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Dive In: Winter Solstice Song
December 21, 2015

Dive In  Key of C

Chorus 1
C      G
Dive in, in
C                                        G
In where you don’t want to go
        C  G
Dive in, in
C           G       C
Into the undertow

Verse 1
C                G
Go down, down
C                                G
Way beneath the surface
C           G
Down, down
C              G            C
Way beneath the waves
C            G
Hmm,  hmm
C                                 G
Child if you wanna be free
C          G
Hmm, hmm
C                 G             C
Child if you wanna be free

Verse 2
F               C
Face your fears
G          G7          C
Dare to tell your story
F               C
Face your fears
      G                 C
No longer run away
F                  C
Speak your fear
G       G7             C
Question your story
F                 C
Truth’s the key
      G                        C
To open the hidden doors

Chorus 2
C          G
Dive in, in
C             G
In where you dare to go
        C  G
Dive in, in
C                  G       C
Into where you really know

G       G7   Am
Open your heart
G  G7        Am
Open your mind
G G7          Am
Open your heart
G     G7    C
Find Love Divine

Verse 3
C          G
Dive in, in
C              G
Beneath the ego’s story
C  G
In, in
C          G      C
Into the Uni-verse
C          G
Dive in, in
C                         G
Beneath separation
C  G
In, in
C           G     C
Into the Uni-verse

Verse 4
F             C
You will find
G                G7       C
A new and greater story
F                 C
You’re the One
   G                              C
Awareness pure and clear
F            C
You’ll return
G               G7      C
Whole and consecrated
F             C
Bearing gifts
G                G7        C
From dark into the day

Chorus 3
C          G
Dive in, in
C                    G       
In to where your wisdom flows
C  G
In, in
C                   G7           C
Into where your wisdom knows

© Esther Frances, August 15, 2001


© Esther Frances