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Read Esther's Earth Day essay, updated April 2007.

"Mother Earth Calls"
Esther's Blog

Dive In: Winter Solstice Song
December 21, 2015

Dive In  Key of C

Chorus 1
C      G
Dive in, in
C                                        G
In where you don’t want to go
        C  G
Dive in, in
C           G       C
Into the undertow

Verse 1
C                G
Go down, down
C                                G
Way beneath the surface
C           G
Down, down
C              G            C
Way beneath the waves
C            G
Hmm,  hmm
C                                 G
Child if you wanna be free
C          G
Hmm, hmm
C                 G             C
Child if you wanna be free

Verse 2
F               C
Face your fears
G          G7          C
Dare to tell your story
F               C
Face your fears
      G                 C
No longer run away
F                  C
Speak your fear
G       G7             C
Question your story
F                 C
Truth’s the key
      G                        C
To open the hidden doors

Chorus 2
C          G
Dive in, in
C             G
In where you dare to go
        C  G
Dive in, in
C                  G       C
Into where you really know

G       G7   Am
Open your heart
G  G7        Am
Open your mind
G G7          Am
Open your heart
G     G7    C
Find Love Divine

Verse 3
C          G
Dive in, in
C              G
Beneath the ego’s story
C  G
In, in
C          G      C
Into the Uni-verse
C          G
Dive in, in
C                         G
Beneath separation
C  G
In, in
C           G     C
Into the Uni-verse

Verse 4
F             C
You will find
G                G7       C
A new and greater story
F                 C
You’re the One
   G                              C
Awareness pure and clear
F            C
You’ll return
G               G7      C
Whole and consecrated
F             C
Bearing gifts
G                G7        C
From dark into the day

Chorus 3
C          G
Dive in, in
C                    G       
In to where your wisdom flows
C  G
In, in
C                   G7           C
Into where your wisdom knows

© Esther Frances, August 15, 2001


Gather Your Courage, Winter Solstice Song
December 21, 2015

Gather Your Courage

Verse 1
A                  D
Gather your courage
E                   A
Gather your dreams
                      E           A
Everything is not as it seems
           D          E       A
Breakdown is breakthrough
                                  E            A
The old gives way to birth the new

A                   D
Deep in the dark night
     E               A
A new day is born

Gather your courage
         E            A
Hold on, hold on

Verse 2
A                  D
Gather your laughter
E                  A
Gather your tears

You need them both
             E                      A
As you go through the years
Compassion, joy
        E E7 A
Creativity, kindness

Courage, peace
E                      A
Open mindedness


D      A     E E7 A    
Courage, courage
A                   E   A
Open your heart to find your courage

Verse 3
A                  D
Gather your talents
E                  A
Gather your friends
                                      E                 A
Breathe deep - breathe out, breathe in
                     D             E         E7     A
Gather your darkness; gather your light

You need them both
          E                    A
Each day and each night


Verse 4
A        D         E   E7     A
Everything is not as it seems
                      E                  A
Remember…trust in your dreams
                    D          E                  A
The dark of night becomes the dawn
                                        E            A
Trust in your vision, hold on, hold on

A                   D
Deep in the dark night
     E               A
A new day is born

Gather your courage
         E            A
Hold on, hold on  (last 2 lines repeat 2Xs)

© Esther Frances, June 16, 2002


Estrology Winter Solstice 2015
December 21, 2015

Estrology: Winter Solstice 2015

Where to begin?  
As some of you may have noticed it has been a while since I have sent out my Estrology Newsletter.   On the surface of things, a dislocation in my right thumb served as the brakes.  On a deeper level, I reenacted Forrest Gump in his great run when he just stopped because it was over. I realized I no longer wanted to write a monthly blog based on the format of what is happening viewed through the grid of the twelve-sign astro-analysis. I was done and couldn’t squeeze another month out of that structure.  I reached this point of “no more.”

It had never been a shoe that I felt comfortable wearing.  Through the years I would try to stretch, squeeze, and transform the format so that it had more depth and universal application it never felt quite right.

Now what?  What I think I might do instead is notice a particular astrological theme and then select a poem or song of mine that might speak an opportunity or challenge I see from the astro-perspective.  Or, I might just dive in with a blog and speak what is in my heart and on my mind to share.  I’m shying away from a commitment to a monthly offering yet I think that is what I will do, timed to coincide with the shift from one sign to another that usually takes place, like today, around the 21st of the month.

