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Read Esther's Earth Day essay, updated April 2007.

"Mother Earth Calls"


I was inspired to list these because I have learned so much from links on websites. Most of these listings fall into multiple categories. Please know that for brevity sake I'm only listing each site once.

Sustainability, Ecology, Cosmology

www.zeri.org Gunter Pauli is the founder of the ZERI organization, a planet-wide organization introducing cutting-edge technology, innovation and thought in sustainability and education. The ZERI project at Las Gaviotas in Columbia is restoring a rain forest. ZERI is about doing more with less by design that utilizes the "kin-doms" of nature.
zeri.us.org ZERI in the USA
ecozoicstudies.org/thomasberry Thomas Berry is a seminal thinker and one of the first to articulate a vision of the human that puts the human in service to the Earth and the Universe instead of the other way around. Here you will find a great reservoir of information on "The Great Story" as well as his other writings.
thegreatstory.org The fabulous site of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow who have traveled North America telling "The Great Story." They bring you a great website for the learning about and celebrating "The Great Story of Cosmic Evolution." Michael's new book "Thank God for Evolution" is receiving great reviews. I heartily recommend it.
brianswimme.org Brian is a cosmologist and teacher who advocates re-imagining the human presence on the planet in light of the discoveries modern science has brought to the exploration of the universe. Cosmology sheds new light on the questions of who we are and what is our role on the planet.
dreamchange.org The planetary shape-shifting work of John Perkins, Lynn Roberts and other dream-changers, shares indigenous wisdom and how it can empower us all to create a sustainable planet.
joannamacy.net Deep ecology, Buddhist teachings and systems theory are woven into a tapestry of spiritual activism by this wise woman.
ratical.org/LifeWeb/ Elizabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist, gives insights into planetary awakening from a biological perspective.
permaculture.org Permaculture holds many keys to a healthy sustainable planet. Much more than about how we grow our food.

Consciousness & Spirituality

JeanHouston.org Jean is a planetary visionary, skilled in facilitating awareness & awakening.
atthewfox.org Matthew is at the forefront of redefining and redesigning education and spirituality for our times.
andrewharvey.net Andrew is a mystic and author who is a proponent of "Sacred Activism."
miriamswell.org Miriam's Well is a great center for consciousness expansion and community building. They offer workshops with great teachers.
mellen-thomas.com Mellen-Thomas is one of the most studied persons who has experienced the near-death experience. This is one of my favorite websites!
cnvc.org The Center for Nonviolent Communication is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg. This work is a powerful instrument for peace: inner and outer, and the forging of social discourse that focused on resolving unmet needs rather than increasing conflict.
onenessmovement.org This is the North American site for the Oneness movement. I find the Oneness blessing to be a very powerful source of divine infusion.
onenessuniversity.org International center of the Oneness Blessing Movement
eOmega.org I love Omega. I was on the staff of their wholistic studies program and gave astrological consultations in their Wellness Center from 1997 until 2006, when I started going to Santa Cruz in the summertime. Omega is an example of what joyous learning, spiritual intensives and arts exploration is all about.
rowecenter.org Rowe is another gem. Smaller than Omega, it offers programs with cutting edge teachers on a beautiful campus. Great people, food and community.
TheSmileRevolution.com Mindy has a great mission and radio show.

Healing, Physical & Emotional Well-Being

It's amazing that it is now against the law to declare that a method or something actually heals something. I've discovered many wonderful ways of regaining and maintaining health. Due to the corruption of the FDA, instead of protecting us, they are on a campaign to limit the choices we have in health care to the products and methodologies churned out by the drug companies and the AMA. As Michael Moore so clearly said in Sicko, as long as the bottom line is money and profits for the few at the expense of the many, we will not have a health system that supports our health. Therefore please know that I am passing on these recommendations based on my experience and that I am not a medical doctor. Regarding any health matters the law requires any one recommending something that pertains to health that you say and make clear that you should consult with your doctor regarding any medical matters, so I pass that recommendation on to you and will list the following sources for educational purposes only. What a long way we've come from the Native American use of the word medicine to include anything that enhances your well-being!

