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Read Esther's Earth Day essay, updated April 2007.

"Mother Earth Calls"
Esther's Blog

EStrology July 2014
July 16, 2014

Estrology: July 2014

Ahh, Summertime!  I’m loving the long days and vitality of the summer chi.  What are you “I-t-chi-ng to express, feel, be, do, in this fertile season?

Many of you may rejoice to learn that Mercury turns direct on the 1st.  As much as I love Mercury retrograde, I have to concede that I am relieved that it is changing course. it will be easier to navigate both the internet and the highways.

Whatever you have been contemplating, preparing for, wanting to begin, now is the time to make some steps in that direction.  With Mars in Libra, trine Venus in Gemini come the 2nd week of July, the timing is right for speaking up and out. Remember to listen with equal intensity and passion.  Libra is really wanting the conversation, the dynamic dance, the co-creation.

The key is dynamic balance, neither holding back and suppressing or letting it all out in a volcanic spew that often brings regret.  Instead, think a great volley as in tennis or ping pong, a duet that allows both voices their best. Are you ready to create a collaborative adventure?

Our jovial Jupiter leaves the habitat of Cancer and shifts gear into sunny Leo on the 16th.  Celebration is called for even in the midst of all that befuddles us.  You are invited to make sure to take time to “follow your bliss,” as the late Joseph Campbell advocated.  Are you willing to allow joy to have its play with you?

Jupiter in Cancer has brought alarming reports of abuse, violence and lack of reverence and respect for the female.  Horrific reports showed us how far we have to go. The images reminded me of the deep repressive south in the sixties and its behaviors toward people of color.

It is tragic that the belief that the male is superior to the female still persists. We all suffer, men as well as women, for this glaring mistake.  The caring professions, from Motherhood to education are paid little for their contributions, even though they provide Life. Ironically, people who make and sell “smart bombs” and weapons receive far more financial renumeration then people who make and nourish Life. Zen Question: Why do reward actions that destroy more that we value actions that create, sustain, and celebrate Life?

Jupiter in Cancer brought a lot of attention to issues pertaining to women, children, families, nutrition and belonging.  Thousands of families are being ripped apart by political policies, war and poverty.  Where in your own Life could you use greater connection and nurturing?  While Jupiter is still in Cancer, (and especially while the Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd), it is a good time to take a look and then take a step to give and receive emotional care and resonance.

On the 10th, the Cancer Sun opposes Pluto, as the Earth position conjuncts Pluto. Will we begin to transform the archaic structures that keep us from creating a caring planet?  In your own life what transformations need to happen for you to leave behind antiquated structures and put what you really care about first?

Venus enjoys herself in Gemini until the 18th, and then moves into Cancer for the rest of the month.  She wants you to enjoy learning, talking, sharing and socializing.  Venus in Cancer continues to give us the opportunity to appreciate Mother Earth and our own Mothers who brought us here through their bodies.  What a gift!

The waters of Life call us to respect and purify them.  No more fracking, dumping, spraying, poisoning, or denying the tears that need to be shed when we allow ourselves to feel the pain.  

We need rain.  We need to feel.  We need to feel to heal.  Please no more messages to men or women that says that crying is a weakness.  Not being able to cry or feel is to be an emotional leper, creating great pain because of the inability to feel it.  

A leper lacks the capacity to feel physical pain.  If their hand is on a stove top they get burned because their brain doesn’t receive the signal that their hand is being hurt. If we can’t feel or cry, we can’t be sensitive to others.  Please lets collectively abolish the taboo against feeling and crying.

How could soldiers rape, pillage and kill if they were fully in touch with their feelings?  The Divine Feminine, as expressed through the Cancerian Mother/Child archetype asks us to transform the way we teach men not to cry or feel.  Mother Earth suffers as she is burnt and Her forests swept clear by machines that act as if the living were dead.

So the question to you is, “How can you take a stand, a step, a direction toward changing the status quo into a way of Being that loves, appreciates, and protects Life?   Sometimes we shrink from action because we feel it won’t make a difference or because we feel overwhelmed by the immensity of all the issues.  Why not take just one small step and see how that feels?  Complacency guarantees continuance.  

Why not act as if you are powerful? The Pluto in you is ready for empowerment.  Not power over, but power that acknowledges that we all always make a difference even if we hold the position that we don’t make a difference.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Saturn turns direct in Scorpio on the 21st while Uranus goes retrograde in Aries on the 22nd. They are in a challenging aspect to one another, asking us to deepen and discover what we really care about so that we can summon the courage to take an action that is in alignment with our heart’s calling.  In this way we can all give love a place within us to navigate from.  And we can do it with laughter, celebration and gladness!

