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Read Esther's Earth Day essay, updated April 2007.

"Mother Earth Calls"
About the Donuts

Robert Bard, Paul Duffy, Amy Fradon, Mike Kimmel, Esther Frances, Mark Murphy and Ken McGloin.

The Holographic Donuts originated in 1994 when Esther first found the courage to present her songs and poems in public. A number of friends joined her in that endeavor and that was the beginning! She was asked if the band had a name. One night on the way to rehearsal the name came to her. She thought it quite appropriate since the first song she ever wrote had the name "Holographic Love Song" and the holographic paradigm has always resonated with her. Since then there have been many configurations on "the donuts." Eventually the names of all these folks will be posted here, because without their love and support this project would never have come into being.

Esther is an advocate of joy, fun and gratitude. Each one of "the donuts" has contributed tremendous talent, spirit and love to the recording. If you'd like us to play at event please invite us! Esther is also available with "the donuts" accompanying her "virtually" via an instrumental soundtrack.

© Esther Frances