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Estrology, February 2015: Aquarius, Uranus & the Shift into the Aquarian Age
March 3, 2015

I see the “Aquarian Age” as a shifting of awareness away from the notion of a “top-down” hierarchical order, into a co-creative, co-operative, co-laborative leadership process, where the “cells” are recognized for their imput into the decision making process. As contemporary biology is showing us, the heart is not a mere pump but part of a circulatory system where the veins and arteries are participants and not mere conduits.  We learn that blood spirals through these bodily rivers just as solar systems spiral through space.

Whereas there is a place for hierachy...I wouldn’t want to fly in a plane with an untrained, unskilled pilot...when it is the primary modality, it doesn’t serve to meet all the needs.  Healing is very different in its preventative approach than it is in its  emergency model.  It is not a question of totally replacing or discarding what is, but seeing its limitations and expanding the options to create greater variety and balance.

We are moving into an awakening that all of us are holographic/fractal representations of the “whole, wholly, w-hole” --- the “U-ni-verse, Divine or Great Spirit, whatever you prefer calling Source. Accompanying this is the release of the idea that we need “bosses:”  a Leo archetype of leadership, that assumes that there is a royal, more capable and divinely qualified, or a more powerful, dominating faction of folk, that needs to hold the reins and that we are merely along for the ride rather than participating in guiding the destination.

Our identity shifts from being insignificant, disempowered members of the cosmological and social order into realizing that each one of us is an active determiner of our collective experience, whether this is on a conscious or unconscious level, that is whether we all realize it or not. We, as cells of the whole, are waking up and taking back the power we denied, and forgot that we had, as Cosmic Beings.  

Awakening to this more authentic identity we take back the authority and power we “projected” on to a few. Those that haven’t awakened can experience this as a threat and do what they can thwart change and new ways of being. This friction takes place between the formed/ Saturn/Capricorn archetypre and the impulse to “re and in-form”.

The Uranus/Aquarian archetype is the energy that calls us to awaken and to reform the forms that no longer are true or effective based on our expanded awareness.  We can see this within ourselves: There is the part that wants to maintain what is, as it is, since there is a belief that this will insure safety and because there is the fear of entering into “the unknown.” Then there is the part of us that desires to move into the realm of new possibilities because the status quo isn’t fulfilling our needs or our souls and is in fact threatening the entire planet and eco-system.

A fractal is a repeating pattern that shows up in every scale. For example, the leaf of an evergreen tree looks like a miniature of the entire tree.  A w-holographic image differs from a photographic image in this way: When you cut off the trunk in a photo you have two pieces, one of the trunk and one of the elephant.  In a w-holographic image, instead of the part of the image that was the trunk continuing to appear as a trunk, it appears as the entire elephant although on a smaller scale. Nassim Haramein coined the phrase, “Holofractographic” to describe the holographic and nonlinear structure of the Universe.

What if Earthly communities, or tribes, are fractal “corelations/ corelations” of the galactic dimension as it shows up in our planetary configuration.  What if the twelve astrological archetypes are the “T-RIB-ES” of the planetary consciousness?

Just as a galaxy is comprised of individual stars or suns, likewise communities / tribes are made of individuals. As individuals wake up to who they are as divine consciousness, they simultaneously shake (Uranus archetype) up  and slough off the old structure that is already collapsing from the unsustainable notions and behaviors that are outgrown and obsolete.

On the level of the body we see the galactic fractal reflected in the trillions of cells that make up each physical form.  As we realize that we are not the one personality or entity illusion and education have suggested, we let go of and forge a new identity that embraces multiplicity and multi-dimensionality.

The old adage, “The ONE is in the many and the many is in the ONE,” is revealed to us, through the eyes of the telescope and microscope, to be astoundingly true! The gift we can give each other is to realize that, since there are no duplications in perspective, each one of us has a valuable contribution to make, based on our own unique experiences. Since we all have our primary identity in SOURCE or the Divine, all these expressions have some validity although some may be more comprehensive and valuable than others.

What are the implications of this for each of us this month?  Let’s play possibility consciousness and take a look. I invite you to look at the posting for each sign for each one corresponds with a different archetype and part of the body.

ARIES: As the pioneers of the zodiac you are called to move into the unmapped, unchartered territories of new possibilities. Uranus is urging you to gather your courage and dare to share the visionary turf that you have discovered as you’ve explored the territory ahead of the pack. Individuality is cherished, not as an end in its self, but for the greater contribution it makes to relationships, creativity and community.

TAURUS: Your parent planet is Venus.  In January Venus will go from the end of Capricorn to the beginning of Pisces. On the way it will combine its energies with Mercury in Aquarius. This is a great time for you to pay attention to your priorities relating to love, money and friendship. Do you have a sense of tribe, extended family and friends?  If there is an insufficiency in this life department, you are encouraged to extend yourself and go out to join a group of kindred souls. It is also a great time to express yourself to the ones you love.  As it is said, “Appreciation appreciates.”