I’m as enthusiastic as ever about my astrological practice and it is a vital component in the Soul Sanctuary Spiritual Counseling that I offer. This year has included many more journeys, shamanic, guided meditation, Deeksha transmissions, coaching through transitional and challenging times, and Human Capacity processes to expand and deepen consciousness as I’ve been trained to offer by my teacher Dr. Jean Houston.  

It is a privilege to support and witness the myriad of mini-miracles, breakthroughs, triumphs and strength of my clients.  The synchronicities have been delightful and off the charts! Each person has inspired me and gifted me in as many ways as they may have benefited from their experiences with me.  I will continue to offer these sessions in person, on the phone or with Skype as wanted. I am full of gratitude and send my love and thanks to all who have been a part of Soul Sanctuary this past year.

Here are two songs that I love to share to celebrate Winter Solstice.  By next year I would love to have an audio to go with the words so you can experience more fully the feel and energy of these songs.  Until then I hope you enjoy and use your imagination to sculpt the tunes. As a prelude I also want to say that I think we are not only at the Winter Solstice in our yearly journey, but also we are at a huge turning point in our planetary journey and making the choice to embrace “Divine Unity, Love and Diversity,” rather than fear, scarcity and aversion is more important than ever.  We are not victims, and it is time that we recognize and take back our power to co-creatively live as the Divine Beings we are.  As Buckminster Fuller often said, divide and conquer has been used by leaders with vested interests for a long, long time.  Thus experiencing and declaring our unity and celebrating our Divine diversity is great medicine for our times. (This applies within and without!)

I continue to offer individual sessions and highly recommend “The Grand Tine” triad package of three sessions at a reduced rate.  In the holiday spirit, if you schedule appointments with me by the January new moon on the 9th, you’ll receive an additional 20% discount.And if
I wish you all peace, joy and blessings galore throughout the holidays and into the new year.
Love & Blessings,


©  Esther Frances
August 15, 2001

There is a video taken this summer at Tatanka’s Living Room when I was honored to share a set of my songs with Tatanka accompanying me.  You can view by going to Tatanka’s Living room feat. Esther Frances, June 12th, YouTube.

Also please check out the Romero Institute at santaCruzcpz.org to learn about our local movement to protect our constitutional rights and become inspired to translate to your own locale.  Please go to the video archive for a fabulous interview of the founders Daniel Sheehan and Sara Nelson and where you can here a poem I created to address the issue put to the original music and video by Chris Sherertz.

One last video is an interview with me by Kristina Mekdeci on Hawaii Healing Network YouTube.


Estrology: April 2015
July 1, 2015

This month let’s be brief and deep. In truth, I am feeling the urge to be outside rather than inside typing and if you are in many of the zones where spring is actually a springing forth of life and activity you may be feeling the same!

The biggest news this month is the total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday April 4th, st 15 degrees Libra, at 5:05 Pacific Time and 8:05 Eastern time. I view eclipses as opportunities for reprogramming.  

We can release the old pattern regarding lunar matters.  The Moon regulates the waters, the tides, the emotions, feelings, home, family, kinship, bonding and the female or yin energies.  

Now is the time for us to affirm the sacredness and equality of the feminine: Mother Earth, women and the waters.

We are witnessing the extremes of too much water in some areas and not enough in others.  Is Nature reflecting our lack of appreciation for the life giving and sustaining gift that water is?  Is this eclipse an opportunity to remember that water is precious and respect her?  Can we also release the destructive paradigm of male superiority and live together in mutual respect and dynamic balance?

These are the opportunities that I intuit are here for us:

ARIES: “Coersion fights the Cosmos!”  Force has away of boomeranging back....Consider cooperation instead.

TAURUS: Mars and Venus in Taurus are right up your alley: Turtle wisdom says “Slow and steady wins the race.” Venus says, “Stop and see the beauty!”

GEMINI: Be like the geese and see if you can get your myriad of interests flying in the same direction and see where it takes you.  Mercury in Aries is willing to be your leader.
CANCER: Bless the waters, bless the Mothers, bless the children in your life.  Bless the rivers running through your veins and remember to drink plentifully.  It’s good for you skin and your brain!

