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Mothers & Daughters Summit Proclamation 2/13/2014
February 15, 2014

We reclaim the sacred, sanctity of our sensual, sexual, magnificance, knowing that the Divine as Mother Nature has designed us perfectly.

We know that in taking back the power to respect, revere, and communicate about our sexuality, we are consciously healing ourselves and our daughters.  Our Mother ancestors are healed from the repression and suppression they experienced as simultaneously we heal the generations to come.  As we heal now, we heal the present, we heal the past and we heal the future.

We are aware that as we speak freely, and openly, with informed communication about our sexuality and reproductive nature, we are helping our daughters break through the conditioning of shame and ignorance that we have inherited. By taking their education in our own hands, we are empowering them to be able to intelligently and lovingly care for and protect themselves.  

Knowing our sexuality is a potent expression of the life force, we embrace our creative power. We learn to care for our selves and our daughters with awareness. We accept the gift of being whole, intelligent, capable, loving, women.

We affirm the wholiness of our bodies, of the MAterial world, and realize that the sacred is here and now, in matter, and in the physical world of the senses. We recognize that matter is sacred, miraculous and marvelous.

We step into our power as conscious co-creators, creating a world where women respect themselves and see that we are perfect as we are, in all our sizes and shapes. Our worth is inherent and not dependent on the approval of anyone else.

We proclaim our dignity and our divinity, here and now, in each and every body, knowing that we are inherently wonderful just as we are!     And so it is!

©  Esther Frances
February 11, 2014


© Esther Frances