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Vernal Equinox Celebration & Workshop, March 22, 10-4, Santa Cruz area
March 12, 2014

Vernal Equinox Celebration & Workshop offered by Five Elements Mystery School with Esther Frances

March 22,10-4.  We will meet at a magical, sacred space about 6 minutes from Soquel.  
The sliding scale is $45-75.

Each element has a particular consciousness, intelligence and gift that shows you how to live with greater integration, awareness and creativity to transform ourselves and the planet.

The day includes:
A ceremony to celebrate the beginning of Spring.  From an astrological perspective the Vernal Equinox is considered one of the most powerful days of the year!
Alignment, Attunement and Integration with the 5 Elements: Space, Fire, Air, Water and Earth
Cleansing with the elements as taught by John Perkins of The Dream Change Coatlition.
The Human Camera: an exercise designed by Dr. Jean Houston to increase awareness.
An introduction to “The Universe Story” as a creation story for our times.
Joanna Macey’s Council for all Beings, an amazing experience that reveals to you your kinship with all Life and your innate shamanic propensities.
Inspirational poems to awaken your deeper knowing.
Singing as a powerful agent for change and transformation.   

 Together we will create and generate:
A safe space to feel and allow all feelings to feel they are welcome.  
Greater appreciation, love, and compassion for yourself and other Beings.
Alignment for increase clarity, capability and consciousness.
Re-connection, communication and community
Time to just be----Relaxation and restoration in a beautiful redwood grove.
Please bring your lunch and beverage and one item for a sharing snack.

Every participant will receive a free astrological printout of their natal chart worth $8.
Early registration: If you register by Monday, March 10th,  you will receive a gift mp3 recording of “The Dream of the Earth,” a vintage interview featuring Thomas Berry, in conversation with Esther on her 1994 radio show “A-muse-in-Express.”  His insights are as relevant and wise now as they were then!
Esther Frances is an omnifaith minister and creator of Earth Is My Cathedral ministry.  She is certified by Dr. Jean Houston to teach “Cultivating Human Capacities,” a format to expand human consciousness, creativity and capability and to teach Dream Change Coalition's Shapeshifting Into the Ecstatic You and Your Mission.

She can be reached at www.EstherFrances.com or by emailing her at estherfrances@earthlink.net.


© Esther Frances