LEO: Jupiter in Leo goes direct on the 8th: Time to celebrate and move forward into wherever you’ve been wanting to go and holding back.

VIRGO: Your invitation is to make sure you are serving your self as well as whoever or whatever is fortunate enough to have your support.  Self care isn’t an indulgence, it is requisite for you to be able to be the full gift that you wish to be.

LIBRA: The eclipse is in your sign!  May the rest of us share your desire for authentic fairness, justice, and peace.  Remember harmony is a verb not a noun!

SCORPIO:  You may begin to feel a lessening of the intensity that has been a constant for the birthing that the Pluto/Uranus squares have initated. Breathe deeply, and let it be so!

SAGITTARIUS: With Saturn still retrograding in your sign, the old adage “hold your horses” may be apt.  As much as you yearn to gallop freely, sometimes “corral time” can be a blessing.  

CAPRICORN: When Capricorn surrenders its fear it can hear the wisdom coded in its bones.  Listen.  ConTROLL or control, that is the question!

AQUARIUS: I’m expecting a new commitment to the changes you are seeking.  It has to do with the realization that realization needs back up in the form of commited and grounded action.

PISCES: There’s still some deep healing going on....Not getting the full stage attention but many of us are awakening to the need for compassion and revision more deeply than ever. Your Chiron key: turn away from feeling the victim and turn toward compassion.

© Esther Frances, April 2015           


Estrology June/July
July 1, 2015

Venus/ Jupiter Conjunction Special: 30 minute/ $55 reading on how this powerful conjunction inpacts your life.

For those of you that missed last month, I’m letting go of the format that gives a little snippet to each sign as your monthly update.  I’ve always been frustrated by that structure because one size doesn’t fit all and I am no longer willing to try to stuff my creative “footage” into an outgrown shoe.  It’s kind of like taking a snapshot of a movie and then acting as if it were the movie or tasting a bite of a five-course dinner and acting as if the taste is equivalent to the whole meal.  I know we live in a “sound-bite” culture but my appetite isn’t satisfied with this modality so I am going to go the route of a blog that really interests me and tie it in with the astrological happenings for the month.  I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.  If not, there are plenty of venues offering you the astro tidbit for the month!

One of the extraordinary events happening now is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter which began on June 19th.  It will be exact on July 1st at 22 Leo and lose its combined Leo energy on July 19 when Venus moves into Virgo.  These planets have accented the night sky, dramatically drawing attention to themselves by the brilliant light that distinguishes them from the rest of the night sky. Right there is a key to this conjunction.  It reminds me of the Maryanne Williamson quote that says,
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
― Marianne Williamson, ”

We have been misguided to feel that we are separate from Divinity, magnificence, love and most of us suffer from the wound of either feeling inadequate and inferior or the stress of trying to compensate by attempting to appear better than or superior.  What if we were to fully realize that we are, each and everyONE of us, equal in value, equally Divine, equally worthy?  What if we treated ourselves and each other this way? Can you imagine children taught that this is so, who no longer feel the need to shrink to fit in?

There is no better time to begin this correction or “core rectification” than during this portal of possibility that is the Venus/Jupiter union. Dare to love yourself!  Dare to forgive yourself! Dare to reject all the internalized voices that want you to believe that somehow you better or less than, more entitled or more less deserving than others.  What would that do to transform the topography of our social systems, our relationships and our communities?

What would it be like to live inside your skin with the knowing that you and everyONE else is sacred? …to know that the Earth, the Sun, the sky, the birds the breeze are sacred…..How could we then pollute, poison and rape with this knowingness? We are at a junction…a con (with) junction (where there is joining) where the decisions and choices we make impact the generations to come.  Our consciousness is a shaper and co-creator of the quality of Life we and our descendants will live.  This is the time to awake and take back our power!  

Venus is love, relationships, beauty, fertility and art. Its symbol combines the circle of Spirit with the cross of matter. Astrologer Martin Schulman points out that “The clockwise rotation of Venus presents the only instance in our solar system where the direction of energy is focused outward.” Venus also symbolizes the scale of balance or justice and in that sense represents the “lower courts” or local legal systems.

