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With my Sun in the Eleventh House of group activities and friends, and my many years at Omega, I have experienced many, many workshops. One of my greatest joys is to be able to pass on what I’ve learned. You can choose to mix and match my services, focus exclusively on astrology (progressed, solar, relocation, and relationship charts as well as natal updates) or just be assured you have an hour, reserved solely for someone else to just listen (which research has shown to be very healing in itself), or have me as a guide, coach or advocate, as you move toward greater understanding of self and others, actualization of your dreams or just knowing you have a safe space to toss around ideas or air out your frustrations! If you would like to expand your creative expression, methods from the “Human Capacities” and “Vocal Visionary” can be quite helpful.

Awareness and Awakening

Esther offers you a wide variety of processes, exercises and explorations designed to expand and deepen your present level of consciousness. This work is rooted in the Sacred Psychology and "Cultivation of Human Capacities" by Dr. Jean Houston, "the orchestration of the brain" as developed by Dr. Elaine De Beauport, the meditative disciplines of the East and spiritual ecology as advocated by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme. These perspectives provide a context for finding your authentic voice, expression and Being. They increase creativity, break through creative blocks, enhance learning and memory, increase concentration and spontaneity.

We use myth and the wisdom of spiritual traditions throughout the planet as vehicles for greater integration and empowerment. This work doesn't need to revolve around a "problem." Your desire to enhance and expand your ability to enjoy, perceive, understand and to contribute to Life or to experience greater peacefulness is enough. The results can be a sense of deeper connection to the "essence of life," increased awareness of love and well-being, greater accomplishment and efficiency, increased humor and lightness in work and play and an increased appreciation of yourself and others. Workshops and private sessions are available.

A sampling of some of the processes:

  • Astrological Alphabet: The Language of the Signs & Houses
  • The Astrological Compass: The North & South Nodes; Part of Fortune & Midheaven
  • Moon Magic: Feeling at Home Wherever You Are Dancing with the Elements
  • Beneath the Mask; Behind the Shadow: The Ascendent, Descendent and Authentic Self
  • Shapeshifting Into Your Dream: An Introduction to the Shamanic Work of John Perkins & the Dream Change Coaltion
  • The Universe Story: Entering the Ecozoic Age
  • Thinking Like A Mountain: The work of Joanna Macy, John Seed including the council for All Beings and theElm Dance

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Is an ancient method for providing insight into the purpose for your life's journey. It is first and foremost a spiritual science. Astrology is an integral part of Tibetan medicine and the Ayurvedic medical system. Dr. David Frawley says:
"Astrology, properly employed, shows us the world within us and our self within the entire world so that we might understand the unity of all creation....By integrating within ourselves the energies represented by the planets, we regain our true wholeness as cosmic beings. Each planet therefore represents a door to liberation."

Modem physics is showing us what sages and seers of the past have affirmed: the interconnectedness of all life. Astrology is based on this interdependence. It provides an ecumenical way of recognizing the spiritual dimensions in our lives.

Astrological counseling also gives greater clarity about your gifts, strengths and lessons. It can identify and eliminate traps and blind spots that undermine your intentions. Astrology gives you guidance in navigating Life. Many psychologists use Astrology because it can quickly pinpoint sensitive areas, fears, complexes and repressed material as well as point the way to healing, integration and life purpose.

Astrology is a great guide in timing, trends, and forecasting possibilities. It provides an ecological way of knowing when it's best to "ride the wave" or wait for a better one around the bend.

Astrology deepens and augments psychotherapy, career and vocational counseling, marriage and family counseling as well as spiritual growth counseling. As medicine becomes more wholistic it recognizes that even physical health and illness often correlate to conditions of mind and soul. The clarity and insight that Astrology provide can serve as "preventative medicine" and contribute to wellness.

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Forms of Astrological Counseling

  1. Natal Interpretation. Based on your birth time, this chart contains your basic life script and mapping. It provides clues to your life purpose, challenges and talents. It is the basic matrix we use for insight into the timing of life cycles and events. (This is not a deterministic philosophy. We feel the birth time is chosen, either consciously or unconsciously, to be in keeping with the development of the soul. Therefore we do not believe "the planets made me do it!" Instead we see astrology as a vehicle for breaking out of victimization by owning and empowering the capacities for clarity that exist within each one of us).