©  Esther Frances, June 27, 2014


Estrology June 2014
June 5, 2014

Estrology: Gemini 2014

Yes, yes, yes! It is time for us to create a story that reflects back to us the wonder that we are, the wonder that Life is, a the wonder-full Life that is possible for us all. Dominance and separation may look like they are victorious world views, but appearance can be deceiving.

A new story is emerging, the story of unity expressed by diversity, for the benefit of the whole Earth community! --- Inclusive not exclusive, thrive trumping survive, love dissolving hatred, friendship replacing enmity --- For this to happen as rapidly as possible each one of us needs to discover what our piece is, and ask "what peace can I bring?" We are all pieces/peaces of the puzzle and we each have a role to play in setting our selves free.

At this new moon at seven degrees Gemini, trining Mars in Libra, I see this as a great time to speak out (Gemine/Mercury) for peace, equality, and dynamic balance, (Mars in Libra).  What if the notion that either the outer, external world or the inner, internal world is the primary cause of the conditions of our llife were to be replaced by a realization that each effects the other? 

An area denuded of trees, plants and flowers creates a harsh, sterile environment.  A neighborhood with an abundance of trees, bushes, flowers and greenery creates a peaceful serenity.  The effect is not merely cosmetic.  Trees emanate an essence of peace.
Whatever internal conditions may have contributed to the creation of a cement covered environment, the truth is that the ugly, stark, barren cityscape is condusive to unrest, just as a walk in the redwoods is likely to create a sense of upliftment and inspiration.  

Gemini speaks to the “both/and”  rather than the “either/or.” I see a convergence of both the internal orientation or thoughts and the outer circumstances or “consensus reality” as being operative in shaping our lives. I remember reading Swami Yogananda’s advice to “trust in God and tie your camel.”  This seems timely for us transform the “thought rudder’s” inner direction (Gemini/ Mercury) while also taking action for justice (Mars in Libra).  Acting in unison, a powerful alignment and alliance is created that is synergistically more powerful that either approach done by itself.

On June 7th Mercury goes retrograde until July 1st.  Don’t panic, it really can be a resorative time of renewal if we can learn to honor the yin as well as the yang.

June 9th sees Neptune shift into its retrograde phase until November 15/16. At home in the sign of Pisces, don’t forget to tune into your dreams, waking and sleeping, especially our dreams of a world where all can flourish.

Venus in the last degree of Aries also invites you to summon your courage and step up to the plate and take a swing at the ball of opportunity that is coming your way.  Of course there is no guarantee that you won’t strike out, but if you don’t make the swing it pretty much eliminates the possibility of the connection that allows you to progress around the bases, in the direction your heart is calling you to follow.

Another powerful feature is the grand trine in water: Jupiter at 20 degrees Cancer, Saturn at  19 degrees Scorpio, and Chiron at 18 degrees Pisces.  Bucky Fuller would demonstrate how the triangle was the most stable form by slinging pieces of a wobbly necklace into the audience until....dat ta da ta......the three pieces held their shape and wobbled no more.  

A grand trine indicates a stable relationship between the energies comprising it.  In this current formation we have the expansive, radiative energy of Jupiter in Cancer calling for greater care at its most conscious frequency, and showing up as chauvinism and narrow patriotism at its less conscious expression, interacting with Saturn, the contracting, energy of gravity, that binds and holds things together in Scorpio, the sign calling for death and elimination of that which no longer serves.  Facing our fears, our shadows, becoming aware of what was previously hidden, all enable regeneration and resurrection to occur. Both of these energies are in trine to Chiron in Pisces, the need to heal the wounds from not feeling connected to and part of the great “w-hole-ly whole,” whether we call that essence God, Buddha Nature, The Great Is or Allah.  It speaks to a need for healing the great divide that creates the illusion of separation, and feeling, knowing and acting from the experience that we all are connected to “The Great Mystery” and to each other.

Mercury (the magician/communicator/translator) is forming a powerful sextile, representing creative possibility, with Venus (love, art, beauty, abundance, fecundity).  This is a very sexy, erotic, creative combo inviting us all to express ourselves fully! Even within the intense, on-going cardinal square dance, we are invited to celebrate, enjoy and savor this precious, even when challenging, life!

You are invited to experience a personal reading to discover how you can best navigate the seas and seasons of your life.  The most frequent feedback from people is how validated, affirmed, and empowered they feel from hearing what their birthcharts have to say about who they are, and how come they are as they are.