Jupiter represents the principle and process of expansion.  It is also an outgoing energy, the breath out in complement to the breath in of Saturn.  In the Torus —- the cosmological donut, not the sign — we see both the outgoing and incoming energies comprising a whole, wholographic fractal system, found in stars, planets and us!  Jupiter is extroverted, adventurous, expressive, and oriented toward increase. Jupiter also refers to natural law and the “higher courts” of law.

A conjunction symbolizes the uniting of the planets that come together to create a fusion or combination of their energies.  Conjunctions are the simultaneous beginnings and endings of any cycle.  They are powerful!  The saying that “the whole is more that the sum of its parts” speaks to the synergy created in such an alliance.

Love needs to start from within, and be given out, to fulfill its greatest potential.  The twelve signs of the zodiac serve up twelve different aspects of the whole enchilada of love. With Venus and Jupiter aligning In Leo we are given the opportunity to open our hearts and let our love flow!  We are invited to celebrate, dance, make art, love and see the glory and the gifts Life has given us no matter what challenges we may be facing.  One of my song lyrics is “Love is the answer; Love is the way: Love is calling you today.”  It is an apt affirmation for this time.  

The idea that we are to wait until some condition is met in order to love and celebrate gives away our power.  Our challenge is to have the courage, (the word derived from the French word for heart) to initiate love, celebration and gratitude now, with whatever is present in our lives.  It takes an activation of the archetype of “the brave” to step into this new territory.  

The Summer Solstice begins with Mars conjunct the Sun in Cancer, sign of the Mother/child archetype. It is connected to a Libra Moon conjunct the North Node. The shorthand interpretation to all this is that in order to achieve the equity and social justice so many of us are yearning for, we need to initiate our own capacity to be a leader.  We are to tap into our own authority, listen to our heart’s directives, or as Joseph Campbell said “follow our bliss.”

Mothers know that love involves strength and the willingness to protect what we love.  To preserve the values we love—-despite all the flaws and shadow elements of our country and its origins that go unaddressed, is love made manifest.  We cannot pretend we don’t see and avoid taking responsibility for a trend that will impact our children and their children if we don’t awaken from the slumber of denial and ignorance.  

July 4th marks the day we call Independence Day here in the U.S.A.  At the moment the ideals and laws created to insure protection of the citizens of this country are in jeopardy.  The N.D.A.A. provisions 1021 and 1022 violate our constitutional rights to be informed of the charges in an arrest, to a lawyer, fair trial, notification of kin and allow a person can be sent to a military prison anywhere in this country or beyond its boundaries without the person’s family knowing where they’ve been sent .  

I refer you to the Romero Institute at  (romeroinstitute.org) to become informed of what we are creating here in Santa Cruz to create a Constitutional Protection Zone.  I hope that this movement will catch on and that we can have a ground swell of awakening that will reverse the tide and insure that freedom and fairness can be reinstated and extended to encompass all people, as put forth in the Constitution. Please contact them to get the info you need to replicate this movement where you live.

May we see through the myth of independence and embrace the interdependence of all, all work toward a planet where all of us thrive.

© Esther Frances, June 24, 2015
Friday, (Venus Day), June 26th, June the month named for Juno Goddess of Marriage:

I just heard of the Supreme Court Decision for marriage equality and am rejoicing that we have collectively come to this point.  The inner informs the outer and the outer informs the inner. I’m glad the law is catching up with what so many of us have realized, accepted and celebrated paving the way for this official acknowledgment.

It is important to realize that this is the cart following the horse, the horse being all the brave women and men who came out of the closet, affirmed their Divinity, equality, differences and diversity that created the consensus reality that was so powerful it could no longer be denied.

The Moon(archetype of Mother/child, family, bonding, and nurturing) and North Node (direction we are to move into for our greatest growth and evolution) is in Libra. Venus is the “parent planet,”  of Libra. Libra’s traditional domain and is marriage, relationships and equality!  The timing is perfect for this affirmation of equality to be sanctioned as law of the land.

A shadow side of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is the passing of the Fast Tract Trade agreement. Venus is also about money, prosperity and values.  Jupiter embraces generosity, or in its “too-muchness,” greed and excess. This bill is a boon for corporations and another loss for most the populace. Let’s continue to exercise our freedom of speech to make our voices heard and gather the momentum to repeal the decisions that violate our constitutional rights. 


