakdown and breakthrough of our times.

Saturday, March 1st, the day after Mercury turns direct, Mars goes Retrograde at 27 and change Libra, until May 20th when Mars goes direct at 9 degrees and change Libra.  Libra is concerned with fairness, equality, justice, beauty, the arts, the art of dynamic balance and most primarily, relationships of all shapes and stripes, especially the more committed partnerships.  Traditionally, Libra was the sign associated with marriage, committed business partnerships or any relationships with the intention to endure over time and to serve a purpose of function beyond the attraction and happiness associated with love that the 5th house of romance.

Mars is the archetype that speaks to action, desire, motivation, and movement.  In the retrograde, you might feel that your plans are not proceeding as rapidly as planned!  It is a great time for patience, review and re-evaluation of how you intend to go about implementing your desired direction.  It’s also a great time for activities that have an inward, introspective focus.  Rather than just seeking external peace, you could see what you can do within yourself to make peace with what is.

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Esther Frances is an omnifaith minister and creator of Earth Is My Cathedral ministry.  She is certified by Dr. Jean Houston to teach “Cultivating Human Capacities,” a format to expand human consciousness, creativity and capability.

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