Happy Summer Solstice & Many Blessings,



Estrology May 2014
May 9, 2014

Estrology: May 2014

    What if you were to channel the Earth?   Hmmm.  Let me give it a try:
    “I am alive. MAtter is sacred. There is no such thing as a thing.  Every form has within it the “w-hole.”  How can you continue to think you are separate from me? What are you going to breathe? to eat? to love? to drink? to live? to share? if you don’t wake up, care, and share your gifts and compassion with the rest of your community?”
    Why don’t you give it a try.  See what message your inner Earth has to reveal to you.

    Astrologically the Earth placement occupies the space 180 degrees across from the Sun’s natal position.  If the Sun is in Taurus, your Earth is in Scorpio.  Your Earth position MAterializes and grounds your creativity and Spirit.  It  gives form to your Sun’s vision and brings dynamic balance to your Sun’s proclivities. Scorpio Earth / Taurus Sun could remind us that:
    Beauty heals and uplifts us, so please make sure to listen to the birds, the music you love, sing, smell the roses, plant a garden, find your peace, but don’t let comfort, safety and the illusion of security be your god. We must realize our intimate connection to that which surrounds us, and is in us, and act accordingly for us to be fully alive, passionate, and potent people.
    We are approaching the “holy-day” of Beltane on May 1st.  At this midpoint, between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice, life, eros, fertility, and beauty  is celebrated.  The May pole is a phallic symbol, the dance around it, a rejoicing of life.  Just as the Vernal Equinox was a celebration of fertility in the form of the egg and the hare, Beltane dances around a symbol of the wonder of nature that fertilizes it.

    When will we again embrace both the feminine and masculine polarities, as intrinsically complementary, equal and valuable, expressions of “The One Great Life?”  The devastation of the Earth, the dominance over women, MAtter, children, the trees, the water, the soil, is all a symptom of the belief that the male, action oriented, air and fire elements, are better or greater than the female polarity, rest and receptivity, water and earth. Light is not better than dark.  Activity is not better than Being. They are not separate from each other. Gravity and the in breath is as vitally important as expansion and the outbreath.  

    We have made light synonomous with good and dark synonomous with bad.  The offshoots of this root distortion are many. The obsession with growth and the erosion of happiness and health for humans and the entire Earth community is a manifestation of this delusion.  We need a “womb-man-ifestation” of care, compassion and connection if the human species is to continue!

    What if, we are the ones called, on this Beltane, after the new moon eclipse in Taurus, to realize that the Earth is sacred and to shift the radical imbalance and male dominance that has become a force of destruction in its severed illusion of disconnection from its female mate?

    The cardinal cross of change is at our doorstep, knocking on our doors, and it will be let in.  As Bob Dylan sang in the Sixties, the times they are a changin’ and these changes are reflected in the continuing square dance of these planets and signs that will continue throughout the year, culminating in 2015.  

    Mars in Libra calls attention to the need for this equality. The gulf between have and have nots is strangling every part of the world.  We witness the basic constitutional foundation of the United States government being dismantled, the right to a lawyer and trial disregarded, anyone now, by law, able to be whisked away on any charge.  The location of this transit in your personal chart will provide you with clues to your role in re-establishing equality and balance.

    My civics professor  would not believe this possible were he still on this Earth.  All that he taught us about the safeguards to basic human freedom are now stripped away by our own government, as the populace remains distracted and paralyzed. Yet, in the midst of this breakdown, pockets of people are coming together, like the Native Americans and cowboys, holding ceremony in front of the White House, protesting the tar sands snake that would further denigrate the planet.

    Uranus in Aries calls us to find our courage, to take a stand, and jump the frog that is us out of the slowing boiling water before we perish. People are beginning to speak out, to unify, to realize what is at stake for ourselves, our children and the planet if we continue in denial.  There is also be the uncorking of frustrations bottled up long ago, as in the Ukraine.  All of these placements have a multiplicity of possibility.  I’m just mentioning a few.  Where are you needing to be a pioneer, to assert yourself, to be brave?  The position of this transit in your chart will assist you in clarifying the action that you need to take for the renewal of yourself and your world.

    Pluto in Capricorn: Just today, we saw a huge vote against racism putting an end to the “ownership” a man thought he had of a sports team, a calling out of the hierachy, a crumbling of position.  The extreme attempts at total dominance, that have been in the shadows, are coming to light.  No longer do just a few think the Congress has been bought out by the corporations and big money interests.  Truth is splitting open the “seems” that prevailed just months ago. Corruption has corroded the structures that were created to protect the populace.  Now the question is “what will the populace do?”  What structures need to be re-structured in your own life? The Pluto in Capricorn position provides an answer to that question.

