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"Mother Earth Calls"
Esther's Blog

Estrology, January 2015
January 2, 2015

The Solstices, Equinoxes and the midpoints between them reflect a primary relationship which is the waxing and waning relationship between the yang of greater light and the yin of greater dark. Last month I discussed the need to resurrect “the dark” from the repository of projections of evil onto it, and the social and ethical ramifications from the fear and dishonoring of this “half” of the whole of the entire cycle.

We have been told that being holy means being “good and god-like,” often translated to being obedient, compliant and following the dictates of someone else who is in authority. Early on, children are conditioned by reward and punishment, usually accompanied by a verbal refrain of “that’s good,” or being punished or shamed by voicing something or acting in a way that is considered “bad.” The Solstices, Equinoxes and the midpoints between them reflect a primary relationship which is the waxing and waning relationship between the yang of greater light and the yin of greater dark.

Last month I discussed the need to resurrect “the dark” from the repository of projections of evil onto it, and the social and ethical ramifications from the fear and dishonoring of this “half” of the whole of the entire cycle. We have been told that being holy means being “good and god-like,” often translated to being obedient, compliant and following the dictates of someone else who is in authority. Early on, children are conditioned by reward and punishment, usually accompanied by a verbal refrain of “that’s good,” or being punished or shamed by voicing something or acting in a way that is considered “bad.”

What if being holy really means being whole, as in undivided, integrated, all-inclusive, embracing the entirety of what and who we really are? Hole always indicates a space, or Space, or an opening. As I mentioned last month, it is very curious that the work of Nassim Haramein, from The Resonance Project, has proposed that there is a black whole at the center of every star and photon. From his perspective the black whole is the womb, the sacred space, from which all emanates and to which everything returns. From this perspective, wholiness embraces both the “no-thing” as well as the multitude of “things.”

In my experience, Astrology is a system and matrix that reflects the whole, and shows us how we can individually discover and live in alignment with our own Wholiness. It is a system designed to reflect Oneness and interdependence as well as the current conditions that we are navigating and how we can best move through them. (For greater precision, an individual reading is required.) Each of us is composed of all twelve signs. The planets and the signs they occupy give us a map and guidance system, showing us how we can be aware and aligned with our internal itinerary to experience our greatest well-being.

I invite you to read the comments for all the signs, and if the shoe fits wear it. We are walking in times of transition and it’s valuable to have signposts along the way that can serve us in our journeys. It is time for us to become awake, aware and embrace our multidimensional breadth and depth. Otherwise, we identify with too limited a part of who we are and live in conflict because of apparent separations that vanish when seen from a wider vantage point.

ARIES: Uranus is urging you to question the authority of the beliefs you have been indoctrinated to believe. Courage is required to recognize and face the disillusionment of cherished ideas about the world, the government, the Divine, who you are, and your relationships. Your role may not be what you have been told. It takes courage to release the blinders and dare to see for your self. Dare to let it be OK to be in the unknown. Invite your own direct awareness to inform and guide you.

TAURUS: Your parent planet is Venus. In January Venus will go from the end of Capricorn to the beginning of Pisces. On the way it will combine its energies with Mercury in Aquarius. This is a great time for you to pay attention to your priorities relating to love, money and friendship. Do you have a sense of tribe, extended family and friends? If there is an insufficiency in this life department, you are encouraged to extend yourself, go out and join a group of kindred souls. It is also a great time to express yourself to the ones you love. As it is said, “Appreciation appreciates.”

GEMINI: I feel prompted to continue to remind you that your words-- what you say to yourself and to others-- are actual creative agents in your reality. BE AWARE of what script you are following. Mercury, your parent planet, goes retrograde on January 22nd, in Aquarius, right after the Sun enters Aquarius. Take the time to step back, or in, enough to see some patterns that are not apparent up close. Remember, retrograde is an opportunity to pause, reflect, re-examine, and re-evaluate. In the societal area I think we will see even more awakening to what is not serving us, as we revisit information that was suppressed from public awareness.

CANCER: The January full Moon in Cancer is on January 5th. it will trine Neptune, giving you access to inspiration, imagination and empathy. Capricorn creates the house; Cancer the home. You need both as illustrated by the crab having its own portable “shell-ter” to protect it. Caring and connection is vital for you. Remember that vulnerability is not a weakness. Your shelter is there for you to retreat into if the waves get too much to handle. Care of yourself needs to be a priority.

LEO: Jupiter is still in retrograde in Leo giving you a great blessing. To use the example of the stage, rehearsal time is a necesary requisite for most performances. Sometimes we need more inward time to discover what we need or to become more at ease, before taking something out into the public arena. Regarding your pride, both family and self-respect, what if you could ask your inner Sun, your heart, to shine some light on something you need to know? You can. I invite you to try it and see what expansive insight you will be gifted with.

VIRGO: You are all so skilled and self-sufficient. Remember to let others serve you too. Giving and receiving are part of one complete cycle. Your tendency can be to “give, give, give,” and then you wind up depleted, needing to retreat, often feeling used and not able to give anymore. Instead, notice and give yourself permission to limit the quantities of work, and service, you do. It will be a gift to those who love you as well as to yourself. Please try it.