Estrology, January 2015
January 2, 2015

The Solstices, Equinoxes and the midpoints between them reflect a primary relationship which is the waxing and waning relationship between the yang of greater light and the yin of greater dark. Last month I discussed the need to resurrect “the dark” from the repository of projections of evil onto it, and the social and ethical ramifications from the fear and dishonoring of this “half” of the whole of the entire cycle.

We have been told that being holy means being “good and god-like,” often translated to being obedient, compliant and following the dictates of someone else who is in authority. Early on, children are conditioned by reward and punishment, usually accompanied by a verbal refrain of “that’s good,” or being punished or shamed by voicing something or acting in a way that is considered “bad.” The Solstices, Equinoxes and the midpoints between them reflect a primary relationship which is the waxing and waning relationship between the yang of greater light and the yin of greater dark.

Last month I discussed the need to resurrect “the dark” from the repository of projections of evil onto it, and the social and ethical ramifications from the fear and dishonoring of this “half” of the whole of the entire cycle. We have been told that being holy means being “good and god-like,” often translated to being obedient, compliant and following the dictates of someone else who is in authority. Early on, children are conditioned by reward and punishment, usually accompanied by a verbal refrain of “that’s good,” or being punished or shamed by voicing something or acting in a way that is considered “bad.”

What if being holy really means being whole, as in undivided, integrated, all-inclusive, embracing the entirety of what and who we really are? Hole always indicates a space, or Space, or an opening. As I mentioned last month, it is very curious that the work of Nassim Haramein, from The Resonance Project, has proposed that there is a black whole at the center of every star and photon. From his perspective the black whole is the womb, the sacred space, from which all emanates and to which everything returns. From this perspective, wholiness embraces both the “no-thing” as well as the multitude of “things.”

In my experience, Astrology is a system and matrix that reflects the whole, and shows us how we can individually discover and live in alignment with our own Wholiness. It is a system designed to reflect Oneness and interdependence as well as the current conditions that we are navigating and how we can best move through them. (For greater precision, an individual reading is required.) Each of us is composed of all twelve signs. The planets and the signs they occupy give us a map and guidance system, showing us how we can be aware and aligned with our internal itinerary to experience our greatest well-being.

I invite you to read the comments for all the signs, and if the shoe fits wear it. We are walking in times of transition and it’s valuable to have signposts along the way that can serve us in our journeys. It is time for us to become awake, aware and embrace our multidimensional breadth and depth. Otherwise, we identify with too limited a part of who we are and live in conflict because of apparent separations that vanish when seen from a wider vantage point.

ARIES: Uranus is urging you to question the authority of the beliefs you have been indoctrinated to believe. Courage is required to recognize and face the disillusionment of cherished ideas about the world, the government, the Divine, who you are, and your relationships. Your role may not be what you have been told. It takes courage to release the blinders and dare to see for your self. Dare to let it be OK to be in the unknown. Invite your own direct awareness to inform and guide you.

TAURUS: Your parent planet is Venus. In January Venus will go from the end of Capricorn to the beginning of Pisces. On the way it will combine its energies with Mercury in Aquarius. This is a great time for you to pay attention to your priorities relating to love, money and friendship. Do you have a sense of tribe, extended family and friends? If there is an insufficiency in this life department, you are encouraged to extend yourself, go out and join a group of kindred souls. It is also a great time to express yourself to the ones you love. As it is said, “Appreciation appreciates.”

GEMINI: I feel prompted to continue to remind you that your words-- what you say to yourself and to others-- are actual creative agents in your reality. BE AWARE of what script you are following. Mercury, your parent planet, goes retrograde on January 22nd, in Aquarius, right after the Sun enters Aquarius. Take the time to step back, or in, enough to see some patterns that are not apparent up close. Remember, retrograde is an opportunity to pause, reflect, re-examine, and re-evaluate. In the societal area I think we will see even more awakening to what is not serving us, as we revisit information that was suppressed from public awareness.

CANCER: The January full Moon in Cancer is on January 5th. it will trine Neptune, giving you access to inspiration, imagination and empathy. Capricorn creates the house; Cancer the home. You need both as illustrated by the crab having its own portable “shell-ter” to protect it. Caring and connection is vital for you. Remember that vulnerability is not a weakness. Your shelter is there for you to retreat into if the waves get too much to handle. Care of yourself needs to be a priority.