    Jupiter in Cancer is calling us to recognize the homeless, the women and children, aged and ill, no longer even having a basic shelter.  Most of us would be crazy with a week of living without privacy, safety, conveniences of a kitchen, place to sleep in peace and comfort, a place to retreat from the demands of the workday.  The tendency to ignore this problem, which is really a symptom of systemic breakdown, is going to become more difficult.  Do we want to live in a land - a planet - where people, animals and plants are perishing because of holding on to archaic ideas that do not recognize interdependence, that refuse to connect the dots?

    Jupiter in Cancer is calling attention to the deplorable defilement of our food and its production. The horrors of factory farming, the concentration camps where some animals can’t even move, seen only as objects to produce food, are being exposed.  GMOs are being outlawed, as the monarch butterfly and the bees are threatened with extenction by the GMO contaminents.  People are connecting the dots and realizing that what is poisoned returns to poison us.

    The 2014 Food Summit is airing on the web, all this week (www.foodrevolutions.org.) educating and informing us of what is really going on behind the scenes and in the fields. (The film on the lfe of Ceasar Chavez in the theaters also reminds us of our connection to the foods we eat and the people that are part of the process.  The upsurge in awareness of permaculture and bio-dynamic gardening are also resonant with Jupiter in Cancer.)  
    There’s plenty more to say but I’m going to leave that to another day.  All these energies live within the micro of the individual human “cell-f” that we are, in the macro level of consensus reality,  as well as in the greater cosmological reality.  

    You are invited to explore how these energies are showing up in your life, to get a greater navigational perspective, by giving yourself an astrological consultation.  It’s true that “you don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows” yet sometimes it is great to have a heads up before it arrives, or another perspective about “what’s blowin in it.”  Seems I’m retroing into some lyrics from another time when people were awakening.   

    Let’s remember that breakdown is also the birth canal for breakthrough. May we awaken and dare to dream the new dream of love for the Earth, love for the sky, love for the mirth of joy into being, now, now, now, yes, right now!!!!!

© Esther Frances, April 29, 2014

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Passion Poem
February 14, 2014


Passion paints - laughs - grieves - celebrates
    Passion dances - dreams-
        imagines love liberated    
            a sunrise of compassion
Passion says yes to red shoes and red nail polish
    Yes to blue skies
        Yes to all beings being well ---
            well fed---well watered---well-fared
Passion is willing to be visible ---
    To stand up and stand out ---
        for the elephants, the whales,
            the babies, the elders,
                the women and men,
                    calves and chicks
Passion is life uncaged, unfettered,
     free from domesticated corks bottling up vitality
            Passion is the key to ecstacy!
Passion is the laugh and the cry, released and unrestrained.
Passion is our Divinity dancing in our hearts        
        Love, love, love,
            love now, now, now!
© Esther Frances, 9/30/2013


Palace of Presence Prayer-Poem for Unity Service 12/26/2010
December 29, 2010

Palace of Presence Prayer-Poem 


Divine One, Bless us.  May we move from the slums of separation,

            back home, into the mansion of Oneness.


Blessed Mother/ Father Goddessence,*

            help us to remember the palace of presence we forgot was our home.


May we awake from the illusion that this physical body is all that we are.


May each yearning heart be a great sun and evaporate the mist of separation.


May our anguish, sink to the bottom of the sea,

            to be devoured by the sea creatures that see through the illusion of alone.


May disturbance be replaced with serenity, fear with trust, overwhelm with focus.


May each one of us find our niche, our family whole, scarcity a nightmare abandoned.


Kidnapped by the thief of “conned-itioned mind”

            we’ve been trapped in suffering.


Great Mother/ Father/ Beloved/ Divine SELF, awaken us from the nightmare of separation

            And gently, grace-fully awaken us to the miracle that we already are.


Thank you Divine Grace.  We are grateful and full of gratitude.  We rejoice that it is so and so it is.


©  Esther Frances, December 24, 2010, inspired by Prayer for Reunion by Esther Frances

*Term Goddessence coined by Claire Dennis



Deep in the Dark Night A New Day is Born: From the Caterpillar of Separation to the Butterfly of Oneness
December 28, 2010

        It’s exciting to be here because we are at a pivotal time, an extraordinary time, an unprecedented time.  We are in transition into a new era of humanity that is as radically different from our present way of being as a butterfly is from a caterpillar!  The crisis of our time serves as the birth canal for a new identity for us--- an identity that knows it is one with all beings and all life.