LIBRA: Have you noticed that balance is a dynamic energy? We can never be balanced by staying still. The image of a tightrope walker holding a long pole is a potent reminder that balance is reflected in the rhythm of life that circulates around a polar axis. We move forward, step by step, alternating between the left and right foot. You need to draw on your Earth in Aries polarity to give you the audacity and courage you need to be able to walk your talk.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is a place where paradox, power, death & rebirth all share a habitat. The ancients called it the underworld or the underground. I often give my clients an image of a totem pole showing the scorpion, known to sting itself to death by a refusal to let go, at the bottom. At the top I place Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent,” the thunderbird, or the eagle. They symbolize the ascension from attachment, revenge, and hidden manipulation into the realm of the sky, where the wings of forgiveness and compassion give the Scorpio soul real power, which is the realization of your true, Divine nature. There are images in between, but for now: The question to ask yourself is: “Is it really worth it to hold on to what no longer serves me?” Scorpio, you will know, if that is a person, place, thing, thought, pattern or combination thereof.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn just crossed the threshold into your sign on December 23, 2014. It will stay in Sag. until June 15 when it goes back to Scorpio. It re-enters Sag. on September 18th and will remain in Sag. until December 21, 2017. Sagittarius is all about the principle of expansion, space, travel, timeless, growth, more, bigger and greater. Saturn is the principle of contraction, focus, discipline, form, structure, time, limitations, at the ending of time, as in death. It has had a bad rap for a long time, despite the recognition throught the ages of sacred geometry, mastery that is gained by practice, and the realization that without this presence there would be no “buildings, no organization, no bones, to hold things together. For starters, an apt query is, “Hmmm, is there anywhere in my Life that I could benefit from greater discipline or focus?”

CAPRICORN: It is easy to segue from Saturn to Capricorn since Saturn is Capricorn’s planet. Capricorn LOVES order, organization, and can feel threatened by ambiguity and the unknown. Capricorn can confuse with the feeling of being in control with security, feeling that being “out-of-control,” not-knowing, is somehow dangerous. When this gets exaggerated we see governments doing all kinds of invasive behaviors, all for “our protection.” It is true that we need order on the highways: respect for one-way streets, stopping at red lights, yielding when entering highways. However, Life at large, doesn’t operate in such a linear fashion. Pluto in your sign is asking you to take a look at where you are afraid of “letting go” and then letting change happen. Flexibility is the antedote to becoming a fossil!

AQUARIUS: Your sign sees lots of action this month. Mars activates the later part of Aquarius until January 12th when it enters Pisces. Venus comes into Aquarius on the 5th, the full moon day, and enters Pisces on the 28th. The Sun shifts into Aquarius conjunct a new Moon on the 20th. In the body, Aquarius is circulation. In a healthy society and economy we see circulation. I predict that more of us will awaken to the fact that our health, personally and collectively depends on the circulation of that which is life promoting. Is there something you have been contemplating speaking out or taking action about? Now is a great time to procrastinate no more!

PISCES: Mars and then Venus come into Pisces territory this month. ( Check out Aquarius above for dates.) Music, meditation, dreaming, films, dancing, imagining, all familiar themes for Pisces, are even stronger in January. Since escapism is the least conscious way to experience these energies, notice where you may veer in this direction, take the wheel, and steer yourself back to more beneficial ways to experience the Piscean habitat. If you want change in your Life, dare to consciously change your dream!

© Esther Frances, January 1, 2015   See specials for current offerings, workshops and classes.

December Estrology
December 4, 2014

Estrology, December 2014
This month’s theme “Redeeming the Dark, Birthing the Light, in honor of the Winter Solstice taking place on Sunday, December 21st. Dark has been the repository of the projection of what we have collectively deemed bad, unethical, frightening or lacking in integrity. I propose we redeem the dark by becoming aware of how we have been “programmed” to distort our experience of the dark, so that we can shift away from being manipulated by fear into being empowered by awareness.

The projection that uses the word dark as an all-encompassing term for what is “not good,” is differentiated from the term dark when it is used to refer to that which is hidden, as in that which is kept “in the dark,” making sure that it can’t be seen, for the purpose of concealing that it is not in harmony with the well being of those it is kept from.

Manipulation is possible by being kept “in the dark,” as in the maintainance of secrets hidden from the light of public awareness. I invite us to shine the light of consciousness onto our unconscious conditioning, and stop using the word dark as a synonym for evil.

The Divine Feminine, Being, the yin, unconscious, the principle of rest, absorption, and receptivity are devalued as part of the demonizing of “the dark.”  I see a correlation between a collective language that deprecates “dark” with prejudice against peoples of dark complexion, discomfort in the night, fear of the unknown, and lack of respect for women and Mother Earth.

When we choose to no longer go into unconscious compliance with this association, we can liberate and redeem the dark, and free ourselves from the fear and manipulation possible when we fall into the false hypnotic belief that dark is frightening, fearful and unsafe.

