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Anatomy of Woodstock (128 pages soft cover book)

We are living in very exciting times. Astrology urges us to cast off the illusion that we are passive victims of the energies and patterns in our lives. It is a vehicle that we can use to understand the transform ourselves. We can awaken our latent powers of creativity and ride the cosmic currents with the agility and joy of a surfer.

Join me on the exploration of the Astrological Anatomy of Woodstock. A town which seems to be a receiving dish for galactic transmissions which are then carried throughout the planet via music and media (Neptune / Uranus) to awaken our imaginations and inspire us with new creative possibilities. I hope that this book about the mystique and magic of Woodstock can be a gateway for you to open the door even wider to your own "wonder-full" being!
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Personal Guided Meditation Tapes

These tapes are designed specifically for each person based on the patterns in the astrological charts. They are intended to help integrate and empower each person. Tapes are available for natal, progressed, or solar return charts.

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These audio files are copies of a radio show I produced and hosted in 1998. The show was called "A-MUSE-IN'-EXPRESS" to symbolize a mix of musings, humor and self expression. It was a "CELL-ebration" of Earth's awakening to planetary awareness. It featured visionaries, healers, cosmologists, the art of healing and the healing arts! My guests included great teachers, wise women and men and dedicated healers. Each one gave the gift of their insight and expertise. All shared a deep commitment and interesting perspective into the healing of the planet.

Thomas Berry tells us that is an integrated society we all need to recognize that we each have a role to play which provides a context for the work which we do. He shares a wonderful story of three men in the Middle Ages that is especially relevant for our time. Three men were asked what they were doing. The first man replied, "I am carrying stones." The second one said "I am supporting my family." The third man responded "I am building a cathedral."

I love this story because it shows us the power "re-cognition" can play in transforming our sense of belonging. Our evolution and awakening are concurrent with the planet's. I find my guests to be people who help us lift the veils, to see ourselves anew, and renew our enthusiasm and commitment to the whole Earth community at this time when destruction seems so prevalent. These folks help us see the breakdown as an opportunity for breakthrough.

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Living the Mythic Life, Dr. Jean Houston Download for $5
The Dream of the Earth. Thomas Berry Download for $5