         We are emerging from an “Ego-logical” into an “Eco-logical” age! My mentor Thomas Berry coined the term “The Ecozoic Era,” to refer to a time when the human presence is mutually beneficial to both the whole Earth community and to each other.  The human caterpillar stage is ego-based, defined by the idea and experience of separation. Their primary activity is consumerism.  Caterpillars quickly strip a tree, caterpillar humans quickly strip the forests, and then they move on to consuming the planet!  Butterflies sip nectar from the flowers and take only what they need.

         I differentiate this new human presence with the name HUEman, HUE capitalized to symbolize a consciousness that knows itself as the whole spectrum of the human family rainbow.  HUEmans know they are the ONE appearing as the many.  The rainbow is a paradox:  it appears to exist yet it has no solidity.  A rainbow is ONE, with each color inseparable from the whole, yet each color is distinctly visible. 

         What if the pot of gold isn’t found somewhere else, over the rainbow, but right here on Earth, found when we realize that we are just like the rainbow--- one Divine essence expressing itself through the entire diversity of Life?  What if we have to breakdown our caterpillar phase in order to breakthrough into butterfly HUEmanity? 

         My song  “Breakdown to Breakthrough” says:

 “Shinin’ rainbows show the pot of gold is lettin’ go and bein’ bold;

Enough to risk a new way of being, opening new eyes to a new way of seein,’ 

Openin’ new ears and openin’ new senses, jumpin’ out of conventional fences;

Openin’ up to receive the Spirit, breakin’ down resistance that fears it.”

         Ego identity is like thinking you are one tiny finger instead of an entire body!  Our challenge is to die to our ego’s illusions and be transformed into a “whole-i-ness” based on a subjective experience that we are one with, a part of---not apart from---the whole of life.  We are holographic in nature!  Let me give you an example.  In a holographic image of an elephant if you cut off the trunk you have an entire image of the elephant.  The only difference is one of scale—the part “cut off” of the original is a smaller replica of the original whole image!  It contains the whole within it!

         There is the old parable telling of the contrast between heaven and hell.  I’m sure some of you have heard this story before, but it is one of my favorites and illustrates that the transformation we are experiencing is one of consciousness:

         A curious man wanted to know the difference between heaven and hell.  First, he was guided to hell where he saw a group of people seated around a huge pot of delicious food.  They were all skin and bones, suffering and miserable.  The spoons they held were very long….too long for them to feed themselves, so they sat there starving in hell.

         Next, he came to heaven.  As the door opened the scene was familiar.  People surrounded a huge pot of sumptuous food.  However, here everyone was smiling, laughing and joyful.  Looking more carefully, it was apparent that the people were feeding each other and there was no lack, want or hunger.

         We have been operating out of an assumption, a belief, and a “conned-ceptual” perception we could call “the myth of separation.”  We’ve been taught that who we are is exclusively a person, defined by a particular body or at best a separate soul with a spiritual dimension.  We are taught to think and act as if this is who we are----as if our “beingness” stopped at the boundary of our skin or was somehow encapsulated as a separate entity. 

         We are taught to identify ourselves as people separate from other people, nations separate from other nations, and that the whole human population is somehow separate from the planet.  As if our “body temples” weren’t made out of Mother Earth---as if the liquids in our body didn’t come from the Earth’s waters, as if we could breathe without the air of the Earth’s atmosphere! 

         Notice how different the story of heaven and hell is when it is told from the presumption of separation or when it is told from the context of Oneness.  From the premise of separation, feeding each other can appear to be charitable and generous.  Seen from the perspective of Oneness, each ONE realizes it is “every-ONE-else.”  Feeding and caring for each one is not just “loving thy neighbor as thy self but knowing thy neighbor is truly and actually thy divine SELF.

         Environmental collapse was one of the first wake-up calls that challenged the idea that we are not connected to each other and what surrounds us.  We discovered that polluted waters, air and soil create unhealthy humans and threaten the lives of countless species.  It has become apparent that we are in crisis. Crisis has long been recognized as a portal for new possibilities, creativity, and emergence. 

         Emergency does have the word emergence as its root. The sustainability issue is now showing up in the deep fissures in our social systems. A society and economy based on separation and scarcity have created excess and poverty. We can embrace the breakdown phase of the process as a necessary  “falling apart so we can come together” in an unprecedented way.