The conditioning to disparage the dark while equating white and light with purity and good actually conflicts with what is now being unveiled about the nature of the Cosmos.  

Physicist Nassim Haramein, responded to a question that I asked him about the relationship of the dark and light to the whole as follows:
“In this view the vacuum which appears to us as intensely black is actually light and the source of infinite knowledge-- all knowledge and information.  The light we see is actually the resultant of it. The two are infinitely linked and can’t be separated.”

From this perspective a black whole is at the center of every star, planet, atom and galaxy! The visible starlight that we see is the emanation from the black whole.  The black whole is the womb/tomb from which all emanates and to which all returns.

At this Equinox, coinciding with a new moon in Capricorn, we can restructure our thinking to align with Nature and help to restore a balance and harmony needed for us to live in health and peace in our communities and on our planet.   Our awareness can birth an awakening that transforms us personally and collectively!

We all have all twelve archetypal energies.  I invite you to read all of the signposts and see where you resonate the most.

ARIES: This is a time to gather your courage, to invision an action that will initiate a momentum toward the fulfillment of one of your dreams. The dark is the perfect place from which to point your arrow of intention. On the solstice you can release it into the new tide moving toward the outer world of visibility.

TAURUS: Venus, your parent planet is in Sagittarius. I invite you to take this as an opportunity to stretch your comfort zone, and venture into the territory of possibility.  There is much more going on then is evident with the five senses, dare to open your inner eye and take a look around.

GEMINI:  Words and concepts are creative.  Our beliefs become filters through which we see and experience the world. Words create worlds...check it out....I invite you to wake up to what you are telling yourself, about yourself and the world and if you don’t like the story change it!

CANCER: The womb is invisible to the naked eye, yet is the site of the creation of that which is to be born.   Native peoples regarded black as the Divine Mother, the All That Is, The Great Mystery.  I invite you to regard the dark this way for a month and discover if anything shifts for you as a result of the practice.

LEO: You may have heard of the experiments where basketball players rehearsed making shots in their imaginations. The results showed that their performance was equal to the players who did the physical practice on the court.  With Leo going retrograde on December the 8th, I invite you to try out some inner rehearsals.  Imagine your life as a stage and see, feel and actively dream that which you want to “come true.”  

VIRGO: You are gifted with the capacity to discriminate between what is true and what isn’t.  The Buddha instructed his followers to question everything, including his teachings. We need not be like an elephant conditioned to stay, tied to a rope that has no power to restrain it.  Your invitation, is to dare to review and evaluate what you’ve been told. If the shoe no longer fits, discard it!

LIBRA: The North Node, now in your sign, is saying cooperate, collaborate and co-create a new way of being based on the realization that we are in relationship to everyone and everything.  Without social justice how can there be peace?  I invite you to summon up the courage to take at least one step in your life, this very month, that is in alignment with this awareness.

SCORPIO: My Dad used to sing a hymn, “Power, power, power, wonder working power....” I remember the joyful feeling that affirms that there is a spiritual power.  Scorpio, It’s time to assert your power. Despite all the hideous happenings in this life, you can choose to remember that you are an infinite Being, symbolized by the number 8. You are the 8th sign.  No longer let yourself be hypnotized with the notion that you are powerless!  You are invited to a daily practice of reminding yourself that you do have options, and are a powerful, limitless being having a 3D human experience.  

SAGITTARIUS: On the 4th there is a trine between Venus in Sag and Jupiter in Leo.   Saturn comes into Sag. on the 24th.  The invitation is to weave your love of freedom, adventure, and wisdom into a grounded structure where it can be rooted into new depths of Being.  This is a great time to bring more concentrated focus into your “broad band consciousness.”

CAPRICORN: This year’s Winter Solstice also coincides with a New Moon in Capricorn.  As the Yin energy culminates in the maximum amount of darkness, the tide turns and the journey into greater light begins. This is a perfect time for us to energetically seed our intentions for the coming spring.  You are invited to create an itinerary, a plan, or a goal.  Conceive your intention in the womb of the dark and set it on its way with the turning of the tide. Remember, all great travelers know that the map is a valuable tool but it is not the journey!

 AQUARIUS: Mars moves into your territory on December the 5th. Community is more key for our well being than ever. A key to a great community is the knowing that The One diamond of unity has many facets.  Your invitation is to be really conscious of how you are served by diversity.  What are the gifts that have come into your life because of belonging to groups where people are different that you are?

PISCES: Compassion continues to be the focus: Compassion for yourself and for others. However, compassion doesn’t mean putting up with behaviors that are detrimental to yourself, your community, or your planet.  Sometimes we are called to speak for those who can’t, to feed those who are hungry, to see those who feel unseen.  Complacency isn’t compatible with true compassion.  Your invitation is to take action that is in alignment with your compassion. Dare to give your compassion the guts i needs to go with the heart, so it can be the healing it yearns to be.