brucelipton.com Biologist bringing insight into cellular consciousness
naturalcancertreatments.com Natural cancer treatments
realityzone.com The story of Vit B17 also known as laetrile.
rockymountainsbest.com A great source of nano water and top quality supplements. If you decide to order please let them know I referred you. My ID number is 1980.
vibemachine.com A machine that brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being.
healthfreedomusa.org An important organization devoted to preserving our right to choose our supplements and herbs.
lornasnaturals.com My favorite source for natural shampoo, soap, body and face creams.
selfhealingsystem.com Shivani Goodman has left a legacy of healing wisdom.
thehealingcodes.co Very interesting testimonies.
beting-cancer-gently.com Bill Henderson has a great book and monthly newsletter.
globallight.net We like the external magnesium.
flowersheal.com Catskill Mountain Flower Essences by Judith Wyman. Judy makes a wonderful line of flower essences and products from the Catskill Mountains of New York.
happinessdocument.com Sirriya Din is a gifted healer, filmmaker and creator of "The Healing Power of Purrs" CD with The Kitty Catskill Choir and Steve Gorn.
kristineflones.com Kristine is a gifted healer and originator of "The Rose Meditation," a glorious experience for the heart and soul.
johnmcarrollhealer.com John and his wife Donna are loving and gifted healers.
naturalhealthsource.us Kimberley Woods is a skilled and compassionate homeopath.
twyndragon.com Dr. Bonnie McLean is a wholistic healer, acupuncturist and shaman.


amyfradon.com Amy is a fabulous voice teacher and magnificent singer. She created the Vocal Visionary Training and has helped many find their voice.
princesofserendip.info Julie Parisi Kirby, T.G. Vaninni and Don Yacullo bring you magical, poetic, joyful, imaginative, unusual, and fabulous music. They defy categories but are guaranteed by me to bring warmth to your heart and expansion to your soul.
barscott.com Bars singing soothes the soul. If you need a taste of beauty, I invite you to savor Bar.
DeniseJordanFinley.com Denise and partner in sound Daniel Pagdon make listening and watching, if you get a chance for a live performance, a total pleasure.
studiostu.biz Studio Stu plays a one string bass in the most innovative ways! Now crooning as well, the best way to get a sense of Stu is to sample his offerings.
monline.org The Children's Music Network connects people who celebrate the positive power of music in children's lives by exchanging ideas, visions, and music.
ncradio.us NC Radio plays music for a positive world. We feature positive artists playing positive music including genres like new age, family oriented music, success music, self help music, new thought music, positive contemporary music from all beliefs and cultures.
hvmusic.com These are the folks that created and manage my website. In addition, they have a great calendar and listing of musicians and classifieds in the Hudson Valley, NY.


Thank God for Evolution, Michael Dowd
The Ascent of Humanity, Charles Eisenstein
A Walk Through Time, Sidney Liebes, Elisabet Sahtouris and Brian Swimme
The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story series for Children by Jennifer Morgan and Dana Lynne Anderson, Dawn Publications
The ZERI Fables by Gunter Pauli
Out of the Box, Gunter Pauli
Upsizing, Gunter Pauli
The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra
Gaviotas: A village to Reinvent the World, Alan Weisman
The Gift , Hafiz, mystical poetry
The Lost Language of Plants, Stephen Harrod Buhner
The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
Plant Spirit Medicine, Eliot Cowan
Kinship With All Life, J. Allen Boone
Letters to Strongheart, J. Allen Boone
Making the Gods Work for You: the Astrological Language of the Psyche, Caroline W. Casey
When Fear Falls Away, Jan Frazier
The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji
Anything by:
H.H. the Dalai Lama, spirituality
Thomas Berry, Geo-theologian, deep ecology
Brian Swimme, Cosmology
Dr. Jean Houston
Joanna Macy, Deep ecology
Masuro Emoto (on the consciousness of water)
Eckhart Tolle, consciousness/spirituality
Matthew Fox, spirituality, education, transformation
John Perkins, shamanism and political awareness
David Whyte, poetry and consciousness
Mary Oliver, poet/nature

Internet Video and Alternate Information Sites

© Esther Frances