         We can exercise our power by casting our vote of consciousness. We can choose to focus on a new vision based on Oneness and interconnectedness or we can default to fear, worry and lament that the old caterpillar ego is dissolving.  When we see the meltdown as prerequisite for the metamorphosis into the Divine HUEman we can hold the process in a wise, compassionate embrace.  This doesn’t mean ignoring the suffering created in the collapse.  We can both care for all in harm’s way as the old structure collapses while we vision and create the new.

         A mind and body divided creates dis-ease.  Imagine the catastrophe that would result if all the body’s organs were in competition with each other rather than cooperatively co-creating together with the awareness that the entire body is their mutual greater identity.  Imagine a planet where we realize that all life on Earth is integral to the greater Earth body.  What if each bio-region, state, nation, ethnicity, culture and religion realized that their greater body was the ONE-EARTH-commUNITY and that the only way true peace, prosperity, health and happiness can flourish is when we identify with the whole instead of thinking we are just a little part, vying with all the other parts to get what we think we want and need.  We now act like a body where the heart, lungs, liver and most of the differentiated parts are enemies.  A world built of separation is not sustainable any more.  The caterpillar is disintegrating as the evolutionary call to butterfly is being sounded. 

         I’d like to tell you another story: 

         Once upon a time there were two caterpillars crawling along in the grass.  One looked up and saw a butterfly flying by.  She poked her companion and said, “Check it out.  What is that?”  The second caterpillar looked up and gazed intently at the strange, winged creature and said,  “I don’t know, but you’ll never find me up there in one of them!”

         As caterpillars transform into butterflies, they first die to their old form as they dissolve in the chrysalis. Then  “imaginal” cells that are the beginning of the butterfly emerge but they are attacked by the old caterpillar immune system that perceives them as a threat.  Only when there is a critical mass of these new cells, does a system change takes place where the new organism recognizes the imaginal cells as their new butterfly identity.  From that point on, the butterfly becomes the prevailing paradigm. 

         Could Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, the Buddha, the great yoginis, yogis, shamans and universalists be the first “imaginal cells” of the HUEman butterfly?  Could they be the first examples of an evolved HUEman identity that knows its primary unity with the Divine even as it manifests in HUEman form?        

         Like the caterpillars, it is difficult for us to imagine a way of life based on the experience of our ONEness.  We are in transition and by definition transition refers to that territory that is neither here nor there.  We have left the womb and are in the birth canal without knowing what the baby will look like.

         If any one here has experienced natural birth, you know that it is very important to have assistance and the pre-knowing that the intense stage in birthing called transition is only temporary.  This awareness makes all the difference in the mother’s capacity to stay focused and not panic.  Understanding provides a context that meets potential fears and reassures them.  Likewise, when we understand the nature of our transition, regardless of gender, we can all assist in birthing our selves into butterfly HUEmans.

         In 1996 I received a poem that speaks to the transitional time we are in.  It is called “The Dream of Earth Is Waking.”  I’ll share the last half of the poem with you:

“We can bring forth wonder;  We can bring forth peace;

We can fit together and facilitate the largest evolution to have reached the human race.

Let your fears be noticed then let them fly away;  Transform them into butterflies,

Then they can lead the way to transformation so astounding we will one day laugh;

When we look back at ourselves when we didn’t think we’d last; 

We’ll savor cosmic humor, an irony so deep;  Truth reveals a wonder of multiplicity;

Like the creepin’ caterpillar we won’t be “no more;” 

Yet we will be more fully than we ever have before.

Spread your wings of wonder; Join the cosmic dream;  Awaken and fully “grok” our galactic destiny

Feeling full kinship with all of Earth’s Life, Glad to be resurrected in this awakened Life;

Butterflies of Beauty, bathing in the rain;  Home is multi-dimensionality, this is our terrain.

Earth Mother is calling you to wake up from the trance;  Dance Her dream into awakening,

Join in Her song; Release all your fears of something going wrong.

This day is a new day, this time is a key;  Unlocking many doorways to another way to be;

Don’t miss this opportunity, it is not mere chance; 

Look to your courage, dare to dance your dance.”

         Courage is a great ally at this time. The word has its roots in the Latin word “cor” for heart.  How do we gather our courage?  One way we can benefit each one of us is to share our encouragement.  We can hold the context of our evolution into Divine, HUEman butterflies, while we simultaneously soothe and give generous empathy and assistance to all needing it.

           Fear arises and can be manipulated by the “caterpillar royalty” as the old economy and structures based on separation, conquest and struggle collapse. The Course of Miracles” says there are only two emotions, fear and love.  We are either experiencing love or calling out for love. 