© Esther Frances, December 1, 2014           


Estrology October 2014
November 1, 2014

Estrology October 2014

I’m writing this a couple of hours after the Equinox, feeling optimistic about our human species, feeling that the Great Turning has begun. Like the wee sliver of a crescent moon, I’m feeling the new babe of awakened awareness attempting its first steps.

It’s easy to point the finger at the many examples of atrocities still with us and feel discouraged. The barbarism has been here a long, long time.  It is not new.  Like a body flushing out toxins, the poisons of prejudice, patriarchy and war testify to the sick mind, body and soul of humanity that has raped and pillaged, extracted and dominated, driven by ignorance, fear and greed, the cause of countless suffering.

YET, in the midst of the horror and the breakdown of the blinded beliefs, a passionate love for Mother Earth is awakening.  Tonight at a poetry workshop and open mic I saw men share their feelings, women powerfully express their “no” to the claws of male priviledge while saying yes to their dignity, strength, and beauty, not needing an external source of approval.  

I am encouraged because I see young men and women throwing off their invisible cages, their chains of “conned-ditioning,”  the narrow, skimpy shoes that society wants them to fit into.  Instead they are listening, learning to love and accept themselves and seeing the sacred Earth as a beautiful, endangered home that they are going to heal.

I see the human caterpillar becoming the butterfly, one imaginal cell at a time, then coming together as like Monarchs migrating to the promised land of warmth, where winter cannot eradicate them.
On Sunday, the day of peace, rivers of “us” walked together and spoke out to defend Mother Earth from her rapists. Regeneration time is here. The dying dinosaurs are flailing their tails in vain. The grassroots are becoming passionate pastures.

We are jumping the fences of complacency because of our love for the Earth and each other can no longer be corraled by fear.

The new Moon in Libra on the 23rd west coast, (22nd east coast) furthers the theme of social and ecological justice. No longer are labor and environmental causes divided by false separation. As the old “be-leafs” are released we shed the false divisions that kept us weak as we realize strength of unity.

Two eclipses are with us in October.  The Lunar Full Moon on Wednesday the 8th at 3:51 am Pacific at 16 degrees Aries and the Solar on Thursday the 23rd at 2:57 Pacific time at 1 degree Scorpio.  I see eclipses as an opportunity to release the old programming and bring in a new, cosmic download.

Aries is the primal fire sign, capable of courage and adventure when in its maturity and agressive and war-like in its immaturity.  Scorpio can run the gamut from self-destruction to re-generation, death to resurrection.  

Pluto went direct September 22nd, at 5:34 Pacific Time, at 11degrees Capricorn. You can focus on your intent and fire it up with the Aries lunar eclipse. Then take a good look at all the beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from realizing what you want and release them into the lava of Plutonic transformation with the Solar Eclipse.

Uranus and Earth in Aries is trined by Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo on Wednesday the 8th, just to make sure that the day of the lunar eclipse is charged with possibilities. Mars and Jupiter   travel in a harmonius relationship with each other until the 24th. This gives you the invitation to let your heart learn from the Sun.  What if you were to allow your heart to just pour out its love without the filters and conditions that you impose? What if you were to let go of the clouds that say not here or there because of hurts or judgments of deserving or not?  Why not try an experiment to see if you can allow yourself to taste a smidgen of unconditional love, to let the Sun be your mentor, and learn for yourself what freedom such a radical choice can set free?

October the 5th brings us another Mercury retrograde in early Scorpio, backing up into Libra territory until November 9th. Mercury goes direct at 17 degrees Libra on October the 26th, in time for Halloween.  In Scorpio one can dive really deep, and come out in the light at the end of the tunnel in time to resonate with the pumpkins lit from within.

 I’d like to conclude with a poem called The Whole Enchilada. It seems apt for this potent planetary moment.

What if being whole is being great and being gruff,
       grim and grinning,
        guts and grace?

What if we no longer paint with a palette that makes everything good or bad?
    Can we tolerate a complex complexity
        where the sublime and the shit,
            guilty and innocent,
                beauty and brash,
                    are in bed (are embedded) together?

We want the paint-by-numbers distinction,
    the lazy, simplistic, judgments and authorities
        that seem to take us off the hook by placing the culprits “out there,”
            beyond our blurry boundaries and confused considerations.

We like to talk Oneness, magnificence, radiance and peace,
    yet we are challenged by unity, multiplicity, interconnectedness and the intricacies implied.

    Try contemplating the apparent contradictions,
        the paradoxical inside of the sandwich of dark and light,
            good and bad, black and white.

Inside these labels lives a truth that defies our attempts to wrestle out the wrinkles,
    and wring out the rusted waters of coexistence.

What if you choose to embrace the W-hole-y Grail of Great Grace?
    Can you allow ailing and wailing to play their parts in this play of shadow and light?
Can we step into the forest of ambiguity holding hands?
    Can we leave the hunting hounds of blame behind us?
        Can we find the clearing of peace that penetrates and pervades all paradox
            within us, each and “everyOne” of us,
                without the denial that makes it so easy to manipulate us?

Can we grow up and settle down
    into the sacred seed at the core of our species,
        into the heart that heals the hurt
            and brings back laughter?