GEMINI: I feel prompted to continue to remind you that your words-- what you say to yourself and to others-- are actual creative agents in your reality.  BE AWARE of what script you are following.  Mercury, your parent planet, goes retrograde on January 22nd, in Aquarius, right after the Sun enters Aquarius.  Take the time to step back, or in, enough to see some patterns that are not apparent up close. Remember, retrograde is an opportunity to pause, reflect, re-examine, and re-evaluate.  In the societal area I think we will see even more awakening to what is not serving us as we revisit areas that were suppressed from public awareness

CANCER: The January full Moon in Cancer is on January 5th. it will be trining Neptune, giving you access to inspiration, imagination and empathy.  Capricorn creates the house; Cancer the home.  You need both as illustrated by the crab having its own portable “shell-ter” to protect it.  Caring and connection is vital for you. Remember that vulnerability is not a weakness. Your shelter is there for you to retreat into if the waves get too much to handle. Care of yourself needs to be a priority.

LEO: Jupiter is still in retrograde in Leo giving you a great blessing.  To use the example of the stage, rehearsal time is a necesary requisite for most performances. Sometimes we need more inward time to discover what we need or to become more at ease, before taking something out into the public arena. Regarding your pride, both family and self-respect, what if you could ask your inner Sun, your heart, to shine some light on something you need to know?  You can.  I invite you to try it and see what expansive insight you will be gifted with.

VIRGO: You are all so skilled and self-sufficient.  Remember to let others serve you too. Giving and receiving are part of one complete cycle.  Your tendency can be to “give, give, give,” and then you wind up depleted, needing to retreat, often feeling used and not able to give anymore.  Instead, notice and give yourself permission to limit the quantities of work and service you do.  It will be a gift to those who love you as well as to yourself. Please try it.

LIBRA: Have you noticed that balance is a dynamic energy?  We can never be balanced by staying still.  The image of a tightrope walker holding a long pole is a potent reminder that balance is reflected in the rhythm of life that circulates around a polar axis.  We move forward, step by step, alternating between the left and right foot. You need to draw on your Earth in Aries polarity to give you the audacity and courage you need to be able to walk your talk.  

SCORPIO: Scorpio is a place where paradox, power, death & rebirth all share a habitat.  The ancients called it the underworld or the underground.  I often give my clients an image of a totem pole showing the scorpion, known to sting itself to death by a refusal to let go, at the bottom. At the top I place Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent,” the thunderbird, or the eagle. They symbolize the ascension from attachment, revenge, and hidden manipulation into the realm of the sky, where the wings of forgiveness and compassion give the Scorpio soul real power, which is the realization of your true, Divine nature. There are images in between, but for now: The question to ask yourself is: “Is it really worth it to hold on to what no longer serves me?”  Scorpio, you know, if that is a person, place, thing, thought,  pattern or combination thereof.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn just crossed the threshold into your sign on December 23, 2014.  It will stay in Sag. until June 15 when it goes back to Scorpio. It re-enters Sag. on September 18th and will remain in Sag. until December 21, 2017.
Sagittarius is all about the principle of expansion, space, travel, timeless, growth, more, bigger and greater.  Saturn is the principle of contraction, focus, discipline,  form, structure, time, limitations, at the ending of time, as in death.  It has had a bad rap for a long time, despite the recognition throught the ages of sacred geometry, mastery that is gained by practice, and the realization that without this presence there would be no “buildings, no organization, no bones, to hold things together.  For starters, an apt query is, “Hmmm, is there anywhere in my Life that I could benefit from greater discipline or focus?”

CAPRICORN: It is easy to segue from Saturn to Capricorn since Saturn is Capricorn’s planet.  Capricorn LOVES order, organization, and can feel threatened by ambiguity and the unknown. Capricorn can confuse with the feeling of being in control with security, feeling that being “out-of-control,” not-knowing, is somehow dangerous.  When this gets exaggerated we see governments doing all kinds of invasive behaviors, all for “our protection.”  It is true that we need order on the highways: respect for one-way streets, stopping at red lights, yielding when entering highways. However, Life at large, doesn’t operate that way.  Pluto in your sign is asking you to take a look at where you are afraid of “letting go” and then letting change happen.  Flexibility is the antedote to becoming a fossil!

AQUARIUS: Your sign sees a lot of action this month beginning with Mars activating the later part of Aquarius until January 12th when it enters Pisces.  Venus comes into Aquarius on the 5th, the full moon day, and enters Pisces on the 28th. The Sun shifts into Aquarius conjunct a new  Moon on the 20th.  In the body, Aquarius is circulation.  In a healthy society and economy we see circulation.  I predict that more of us will awaken to the fact that our health, personally and collectively depends on the circulation of that which is life promoting.  Is there something you have been contemplating speaking out or taking action about? Now is a great time to procrastinate no more!

PISCES: Mars and then Venus come into Pisces territory this month. ( Check out Aquarius above for dates.) Music, meditation, dreaming, films, dancing, imagining, all familiar themes for Pisces, are even stronger in January.  Since escapism is the least conscious way to experience these energies, notice where you may veer in this direction, take the wheel, and steer yourself back to more beneficial ways to experience the Piscean habitat.  If you want change in your Life, dare to consciously change your dream!

© Esther Frances, January 1, 2015           


© Esther Frances