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Estrology Winter Solstice 2015
December 21, 2015

Estrology: Winter Solstice 2015

Where to begin?  
As some of you may have noticed it has been a while since I have sent out my Estrology Newsletter.   On the surface of things, a dislocation in my right thumb served as the brakes.  On a deeper level, I reenacted Forrest Gump in his great run when he just stopped because it was over. I realized I no longer wanted to write a monthly blog based on the format of what is happening viewed through the grid of the twelve-sign astro-analysis. I was done and couldn’t squeeze another month out of that structure.  I reached this point of “no more.”

It had never been a shoe that I felt comfortable wearing.  Through the years I would try to stretch, squeeze, and transform the format so that it had more depth and universal application it never felt quite right.

Now what?  What I think I might do instead is notice a particular astrological theme and then select a poem or song of mine that might speak an opportunity or challenge I see from the astro-perspective.  Or, I might just dive in with a blog and speak what is in my heart and on my mind to share.  I’m shying away from a commitment to a monthly offering yet I think that is what I will do, timed to coincide with the shift from one sign to another that usually takes place, like today, around the 21st of the month.

I’m as enthusiastic as ever about my astrological practice and it is a vital component in the Soul Sanctuary Spiritual Counseling that I offer. This year has included many more journeys, shamanic, guided meditation, Deeksha transmissions, coaching through transitional and challenging times, and Human Capacity processes to expand and deepen consciousness as I’ve been trained to offer by my teacher Dr. Jean Houston.  

It is a privilege to support and witness the myriad of mini-miracles, breakthroughs, triumphs and strength of my clients.  The synchronicities have been delightful and off the charts! Each person has inspired me and gifted me in as many ways as they may have benefited from their experiences with me.  I will continue to offer these sessions in person, on the phone or with Skype as wanted. I am full of gratitude and send my love and thanks to all who have been a part of Soul Sanctuary this past year.

Here are two songs that I love to share to celebrate Winter Solstice.  By next year I would love to have an audio to go with the words so you can experience more fully the feel and energy of these songs.  Until then I hope you enjoy and use your imagination to sculpt the tunes. As a prelude I also want to say that I think we are not only at the Winter Solstice in our yearly journey, but also we are at a huge turning point in our planetary journey and making the choice to embrace “Divine Unity, Love and Diversity,” rather than fear, scarcity and aversion is more important than ever.  We are not victims, and it is time that we recognize and take back our power to co-creatively live as the Divine Beings we are.  As Buckminster Fuller often said, divide and conquer has been used by leaders with vested interests for a long, long time.  Thus experiencing and declaring our unity and celebrating our Divine diversity is great medicine for our times. (This applies within and without!)

I continue to offer individual sessions and highly recommend “The Grand Tine” triad package of three sessions at a reduced rate.  In the holiday spirit, if you schedule appointments with me by the January new moon on the 9th, you’ll receive an additional 20% discount.And if
I wish you all peace, joy and blessings galore throughout the holidays and into the new year.
Love & Blessings,


©  Esther Frances
August 15, 2001

There is a video taken this summer at Tatanka’s Living Room when I was honored to share a set of my songs with Tatanka accompanying me.  You can view by going to Tatanka’s Living room feat. Esther Frances, June 12th, YouTube.

Also please check out the Romero Institute at santaCruzcpz.org to learn about our local movement to protect our constitutional rights and become inspired to translate to your own locale.  Please go to the video archive for a fabulous interview of the founders Daniel Sheehan and Sara Nelson and where you can here a poem I created to address the issue put to the original music and video by Chris Sherertz.

One last video is an interview with me by Kristina Mekdeci on Hawaii Healing Network YouTube.


© Esther Frances