May we remember, awaken, celebrate and turn the tide,
    not from darkness to light
        but to the deep acceptance that puts its arms around it all
            and says
                “I’m home.”

Poem © Esther Frances,  December 22, 2011:
Estrology © Esther Frances, 9/22/2014
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Blessings & Beauty,


Estrology November 2014
November 1, 2014

Estrology, November 2014

This month’s theme is transformation.  Halloween, one of Nature’s eight turning points, is the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. It indicates it is time to shift the emphasis from the outer light to the inner light, as symbolized by the lit candle inside of the pumpkin.  

What is it that I can let go of, release or eliminate, so that I can be open, receptive, and available to rebirth and regeneration? How can I live my life as the passionate, compassionate one that I AM, in and as, my ESSENCE?

ARIES: Letting go is an act of courage. We can change our experience of the past by creating a new interpretation, orientation or attitude toward what has already happened.  The Aries challenge is to step into the freedom of knowing: “Now is the time, and the only time, where you have the capacity to awaken new possible futures by releasing the scripts --- that you have rehearsed, over and over ---  that no longer serve.” (Uranus in Aries conjunct South Node)

TAURUS: “We are in miracle bodies, and we need to do something responsible to live up to that,” Jim Channon. Jim is the creator of the New Earth Army, a possibility where the military armies of the world cease to fight each other and instead work to restore and maintain a healthy planet.
What if we were to shift from comparing our bodies, all the media mania about what we shoulda, coulda, woulda, look like if we_______. Instead let’s really appreciate this miraculous Earthspacesuit we’re inhabiting. As the opening line of my song Spaceship Earth says, “Please see the miracle that you are; Let your love shine like a star; Let your self be free to be; Celebrate the miracle of you and me.*”  Are you willing to try it for a month?  Warning, you may never return to bashing or disliking yourself or your body again! (Earth in Taurus)

GEMINI:  The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Is there anything in your life you are complacent about?  Any area where you are not speaking up because you afraid to?  What if your evolutionary cutting edge is to be a voice for equality, Mother Earth, the children, the arts, the forests, the_______? What is calling you to speak out? (Mercury conjunct North Node in Libra)

CANCER: “The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects,” said the late Thomas Berry.  We live in a world that attempts to commodify and take the soul out of everything, even if that process is destroying what it seeks to put a price tag on.  What would happen if enough of us realize and were to see all of Life as an end in itself rather than as the means to some other end? What if we respected that everyOne has feelings?  (One Moon reflecting in countless reflections)

LEO: “Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.”   Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky.” Hafiz  Oh that the “elite” were to wake to this love!  But we can’t wait for some other to get it, as though that will be the vehicle to heal our Earthly plight.  Each one of us has within us a heart that can open to the infinite and see that infinite in the finite.  As each of us is willing to do this...to open to the Divine Love already inside of us....we liberate ourselves and make it easier for everyone else to open as well. (Jupiter and Juno in Leo)

VIRGO: “In this moment, not tomorrow, when you have it--- but in this moment--- to take one moment, whatever it is you want, however profound or mundane, and just stop looking for it, and you will find more than you can ever want, because what can be wanted is already who you are.  Too simple to be grasped but absolutely, completely, realizable if---and it is a huge if of course---you are willing to give up your hope that what you want will be found in the next thought or the next activity, or in the next day, or the next man or the next woman, or the next experience or the next teaching.” Gangaji   (Chiron in Pisces)

LIBRA: The lack of justice, balance and devastation of natural beauty are blights in the human experience. Consider these words in The Hope by Andrew Harvey:
“The Sacred Activist who fuses profound mystical knowledge, stamina, peace, and passion with wise, focused action in the world is the most dangerous of all beings to those destructive forces that long to undo the human experiment.” (North Node / Mercury in Libra)

SCORPIO: The key to Scorpio and it’s companion planet Pluto is the willingness to let go: not only to forgive others but to forgive yourself. Equally important is the ability to stop thinking that you are powerless.  Those in power prey on the rest of us largely because we have forgotten who and what we are and have fallen under the delusion that we are powerless.  As David Ickes says so succinctly,“You are infinite awareness whose been manipulated to believe you are a little me.” (Sun and Venus conjunct in Scorpio; Saturn in Scorpio; Pluto in Capricorn)

SAGITTARIUS: Philosophy translates as “the love of wisdom.” “Give up hope and give up hopelessness; give up any mask and give up no mask.” Gangaji
How succinct and appropriate a challenge for this time of costumery we call Halloween. What if you were to see the world as a stage, and recognize that the personality you think you are isn’t the real you?  What if you are just willing to be----nothing to prove, no fixed ideas about what shouda, coulda, woulda, mighta, is righta?  (This is not to suggest action or non-action.  This is an opportunity to let the hamster wheel rest.)  (Jupiter in Leo; Juno in Leo)

