About Esther Frances

Esther Frances is an interfaith minister, a singer/songwriter, eco-astrologer, writer and author of The Anatomy of Woodstock. She is a graduate of Antioch College, San Francisco, a certified practitioner of Jean Houston's Three-Year Program in Human Capacities, Dream Change Coalition's Shapeshifting: Into the Ecstatic You and Your Mission, Gunter Pauli's ZERI Foundation, Robert Master's Psychophysical Method Exercises, Amy Fradon's Vocal Visionary Training, Permaculture Institute's Design Course, Hospice Volunteer Training, Advanced Vortex Healing, Yuen Method Full Spectrum Healing and has completed two weekends of Sacred Activism: Hope in the Darkness with Andrew Harvey. She was astrologer in residence at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY from 1997-2005. Her first CD of original songs, Mother EARrth Calls was released July 2005. The entire collection of songs can be sampled at cdbaby.com.

Esther is available for workshops, lectures or classes. Consultations are available in person or by phone. Click here to contact Esther.


"Esther Frances has worked as a faculty member of the Omega Institute's Holistic Studies Program for staff since 1997. Her classes are a fluid mix and occasional blend of The Human Capacities Program, ZERI work, poetry, myth, ecology, The Universe Story and astrology. The staff here has loved learning from Frances over the past eight years, and she has also been a joy for me to work with as well, always easy going and charming in all our interactions.

"I know of personal friends of mine who have deeply benefited from Esther's astrology readings, and have witnessed the growth of her students over the years. I would be happy to recommend Esther as an instructor of the above modalities, or as an individual astrology reader. (She has also worked as an astrologer for many years at The Omega Wellness Canter.)"

— Brett Bevell, Omega Staff Programs Coordinator, Rhinebeck, NY. April 2008

"Esther Frances has been an astrologer in residence at Omega since 1997. Esther's astrology readings have been very well received at our Center. I've also received comments that Esther has great technical knowledge, and that her readings have helped to clarify issues in their lives.

Here is a sample comment:

"Whenever I've received an astrological reading from Esther, I feel as though I've been truly seen. In addition to being thoroughly versed in the technical and mechanical aspects of astrology, Esther interprets what she reads in the chart with her heart, guided by Spirit. Over the years Esther has done many readings for me, and each of them has been profound and beneficial to my life's journey."

For these reasons and more, I highly recommend Esther's astrology services.

— Sandra Sanicki, Manager, Omega Wellness Center. April 2008

It (your astrological reading) has been my favorite Christmas present!
— Jennifer Lawrence

What an absolute JOY it was to speak with you today! Your love, insights, wisdom, openness, and generosity of heart and spirit so powerfully moving and uplifting and helpful, I cannot express my gratitude enough....And BOY did it ALL resonate within me!!!!! I appreciate every moment, and look forward to more sharing in the days ahead....

— Patricia Martin/ poet, performer, writer

After our session a year ago, I continued to learn about myself and developed new questions for the stars. The session had been a gift from my Dad. I thought about it and then asked that anytime he ever chose to give me a gift in the future, he give me a gift certificate to see you! Thanks.

— Dawn Kallenberg

"Esther is a magical biographer of people. She can weave a story about our lives as if she has been our most intimate friend. I have found my sessions with her to be filled with deep insight and joy and it has been of tremendous value on my spiritual path"

— Client

"Esther has ready my chart for me. I wanted to expand. I didn't know how to start. She helped me open my eyes to my possibilities and inclinations. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about themselves to make an appointment with Esther."

— Konnie Duff

"Esther's interpretations were incredibly accurate, I would not hesitate to call on her again"

— Valerie C.

"I received a lot of validation and a sense of improved clarity from your interpretation of my chart."

— Client

Thank you for an amazing experience. I look forward to future sessions.

— Client

"Astrology allows the individual to extend the boundaries of consciousness and perceive a reality beyond the illusion of separateness, to truly find oneness. In this manner, the individual and humanity can evolve side by side."

— Demetra George

"During Esther's "Healing Your Divine Inner Child" workshop I had profound moments of deep relization and recovered wholeness. I (as a child) confronted my terrifier and 'took back' joy - innocense - trust, things I thought he had taken. With Esther's calm knowing and trust in healing - -I- like Dorothy of Kansas - realized my innocense had never really left me. It was mine all along. Thank you Esther.

— Margaret Doocey, Rebirther / Past Life Therapist

"Astrology is assured recognition from psychology, without further restriction, because Astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity."
— Carl Jung