                  Another favorite story shares a wise strategy for dealing with fear:

Trungpa Rinpoche was a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and author.  One day he walked into a monastery with two attendants.  Out of nowhere a huge, ferocious–looking dog came charging at them all.  The attendants froze in terror, while Trungpa Rinpoche sounded a shriek and charged the dog. It ran away with its tail between its legs!  Isn’t interesting how fear will stalk it until we turn around and face it.  As the lyric in my song “Dive In”* suggests: “Face your fears no longer run away.” No matter what the issue, fear’s power is diminished when we look at and listen to what is afraid with compassion and courage. Fear is the fuel of the ego and separation. Love is the fruition of unity---the awareness that you are love, the lover and the beloved.

         Fear is also generated because we know that a system based on individuality and separation isn’t very kind to those who don’t “succeed” in the sham of independence. We’ve lost the security the tribe provided. It is frightening if it’s your home, your work, your family, your friends, and your planet that is caught in the breakdown. And somewhere, even in separation consciousness, we know if it can happen to someone else it can also happen to us.  We can choose to meet the fear with compassion, and not go into the fear, flight or freeze reaction.  Community, communication and communion, rather than greed and hoarding, is the antidote to the poison of feeling isolated or victimized.

         Caterpillar economy is rooted in war-related activities, dis-ease-management that masquerades as health care, and destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems for energy when new possibilities “in the wings” are thwarted.  Competition becomes an end in itself, rather than being a vehicle to provide excellence for the greater good. 

         We’ve been programmed by the monopoly mentality.  We live in a topsy-turvy world where the Oneness of the essential reality has been mimicked in what appears as the external reality.  When we come home to our unity we simultaneously embrace and “cell-ebrate” diversity. We recognize that there is a place and niche for “everyONE” and that sometimes that can look like someone is “doing nothing.” 

         Buckminister Fuller, spoke of the power of the individual by his example of the tiny trim tab on a sailing vessel, only a teeny bit of the mass of the ship, that is capable of turning the whole ship around, also assured us that the inventiveness and genius of an awakened, non-exploitive economic system would easily pay for a few “doing nothing.”

         We are learning that a standing tree creates greater value and benefit than lumber.  Just by virtue of its existence, it keeps the soil intact, provides clean air, and shade. It is a host for birds, insects, and stabilizes weather, insulates and is a windbreaker. Likewise we can realize that humans are inherently valuable without a need to prove their worth by working.  Is it better to “make a living” by destroying our planet, and creating tools of destruction or by living lives that are healthy, happy and do no harm.  Preventive health measures insure fewer high cost interventions; lower stress means less “dis-ease,” less crime, less suffering for all. It would be cheaper and wiser if everyone received a monthly sum to stay well, enact peace and follow their heart’s desires!  We are moving into plork---  the union of play and work.

         Eco-biologist Elizabet Sautoris has noted that it is far wiser to feed the life forms perceived as enemies than to go war with them.  When we realize our oneness, and no longer invest in destruction, we will have plenty to take care of the basic needs of all.  This strategy is both caring and wise, for the healthier every part of the whole is, the healthier the whole. If we are all “cell-ves” in a greater “CELL-F” then it is far smarter to make sure the needs of each cell is met for in meeting the needs of another “cell-f” you are also investing in your own well-being.

         Butterfly economy has “thrive-ability” as its intent.  Co-operation, co-creation and communion create a community where authentic needs are met.  There is an understanding that the personal and the universal complement each other.  “EachONE’s” unique abilities, passion and bliss are honored.  Tasks that are necessary, but not inherently fun, can be shared so no one gets stuck with them.

         When we look out exclusively for out personal self and family, we have a few who are interested in our wellbeing.  If “everyONE” were to look out for the whole then each ONE of us would have everyONE else caring about our “well-fare.”  You don’t need to be a mathematician to see which way the benefits go!


         Fear would have us bicker with each other, fight over scraps, fall prey to the “divide and conquer” weapon always used by BIG EGO to dominate and control.  Our real power derives from our ability to no longer buy into the duality of either/or thinking and graduate to the awareness that life is a living paradox beyond yes/no and right/wrong.  Once more going back to the circle, each perspective has its own information and wisdom.  As in the ancient tale of the blind men and the elephant, there is no need for any ONE’s right to make some ONE else to be wrong!  Both/and much, much more accommodates the knowledge rooted in wholistic intelligence.  Paradox avoids the divisions, labels, antagonism that comes from either you are right or you are wrong.  Perspective creates a plurality of viewpoints, an abundance of context.