CAPRICORN: “We are in miracle bodies, and we need to do something responsible to live up to that,” Jim Channon. Jim is the creator of the New Earth Army, a possibility where the military armies of the world cease to fight each other and instead work to restore and maintain a healthy planet. If the planetary Saturn/Capricorn correlate and archetype is the planetary “skeletal system,” we need to reassess our “Father Figures,” governmental structures, and corporate organizations and ask, “Who are you really serving?”  Who are “Darth Vadars” hidden heads that authorize policies that are detrimental to the people and the planet?  A healthy planetary skeletal system is responsible and in service to the well being of the whole community. There is respect for and awareness that the spine is made up of individual components, not an inflexible false oneness! (Pluto in Capricorn)

 AQUARIUS: Your continued calling is to stop doing things in the same way and expecting them to come out differently! Take a look at what fears may be barking at you when you know it is time to stop repeating the same patterns, thoughts, and stories.  Who are you without all these old props and propositions? (Uranus, the planet affiliated with Aquarius, in Aries)

PISCES: As Rev. Deborah Johnson says, “We run into what we are running from.”   Have you ever seen escapism free anyone?  Be it a drug, alcohol, Facebook, TV, films, apps for virtual reality, word games, or eating in excess, it never, ever works, and most frequently we return feeling more discomfort than before we started.  What if we were just to meet that which we run from---allow the fear, anger, hopelessness, despair,--- to be experienced? Those that have report that there is freedom and relief in “them, there, metaphorical hills!”

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Estrology September 2014
September 2, 2014

One of my favorite, favorite words is “plork,” a word fashioned to represent the unity of work and play. I’d love to honor the person who coined it, but I haven’t been able to find the author.

ARIES: Your ideal plork involves movement, some degree of independence, spontaneity, discovery and adventure.  You do not thrive in a climate of too much repetition, unless the activity also includes something new to be savored. URANUS is still in your territory urging you away from familiar terrain and into breaking out of old unconscious patterns.

TAURUS: Your love of EARTH, of touch, of beauty and your ability to persevere, are gifts to us all.  There is something in the Taurus archetype that reminds us that we need to take the time to savor the ripe peach and feel the Earth beneath our feet.  With all the activity brewing in Scorpio right now, your energy assists us to stay grounded and appreciative for the gifts of the Earth.

GEMINI: Your “parent planet” Mercury is in the practical sign of Virgo until the 28th.  You may find it a bit easier to stay focused on one, or a few, of the myriad facets of life that interest you. There is much to be gained from being a bit more practical than usual now, especially as it pertains to your vocation. Not to worry, there is plenty for you to learn!

CANCER: I’m wondering if friendship is going to be particularly highlighted for you this month.  You may feel that it is difficult to feel as deeply as you do. Yet, it is this deep empathy that gifts you with your compassion.  Your kindness is appreciated.

LEO: The party is really going on in your sign these days with both Jupiter and Venus hanging out here.  This is wonderful for celebration and may encourage you to come out of your closet as it pertains to stepping up to the plate of play, leadership, or daring to share from the stage!  Go for it!

VIRGO:  The Sun and Mercury is in your sign.  You are one of the lucky ones who know the value of what is called SEVA, or selfless service.  Most of you know the joy of work well done and need to learn that resting and playing is your medicine to keep you balanced. This time for yourself is part of your work, so no need to feel guilty about taking time to replenish yourself!

LIBRA:  Equanimity, justice, and balance are key words for Libra.  The Library is a repository of information valuable for you. With your “parent planet” Venus in Libra, you may attracted to the theater, films, sunbathing on the beach, or whatever your personal sandbox of fun and family may be.

SCORPIO:  A key word for you always is intensity, but now, with a convergence of the planets Saturn and Mars in your waters, along with asteroids Ceres and Vesta, there is as the Jerry Lee Lewis used to say, “a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on” in your environs.  Transformation is the keynote.  “Release the old and receive the renewal” could be an apt bumper sticker for you this month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your parent planet Jupiter, now in Leo, is no doubt giving you some extra confidence these days.  Leo correlates with the heart and the spine in the body.  This is a great time to focus on what you love, and as Joseph Campbell is famous for saying, “Follow your bliss.”  You love to travel so let your heart be your travel agent and create your itineray!

CAPRICORN: Any of you who are born near the New Year time of year are probably finding that radical change has roughed up your usual orderly existence.  There is an invitation to transform those old habitual patterns that may have once served you, but now are holding you back from what you really want and need.  Remember, sometimes the old has to give way to make room for the new.

 AQUARIUS: Have you heard the term “Sacred Activist?”  If not, check out the work of Andrew Harvey on the subject.  The idea is that reformers who are on the cutting edge, like many of you tend to be, also need to give yourself the spiritual nutrients needed to be integrated, whole and able to sustain yourself while you are courageously taking on the challenges that call you out and in.

