Esther's Feature Last updated: April 17, 2005

Reprinted from my book: Anatomy of Woodstock

Our Challenge

Our challenge at this time is to awaken to the miracle that we already are. We need to remove the cataracts from our eyes which have obscured our abilities to see and to be fully human. We can do that by mak ing a choice to stop running from our fears, and to be willing to open to the internal guidance which is always there within, waiting to pull us back on course as soon as we give the O.K. Sounds simplistic, yet all over the plan et, the wise men and women carry a similar basic message no matter what language it is costumed in. Mother Amritandamayi, in New York City, on July 17, `94 cautioned that we can go the way of the dinosaurs if we don't change our ways. She is an embodiment of the energy of "Divine Mother,' the omniscient, compassionate aspect of God. She teaches of the inlinite love and grace of Great Spirit. All that we need to start experiencing this energy in our lives is to provide the invitation by asking to be opened to it. We are Beings of free will. As so many traditions tell us, we must become as little children, admitting that our attempts to control and direct life from the limited vantage point of our "egoic" or "little" self doesn't work. We then acknowledge that there is a greater power who can restore and sustain us. The key to opening this door of grace is a very simple, timeless and pro found asking in order to receive.