LEO: Jupiter is still in retrograde in Leo giving you a great blessing. To use the example of the stage, rehearsal time is a necesary requisite for most performances. Sometimes we need more inward time to discover what we need or to become more at ease, before taking something out into the public arena. Regarding your pride, both family and self-respect, what if you could ask your inner Sun, your heart, to shine some light on something you need to know? You can. I invite you to try it and see what expansive insight you will be gifted with.

VIRGO: You are all so skilled and self-sufficient. Remember to let others serve you too. Giving and receiving are part of one complete cycle. Your tendency can be to “give, give, give,” and then you wind up depleted, needing to retreat, often feeling used and not able to give anymore. Instead, notice and give yourself permission to limit the quantities of work, and service, you do. It will be a gift to those who love you as well as to yourself. Please try it.

LIBRA: Have you noticed that balance is a dynamic energy? We can never be balanced by staying still. The image of a tightrope walker holding a long pole is a potent reminder that balance is reflected in the rhythm of life that circulates around a polar axis. We move forward, step by step, alternating between the left and right foot. You need to draw on your Earth in Aries polarity to give you the audacity and courage you need to be able to walk your talk.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is a place where paradox, power, death & rebirth all share a habitat. The ancients called it the underworld or the underground. I often give my clients an image of a totem pole showing the scorpion, known to sting itself to death by a refusal to let go, at the bottom. At the top I place Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent,” the thunderbird, or the eagle. They symbolize the ascension from attachment, revenge, and hidden manipulation into the realm of the sky, where the wings of forgiveness and compassion give the Scorpio soul real power, which is the realization of your true, Divine nature. There are images in between, but for now: The question to ask yourself is: “Is it really worth it to hold on to what no longer serves me?” Scorpio, you will know, if that is a person, place, thing, thought, pattern or combination thereof.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn just crossed the threshold into your sign on December 23, 2014. It will stay in Sag. until June 15 when it goes back to Scorpio. It re-enters Sag. on September 18th and will remain in Sag. until December 21, 2017. Sagittarius is all about the principle of expansion, space, travel, timeless, growth, more, bigger and greater. Saturn is the principle of contraction, focus, discipline, form, structure, time, limitations, at the ending of time, as in death. It has had a bad rap for a long time, despite the recognition throught the ages of sacred geometry, mastery that is gained by practice, and the realization that without this presence there would be no “buildings, no organization, no bones, to hold things together. For starters, an apt query is, “Hmmm, is there anywhere in my Life that I could benefit from greater discipline or focus?”

CAPRICORN: It is easy to segue from Saturn to Capricorn since Saturn is Capricorn’s planet. Capricorn LOVES order, organization, and can feel threatened by ambiguity and the unknown. Capricorn can confuse with the feeling of being in control with security, feeling that being “out-of-control,” not-knowing, is somehow dangerous. When this gets exaggerated we see governments doing all kinds of invasive behaviors, all for “our protection.” It is true that we need order on the highways: respect for one-way streets, stopping at red lights, yielding when entering highways. However, Life at large, doesn’t operate in such a linear fashion. Pluto in your sign is asking you to take a look at where you are afraid of “letting go” and then letting change happen. Flexibility is the antedote to becoming a fossil!

AQUARIUS: Your sign sees lots of action this month. Mars activates the later part of Aquarius until January 12th when it enters Pisces. Venus comes into Aquarius on the 5th, the full moon day, and enters Pisces on the 28th. The Sun shifts into Aquarius conjunct a new Moon on the 20th. In the body, Aquarius is circulation. In a healthy society and economy we see circulation. I predict that more of us will awaken to the fact that our health, personally and collectively depends on the circulation of that which is life promoting. Is there something you have been contemplating speaking out or taking action about? Now is a great time to procrastinate no more!

PISCES: Mars and then Venus come into Pisces territory this month. ( Check out Aquarius above for dates.) Music, meditation, dreaming, films, dancing, imagining, all familiar themes for Pisces, are even stronger in January. Since escapism is the least conscious way to experience these energies, notice where you may veer in this direction, take the wheel, and steer yourself back to more beneficial ways to experience the Piscean habitat. If you want change in your Life, dare to consciously change your dream!

© Esther Frances, January 1, 2015   See specials for current offerings, workshops and classes.

© Esther Frances