PISCES: Neptune, Earth and Chiron in your sign will be compounded by the Pisces full Moon on September the 8th. There is an emphasis on healing: finding healthy ways to recharge your Soul rather than indulge in escapism.  Music, dance, inspirational films, and meditation can help you to not feel overwhelmed by the suffering and pain of the world that you are aware of.  As a very wise old lady once told me, “You can’t help anyone out of quicksand by jumping in their with them.”  Empathy and compassion, yes, but it is not beneficial to get stuck in the muck.  Make sure to find a way to connect with what uplifts your Spirit and allows you to feel your connection to the Divine.
I predict that the entire world would be transformed, and we would experience heaven on Earth, if only everyone were to remember and recover the sense of the sacred and realize that all, as in everything, is indeed sacred.

My second speculation is that if everyone had the opportunity to discover and then inhabit work that they love, we would all thrive. What if we were to value all work, not just mental work, managers, and leadership roles, but work that is physical, work with the soil, the builders, the messengers, the caretakers, the teachers, cooks, artists, inventors, builders, writers, child and elder care takers, healers, musicians, film makers, bus drivers...you get the picture....as all deserving generous pay for the services they provide?  What if the well-being of the entire planet was the focus of our work and jobs that were based on destruction, war, and the manufacture of poisons were abolished?

In astrological terms, we do not give equal respect to work that is EARTH based such as growing food, making crafts, or work that entails more physical than mental activity.  WATER based labor is also less appreciated and rewarded than AIR based intellectual work. We devalue work that is based on caring and nurturing. People whose calling is “to care for,” are also paid less for what they give.

Folks who are called to spiritual, artistic, musical, imaginative and cultural endeavors are also relegated to subordinate importance on the societal totem pole of importance. Everywhere we see the cuts to the arts yet nothing can suppress the Fire aspect of Spirit.  SPACE or spiritual, wisdom based work is also unappreciated in terms of recompense, yet we need food for the Soul as much as we need food for the body.

In the book The Prophet,  Kahlil Gibran says at the end of his commentary on work:
“And all work is empty save when there is love;  
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God.

My September wish is that we all find our true calling and be recognized and rewarded for fulfilling what we called to give.

© Esther Frances, September 1, 2014

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Estrology August 2014
August 1, 2014

We have the infamous cardinal square still with us, this time exaggerated by the transiting Venus at 17 Cancer and the transiting Moon that travels from 11 Libra at dawn til 17 Libra at 6pm PDT. These two more rapidly moving bodies square Uranus at 17 Aries and Pluto at 12 Capricorn retrograde.

To translate: We are at another turning point. We see Venus in Cancer, symbolizing love of Mother, child and family, challenged by Pluto in Capricorn, the symbol of death and rebirth in the sign of the Father, hierarchy, and established organization.

In healthy indigenous society this would look like the men being protectors of the women and children.  In our contemporary world it is often the abuse of power, by those with the most of it, running amuck and threatening the safety and sanctity of women, children, the family and Mother Earth Herself.

How the planets play out is always a matter of the development of consciousness.  As physical DNA is determined by the environment surrounding it, the astrological cosmic DNA is dependent on the level of the awareness of the person or event with the coding.

The question of identity is up for consideration.  Do we see ourselves as sacred, as a human species, as members of a country, as a gender, a species, an Earthian/Gaian, or the Universe? The larger identities are inclusive. If we identity only with country, family,ethnic group, religion or gender are identity is exclusive.  We see struggles occurring all over the planet involving primary identification with parts of the whole rather than wholes who are playing a part.

If we were to shift to a viewpoint that sees all Life as sacred, all bodies as sacred, and all humans as sacred, we would see many problems shift and resolve themselves, moving us from conflict to cooperation.  

The “this is me and this isn’t” based on nationalism, ethnic background or theology creates separation and a vying for survival and dominance.  Children and women are more vulnerable when power is defined as the power to destroy, harm or dominate rather that the power of wisdom, care and compassion.

Uranus retrograde in Aries and The Moon in Libra are in opposite position from each other, also at 17 degrees, creating the awareness of the need for new solutions and justice to replace the chaos and inequality that are prevailing in so many places and situations.

Each of these pairs “square each other” making the cardinal cross that begs for action to resolve the tension.  In the August 1st chart there is a clear avenue to ease this configuration and it is centered on the planet Venus, at 17 Cancer, as it makes a harmonic trine with Saturn at 17 Scorpio and Chiron at 17 Pisces retrograde.  This grand trine in water is calling out for compassion, empathy, transformation, and healing. It indicates that this is the path to stability.

The words of masters such as the Divine Mothers Ammaji and Sri Karunamayi, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and countless other mothers, children, nurses, teachers, peace advocates, and providers of pure, unadulterated food proclaim that care and kindness for all  is the only way triumph over suffering. We escape from madness and insanity when we are able to see beyond our differences.  Our potential to recognize that all Life is interdependent can be our saving grace.

We can leave behind the limited identities that cause the illusion of the other and embrace our fundamental unity.  As Mahatma Ghandi so accurately stated it, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”  Kindness and the Golden Rule implore us not to inflict more of what we experience as terrible on those whose actions we experience as terrible.  

