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Estrology September 2014
September 2, 2014

One of my favorite, favorite words is “plork,” a word fashioned to represent the unity of work and play. I’d love to honor the person who coined it, but I haven’t been able to find the author.

ARIES: Your ideal plork involves movement, some degree of independence, spontaneity, discovery and adventure.  You do not thrive in a climate of too much repetition, unless the activity also includes something new to be savored. URANUS is still in your territory urging you away from familiar terrain and into breaking out of old unconscious patterns.

TAURUS: Your love of EARTH, of touch, of beauty and your ability to persevere, are gifts to us all.  There is something in the Taurus archetype that reminds us that we need to take the time to savor the ripe peach and feel the Earth beneath our feet.  With all the activity brewing in Scorpio right now, your energy assists us to stay grounded and appreciative for the gifts of the Earth.

GEMINI: Your “parent planet” Mercury is in the practical sign of Virgo until the 28th.  You may find it a bit easier to stay focused on one, or a few, of the myriad facets of life that interest you. There is much to be gained from being a bit more practical than usual now, especially as it pertains to your vocation. Not to worry, there is plenty for you to learn!

CANCER: I’m wondering if friendship is going to be particularly highlighted for you this month.  You may feel that it is difficult to feel as deeply as you do. Yet, it is this deep empathy that gifts you with your compassion.  Your kindness is appreciated.

LEO: The party is really going on in your sign these days with both Jupiter and Venus hanging out here.  This is wonderful for celebration and may encourage you to come out of your closet as it pertains to stepping up to the plate of play, leadership, or daring to share from the stage!  Go for it!

VIRGO:  The Sun and Mercury is in your sign.  You are one of the lucky ones who know the value of what is called SEVA, or selfless service.  Most of you know the joy of work well done and need to learn that resting and playing is your medicine to keep you balanced. This time for yourself is part of your work, so no need to feel guilty about taking time to replenish yourself!

LIBRA:  Equanimity, justice, and balance are key words for Libra.  The Library is a repository of information valuable for you. With your “parent planet” Venus in Libra, you may attracted to the theater, films, sunbathing on the beach, or whatever your personal sandbox of fun and family may be.

SCORPIO:  A key word for you always is intensity, but now, with a convergence of the planets Saturn and Mars in your waters, along with asteroids Ceres and Vesta, there is as the Jerry Lee Lewis used to say, “a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on” in your environs.  Transformation is the keynote.  “Release the old and receive the renewal” could be an apt bumper sticker for you this month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your parent planet Jupiter, now in Leo, is no doubt giving you some extra confidence these days.  Leo correlates with the heart and the spine in the body.  This is a great time to focus on what you love, and as Joseph Campbell is famous for saying, “Follow your bliss.”  You love to travel so let your heart be your travel agent and create your itineray!

CAPRICORN: Any of you who are born near the New Year time of year are probably finding that radical change has roughed up your usual orderly existence.  There is an invitation to transform those old habitual patterns that may have once served you, but now are holding you back from what you really want and need.  Remember, sometimes the old has to give way to make room for the new.

 AQUARIUS: Have you heard the term “Sacred Activist?”  If not, check out the work of Andrew Harvey on the subject.  The idea is that reformers who are on the cutting edge, like many of you tend to be, also need to give yourself the spiritual nutrients needed to be integrated, whole and able to sustain yourself while you are courageously taking on the challenges that call you out and in.

PISCES: Neptune, Earth and Chiron in your sign will be compounded by the Pisces full Moon on September the 8th. There is an emphasis on healing: finding healthy ways to recharge your Soul rather than indulge in escapism.  Music, dance, inspirational films, and meditation can help you to not feel overwhelmed by the suffering and pain of the world that you are aware of.  As a very wise old lady once told me, “You can’t help anyone out of quicksand by jumping in their with them.”  Empathy and compassion, yes, but it is not beneficial to get stuck in the muck.  Make sure to find a way to connect with what uplifts your Spirit and allows you to feel your connection to the Divine.
I predict that the entire world would be transformed, and we would experience heaven on Earth, if only everyone were to remember and recover the sense of the sacred and realize that all, as in everything, is indeed sacred.

My second speculation is that if everyone had the opportunity to discover and then inhabit work that they love, we would all thrive. What if we were to value all work, not just mental work, managers, and leadership roles, but work that is physical, work with the soil, the builders, the messengers, the caretakers, the teachers, cooks, artists, inventors, builders, writers, child and elder care takers, healers, musicians, film makers, bus drivers...you get the picture....as all deserving generous pay for the services they provide?  What if the well-being of the entire planet was the focus of our work and jobs that were based on destruction, war, and the manufacture of poisons were abolished?

In astrological terms, we do not give equal respect to work that is EARTH based such as growing food, making crafts, or work that entails more physical than mental activity.  WATER based labor is also less appreciated and rewarded than AIR based intellectual work. We devalue work that is based on caring and nurturing. People whose calling is “to care for,” are also paid less for what they give.

Folks who are called to spiritual, artistic, musical, imaginative and cultural endeavors are also relegated to subordinate importance on the societal totem pole of importance. Everywhere we see the cuts to the arts yet nothing can suppress the Fire aspect of Spirit.  SPACE or spiritual, wisdom based work is also unappreciated in terms of recompense, yet we need food for the Soul as much as we need food for the body.

In the book The Prophet,  Kahlil Gibran says at the end of his commentary on work:
“And all work is empty save when there is love;  
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God.

My September wish is that we all find our true calling and be recognized and rewarded for fulfilling what we called to give.

© Esther Frances, September 1, 2014

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© Esther Frances