         “We are emptiness and form; The rebel and the norm. We are the dark.  We are the light. We are love. We are delight. We are the Uni-verse as we.  We are not a separate me.  We are the U-ni-verse, we’re ONE, before the Cosmos was begun, we are the Great Mystery.” 

         “U” are the U in the U-ni-verse awakening and remembering the U-nity that U are!  Furthermore, the words unit and unity are verbs when you spell them phonetically as in the verb “knit” creating the terms “U-knit-y” and U-knit.”  We are not passive objects, shuffled around in a random arrangement. We are receivers and transmitters, intimately involved in the world we inhabit and create.

         Dark is a term that has been kidnapped by division.  Look at the prejudices and the class structures in the world and we can see the picturing out of the image that dark is synonymous with evil, ignorance and sin.  Yet, it is in the dark of the night sky that the millions and billions of stars are revealed.  The dark night of the soul is associated with struggle and despair, yet it is also the gateway to dawn.   Daylight’s conscious awareness illuminates the gifts that were given in the depths of dark. We each have a dream messaging service bringing us insights and perspectives we are blind to in the light of the Sun.

         The late poet John O’Donohue  said ”We come out of the night into the day. All creativity awakens at this primal threshold where light and darkness test and bless each other.” Physicist Nassim Haramein asserts that white and black w-holes are one and the same! The white w-hole is around the black w-hole. The light radiating stars are the outside of the black w-hole within them. There is a constant relationship between the expansive and contractive parts.” They are not separate!!!!! What an affirmation for the equality and complementary nature of the dark and the light---the female and the male!  Imagine what transformation will occur when we model and design our way of being around this radical equality between the yin and the yang, rest and activity, doing and being

         Haramein also speaks of us as being “the event horizon,” the threshold between the infinitely large and the infinitely small.  He says we live in a holofractal universe.  Remember, in a hologram every part contains the whole. The fractal nature of the Universe refers to the realization the wholes are nested within each other, much like Chinese dolls fit one within the other, into infinitely larger and infinitely smaller wholes! Atoms are black w-holes within cells within organs within bodies within planets within solar systems within galaxies, within galactic clusters, within our uni-verse.

         Haramein says, “that when you become aware of this, “your way of being in the Universe, the way you are, how you are, completely changes. Because you start to see the importance of your observation, you start to see the importance of your interpretation of the field and what you are feeding the Universe.”  “Instead of seeing yourself as an insignificant little dot that means nothing to the Universe, you start to see yourself as the center of creation. Everyone else is the center of their Universe as well and thus we are all equal and we are all One.”

         The camels of ego are collapsing.  We have wandered, parched in the desert of possession for so long.  Full of acquisition; we are thirsty for peace. The caravan of consciousness is on the move.  The mirages of maya are dissolving in the dawn of awakening.  We are the “ONE-der-full ONEs waking up to the ONE-der.”  The gospel---yes, the good news---is that today I am remembering and you’re remembering and we are “re-member-ing” that we are the “wholly-w-hole!” 

         We are the “glory-us” Divine diversity.  We are the new alphabet co-creating a new language of possibilities based on the “thrive-ability” of the whole rather that the “possessiveness of the few.  We are a new posse rounding “in” instead of up!  We rey-diate out our radiance coded with recipes for possible humans, possible planet, possible dreams.  We’re the ONEs the future will know as the range riders who wrestled the “steer-ing” of impossibility back to the ground of Being from which the possible Heaven of Earth emerged.

         Re-UNION is a h-OM-e c-OM-ing to the lotus heart that never lost its petals.  Birth and death are but projections on the transparent screen of Life.  Blessed benevolence is the balm and perfume released by forgiveness.

         Forgiveness is a key unlocking all we have ever yearned for---the pervasive peace that heals all imagined wounds, all conflicted thoughts and all the scrambled eggs of separation.  When you know the two is really The One, the tango of truth disarms the ego’s weapons and we twirl in the waltz of “ONEder.”  The boundless butterfly of awakening kisses us with its wings and we fly fearless on the winds of ONEder.

         Word and world are only one---check it out---letter apart from each other!  Worlds are made of words. Words are world makers. You are the one ONE, as every-one is the one ONE, that shapes and breathes life into the wor-l-d you create and experience.  We are the ONE, multi-faceted Divine Diamond, returning to the home in our heart where we realize that we are all the One Divine Love.

         We are the rainbow-butterfly-HUEman, the wholly w-hole, the diamond and all its facets, the dark and the light, Divine Love and Delight, we are, everyone of us, the Great Mystery!

©  Esther Frances

12/21/2010, for the Dec. 26th service at Unity Temple, Santa Cruz




© Esther Frances