  2. Progressed Interpretation. Life is a process of change. Your progressed reading updates you and provides an even fuller sense of your present identity, purpose and possibilities. It expands and "fleshes out" the natal chart.

  3. Solar Return Chart. This chart identifies the issues and themes that will be highlighted throughout the year , beginning with your birthday of each year. I've found them to be very accurate and therefore helpful in planning one's personal "itinerary" for the year. A great birthday gift!

  4. Combined Natal & Progressed Interpretations, and Solar Return Chart. In depth coverage--all in one package!

  5. The Astrology of Relationship
    • Synastry, the Art of Chart Comparison. We compare two or more persons charts with each other. Insights and understanding are gained which can bring greater happiness and compatibility to your relationships. Incompatible areas are exposed and one can get a sense of the "road ahead" it bumpy, smooth, varied. Excellent guide for romantic relationships, parent-child, teacher-student, therapist-client as well as for understanding family dynamics. This method helps us to identify individual needs and how each person seeks to fulfill those needs by interacting with the environment.
    • Composite Chart. A relationship is a new entity having its own unique character and purpose. The composite chart describes the goals, purposes and dynamics of a relationship. This perspective gifts one with a fuller appreciation of the relationship's true "reason for being."

  6. Baby Birth Chart. As important for the parents as it is in later life for the baby, this chart acquaints parents with the unique needs, personality and learning styles of their baby.

  7. Chart Relocation. Excellent tool to be in the right place at the right time. Here we can be astro-gardeners, determining the interaction of place upon your being. You can find your optimal spot for college, work, vacation, romance or transformation. Very practical. Let your astro-fingers do the walking before you invest )lour time and energy into a move. Great for finding the soil most suited to your purpose and intention!

  8. Medicine Card Astrology Reading. The 12 house astrological system is used as a matrix for a Medicine Card reading. Interpretation combines the symbology of the Medicine Cards with traditional astrological house system. Can be a general reading or in response to a specific inquiry.

  9. Personal Guided Meditation Tapes. These tapes are designed specifically for each person based on the patterns in the astrological charts. They are intended to help integrate and empower each person. Tapes are available for natal, progressed, or solar return charts.

  10. Workshops. See a schedule of upcoming workshops.
    • Dancing With the Elements. An experiential workshop incorporating mythology, guided meditation, and astrodrama. Provides you with practical keys for understanding yourself and others.
    • Let Your Lion Roar. Our focus is on healing wounds of "self"-consciousness. Spot-lighting our divine legacy of creative "SELF" consciousness we will free the constrictive bonds and allow our self expression to flow. Exercises from the Human Capacities format and astrology will aid us in hatching from our fears.
    • Healing Your Divine Inner Child. The past can be retrieved and altered by creative interactions with it in the present. We will find and nurture our neglected inner child, healing and inviting this child to come into the world with security and love. Astrological and Human Capacities processes will be incorporated as catalysts for transformation.

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Psychophysical Reeducation

Exercises work with the body and mind together to bring you greater awareness, functioning, and relaxation. Cognitive and feeling functions also improve due to the extensive changes in the brain's motor cortex and the tendency of processes in the brain tissue to diffuse and spread to neighboring tissues. Gentle, diverse and repetitive movements are evoked while attention is focused on the accompanying sensations.

Interfaith Minister

In addition to astrological counseling I am an interfaith minister, founder of an interfaith, green, ministry-without-walls, called “Earth is My Cathedral.” I am available for rituals and celebrations of major life transitions such as birth, coming of age, graduations, kids leaving the nest, marriage, separation, divorce, healing, death of the body, movement from one area to another, celebrations of accomplishments, anniversaries and other significant milestones. In addition, I’ll be offering gatherings to celebrate the turning of the seasons, the magnificence as well as the challenges of life on Earth, community building, and the cultivation of compassion and peace.

I am also in the process of creating an ecological arts & education program which will integrate music from my new CD “Mother EARth Calls” which is now available at my website with poetry, stories, dance, science, myth, and sensory awareness.


Sliding scale: $150 – $60 hourly rate.
A $10 preparation fee is suggested or else we can just dive right in.
A recording of the session can be sent to you via MP3 through the internet for $10.

Relationship charts: synastry and composite require additional preparation time.