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To Bee or Not to Bee: That is the Question
February 14, 2014

You may ask what does this question have to do with astrology?  
We come out of the womb of Mother Earth, through the form of our human Mother.  Earth is impregnated with starlight.  The minerals that nourish our food are made from the belly of the stars.  Our Sun and Moon, feed and sustain the growth and development of the entire Earth’s eco-community.  It is important that we recognize our interdependence with the Earth.  

I am writing this blog on May 28th, 2013.  This past Saturday, May 25th, people came out in droves, all over the planet, to protest against Monsanto and to stand up for our right to have access to food supplies that are not contaminated GMO’s and to have access to seeds that are controlled by a handful of companies.  Peru, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Poland, are a few, who have already banned some GMO seeds and crops. This happening coincided ( a word whose root is sidereal, meaning of the stars) with a lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius, offering an opportunity for a huge shift in belief, and for wisdom to emerge.

We have just begun the Aquarian Age.  My mentor, the late Thomas Berry, said we are entering a new epic that he called The Ecozoic Era, a time when humans can live in a beneficial relationship with each other and the Earth community. In his book The Dream of the Earth he puts forth the ideas that we must realize the ecological age is the only viable choice we have and that any sense of progress must include the well-being of the natural as well as the human world.

We now live in the time when world views are colliding. The industrial world view is still locked in the illusions of separation and insists on human dominance.  Counter to this is the swell of awakened consciousness, recognizing our Oneness and interdependence, and with it comes an insistence, all over the planet, that we can no longer tolerate the poisoning and manipulation of the natural world by a handful of corporations.

In 2008, Michael Schacker from Woodstock, New York, published a book, A Spring Without Bees--How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply  in which he already pointed to the neonicotinoid, produced by Bayer, as the prime culprit in the death of the bees. On May 26th, the Bay Area radio show “Your Call” devoted an hour to discussing how severely the USA honey bee population has declined this winter. The growing awareness and action regarding this issue is mirrored in the following astrological aspects by the eclipse and an exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, that occurred on Monday May 20th, which will continue to influence us throughout June.  

What is the relevance of this aspects?  We are looking straight into the inescapable confrontation between the industrial models of exploitation of Mother Earth and Her peoples and the rising tide of awareness calling for the need to live in respect and harmony with the Earth and Nature.  The issues cannot be hidden or glossed over anymore.  

Pluto is about power, death and rebirth, degeneration and regeneration.  Squares insist on action and change.  We no longer can ignore the peril if we continue in the direction we’ve been going.  Uranus is the awakener, the insistence that patterns and practices that no longer serve us be abandoned.

A new moon on Saturday, June 8th is at 19 degrees Gemini. Gemini corresponds with the season of pollination.  The issue of freedom of the seeds (Uranus in Aries) is threatened by the laws passed that grant ownership and control of seeds to a few corporations. Our ability to feed ourselves healthy foods that are not poisoned, polluted and manipulated is at stake. The choice is life or destruction, respect or ruin, self-determination or dictatorship.  Mars and Jupiter in Gemini, for all of June, support us as we find our voices and speak out for what we care about.

 On the 20th we welcome the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into Cancer and the Moon is in Scorpio. A full moon on June 23rd in Capricorn will bring extra emphasis to the Pluto /Uranus square.There is an urgency for us all to tap into the Cancer energy of nurturing and its primary expression as nutrition.  

The Aquarian Age nudges us to hatch from the illusion of separation and to recognize we are all part of an interdependent web of Life.  The time of complacency is over.  Transformation is calling us to own our own power and take back the responsibility to care for our Earth with love.  

To do this we have to stop telling ourselves the story that we are powerless and once again claim the knowing that everything begins within, with our consciousness, with intention, with the willingness to align with “The Great Greatness” living inside of you as you.

As a lyric in my song, The Dream of Earth Is Waking says,
“We each have a purpose, a place, a destiny, to work and play together in Divine Harmony.  Our dictators cannot function, if we all unite. Our power will provide us with a shielding of Light.  We can create miracles.  We can change the tune.  Bring care and compassion back into the loom.”

I invite you to look into how these energies are calling you, where they live in relationship with your birth chart.  It would be be my honor to serve you in discovering how you can best bring forth the greatness inside of you, as indicated by your astrological signature.  

It is an exciting time to be part of the Earth community.  I’m optimistic and confident that we are in the midst of a great evolutionary moment. Let us rise to the occasion for the benefit of us all.

©  Esther Frances
May 28, 2013


© Esther Frances