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Taking Our Place as Conscious Creators
February 14, 2014

Humans have this wonderful thing called choice to a degree that instinct does not allow the other creatures in our world as far as we know.  We have no wings, yet we can fly, no fins, yet we can go below the waters and hang out with the creatures way beneath the waves.  It is our false sense of separation that has fed the arrogance, dominance, and suffering caused by the ignorance that forgot we are magnificent, Divine Beings, One in Spirit and one in interdependence with all life-forms.  An awakening and transformation in consciousness is the medicine and antidote to the poison we've created within us and around us.  

All we need to do is remember our Divine Isness, Be it, share it, respect and revere it in all that we see and by releasing the dis-connect we will stop the actions that harm.  We need to release the idea that we are inherently an inferior or superior species and take our place as conscious creators in the web of Life, endowed with marvelous capacities and a heart of love that shines like the Sun, for all, when the veil of separation is evaporated by the rising Sun of awakening.  We are the people. Now is the time. We are the blessed ones that are awakening and awakening!

©  Esther Frances
July 20, 2013

© Esther Frances