Venus in Cancer also points to the prominence of the Moon in this equation. The need for balance, justice, and equality are underscored because the Moon is in Libra. We have what we call a “mutual reception” since the planet associated with Cancer, the Moon is in the sign of Libra and the planet assigned “rulership” of Libra, Venus, is in the sign of Cancer.  It is as if one has an ocean side home and the other a mountain retreat and they invite each other to each other’s abodes.  There is an openness and mutuality that also speaks to the primacy of each one’s perspective.  Both Venus and the Moon, together, provide the way out of the tension that is created by the need for a new direction to shift us into a new season of being and behavior. The keys for resolution are Venus and the Moon with their primary archetypes that are women and love, beauty, art, fertility, family, feeling, nurturing, children, and the unconscious.

On a personal level, whatever tensions you are experiencing are not to be resolved by more of the same conflicts, but rather by bringing in the cleansing power of water to allow feelings, caring and compassion to trump the need to be right or defend patterns that no longer serve your greater well being. Water is in the headlines: in Detroit, in areas of drought, in the response to fires out of control, and in the recognition that without water there is no life as we know it.

Water is a great shape-shifter, intelligent and capable of taking many forms from the most subtle to the most dramatic. Water that can slip through your hand can become as hard as a rock in its incarnation as ice.

Why do we regard the female elements of water and earth as inferior to the male fire and air? What needs to happen to bring a healthy, dynamic balance to Life here on Earth?

In our world we see attacks with missiles that are weapons of fire. Guns are fired, people are fired, forests are burned down, bombs that burn and destroy are regarded as essential.  People who make any kind of fire arms make money from making instruments whose purpose is to kill.  Defense has become offensive and the vocations specializing in destruction or rebuilding after destruction make a fortune.

The medical industry attacks disease with chemicals that destroy and burn without asking why they appear or if they have a message to deliver.  The collective response to an unwanted situation is to wage war against it to destroy whatever is considered to be undesirable, be it a people or a disease. Our planet is becoming fast-food fried and Mother Earth’s fever is responding to distress!

Family farms, food makers and preparers, whether farming or cooking, (Cancer/ Taurus/ Virgo) are not respected for the contribution they make.  Our least paid people are those that nurture bodies and souls, build, craft, take care of children or educate in a practical manner.  Respect and regard for mothers, children or any profession that has as its aim care, is not given the pay or regard that the professions that manage or control communication and thought. (air) Gardeners, nannies, teachers, growers, pickers, carpenters, and those that do physical work or heal by touch are not acknowledged for the value they supply!

If we were to give these vocations and the people who practice them the respect they deserve we would have far more equality, a more viable economy and a saner more peaceful world.

Back to some other important astrological aspects.  We have a 9 Leo Sun, a 2 Leo Mercury and a 3 Leo Jupiter squaring Mars at 4 Scorpio and making a quincunx, (150 aspect) with Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. This gives the Leo energy a prominence in the chart. The Leo trio at its best is about children, creativity, play, sports and following our bliss and what we love. Its fixed fire can signify leadership, outstanding actors, sports heros, and performance artists in all categories.  We could say its cosmic archetype is celebration.  Wherever this exists in your chart, it gives opportunity to expand and increase these qualities.

As a star the Sun teaches us a lot about love.  It shines its lifeforce everywhere, blessing everything and everyone in its radiance. The Sun never skips over anyone!  The Sun is also a star and as such Leo loves its galactic group and dances to and for the whole.

Less evolved Leos can display leadership as dictatorial, elitism and abuse of authority.  The Sun corresponds to the heart and the spine in the body. In an astrological chart it shows us what we need to keep centered on. It can be the King that serves the people or the despot that lets its drive for power override concern for the commonweath.

Leo, in its early August position, puts the spotlight on how Leo, the archetype, is being expressed.  Is it expressing as a transformative energy, bringing healing and integration through its joy or is it a cause for death, repression, power over and sacrifice?  It is the degree of awareness, awakening and heart that determine how this energy comes into the world.

We can take the role of feeling ourselves to be impotent in the wake of the world events or we can commit with ever more resolve to “be the change we are waiting for.”  We can connect the dots, dare to examine what we are told is true, and allow our hearts to be suns of unconditional love.  

The Leo contingent can be an invitation to find your voice, speak from your heart, and take a stand for all that you love.  Dare to expand your capacity to bring love into the world. Dare to be joyful, to follow your bliss as a joyful Bodhivattva, in service to the whole, to Life and knowing that you will not help anyone by sinking into the quicksand of despair, indifference and defeat.  Dare to let Great Spirit shine through your heart and be the love and compassion that is needed in this world by affirming enough conflict and suffering. Our souls yearn for new possibilities and peace.

As the lyrics to my song “Now Is The Time” say:
Rise up, rejoice and see
Why we are here on this Earth right now
How we are here on this Earth right now
Take forth your power & joy
Share with each and every one
A new vision &
Dance in the Sun of waking awareness, Sun of joy (2x’s)

Now is the time to manifest  (3 times)

    Our dreams of peace
    Our dreams of Love
    Our dreams of joy              Now   Now   Now!

 ©  Esther Frances  9/13/1993 (song)

© Esther Frances 7/28/2014 (blog)



© Esther Frances